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    Anthony Rao

    I was surfing around and came across a blog that was owned and authored by a guy that says he had celiac disease. The question that was posed to him was “does corn have gluten in it?”


    The short answer he gave is “no”. “Corn will not bother people with gluten issues”.  Because corn didn’t seem to bother the author, does not mean it will have the same results for everyone else.

    To that I say, “personal experience does not buttress a theoretical idea”.


    The following comments by readers to his blog, through their own life experiences told a much different story. Most all of the replies to his post spoke of extremely bad reactions to eating corn, whether on the cob, or in a prepared food-item like corn tortillas, chips, etc.


    This is exactly why consumers MUST spend months, or even years constantly researching this and many other subjects in order to arrive at that most precious resource – Truth.

    Stephanie Sherie

    Well, corn is a grain so it does have compnents of it. Gluten is the protein in wheat. I forgot the name of the protein in the corn – but you are exactly right Anthony.
    A grain is a grain.

    Also, corn is one of the most commonly GMO’d food out there!!!

    I can eat, with no issues, some corn tortilla chips that are non-GMO, good fats no added gluten, no MSG, etc. (found @ the health food store) for an occasional nacho treat but that’s the extent of my corn eating.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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