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    1 C simply Heinz ketchup

    1/2 C Water

    1/4 to 1/2 clove of garlic ( however much you like really)

    2 teas. chili powder

    1 teas. vinegar

    1/2 C Sugar

    1 teas. mustard

    Just mix everything together, heat until the thickness that you like for BBQ sauce and pour on whatever meat you want to have sauce on  or use as a dip for meats.


    I cook wings or ribs in the slow cooker, drain off the juice (and save for soup), then pour sauce over the top and I leave the top cracked open so liquid doesn’t build up and yummm they are great.  Also great for pulled pork or BBQ beef.  I’ve used on the grill  on all meats. 

    I was soooo dissapointed to see that sweet baby rays has corn syrup in it, but this taste very similar to sweet baby rays.

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