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    Greg Ho

    Hi Dr. Osborne, I looked up my bank statements, and I seem to be double charged for $12.99 In one month. I don’t know whether I ‘am a member or not. Could you alliminate one of the charges. I have done gluten free for three months now. I want to go for a fourth month to see more improvements. You are the first funtional Docter that I am getting alot of good information from. Could you help me with my situation?

    Sincerely Greg HoSmile



    I had a couple of questions regarding charges in the beginning and I sent an email via the contact us page. They were very good about getting back to me. Also, if you are not already aware, Dr. Osborne does phone consults for those who are not in the Sugarland area. I have been working with him the last few months and it has been incredibly helpful. I think I had to go to the Town Center Wellness page and click “Become a Patient”. It was pretty seamless.

    All the best to you on your gluten free endeavor! This stuff really does work.

    God Bless

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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