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    Anthony Rao

    Let’s talk about coffee.


    Everyone seems to love coffee. That’s great but I doubt everyone know what caffeine does to your bodies. The consensus is that caffeine gives a person energy. This is false, or as my son puts it, FAIL.

    Caffeine stimulates a persons Fight or Flight response. That’s why a person feels ‘jittery’ and even angry when over-doing caffeine. The ‘energy’ a person feels isn’t true energy, it’s nervousness. Caffeine also messes with your blood sugar, giving you highs and lows.

    If you want energy, here’s some tips:

    Give up caffeine

    Stop eating all sugar.

    Exercise 30 min a day minimum, ya know, like walking the family dog at a good clip, etc..

    Stay away from high glycemic foods like bananas, mangos. They sap energy by messing up your blood sugar and put you into what I call mini semi-comas.

    If you can find a good source for a Shilajit Extract, buy it. This contains large amounts of fulvic and humic acids our bodies need.

    If you absolutely have to have caffeine, go with green tea, or Oolong tea. Tea contains theanine and offers a number of health benefits. A cup of tea is 4 to 8 ounces. Coffee comes in “Big Gulp” buckets now…..

    Let’s all get better together. Laugh

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