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    Hi, I’ve written twice but have not received a response, though I realize many of you are away this summer. I’m truly happy for all of you who have had success going off all grains, had the testing, know what you need to get well, and have experienced healing. You don’t even have to convince me that you are all on the right track!

    At the same time, what do you suggest if someone is on a very limited income, can’t afford to go to a functional medicine doctor, can’t afford the testing, and can’t afford but only a couple of supplements? Have only cut out grains from the diet, but still have them in my 3 medications and vitamins…I’m thinking I can’t really go this route, as badly as I want to get well…. My primary care doctor is not on board with even limited testing. Any suggestions? I’m 65 and believe I’m gluten, dairy, soy, egg intolerant and suffer from fibromyalgia & osteoarthritis pain…Very discouraged because I’d love to have some better quality of life. Smile

    In addition, there are undoubtedly many of us out here who KNOW that the medications are not the answer, but feel we have no other choice because we WANT the pain to go away (even if only for an hour or so). However, we can’t afford alternatives, such as genetic and other tests, supplements, visits to a functional medicine doctor, etc. Stumbling upon your website has been wonderfully informative, but has caused me so much distress because I CAN’T AFFORD what I KNOW to do…Everything costs money!!!

    Incredibly frustrated about now…

    Thanks for any help you can provide,


    Jennifer Swift

    Sorry your having such a tough time Marcia…….

    Have you eliminated those other items from your diet, the dairy soy & eggs?  If not, you may want to try that for a 4-6 week period and see what happens.  It took me three months of very rigid tracking to find all the foods my system wasn’t tolerating.  My list is: all grains, corn, rice, quinoa, dairy, nightshades, sugar & many many fruits.  I no longer eat any processed food, nothing that I haven’t made myself.  It’s a struggle but it has made a huge difference in how I feel.  There are a lot of websites that have recipes for Paleo lifestyle, sometimes I have to tweek the recipes because they have some items in there that I can’t eat but all in all they offer a lot of information and support too.  My favorites are Against All Grain & Elana’s Pantry…….there are many more I’m sure are good, but I’m new to this 3 months and haven’t branched out that far yet.

    I know your concerned about the testing, have you thought about finding another doctor?  Like I said I got so frustrated with doctors telling me I was fine, probably depressed, I was depressed because no one was helping me and I felt horrible.  I have had the testing, but now I’m not so sure it was really necessary I think I just needed to be patient with the process.  I have learned that food is huge!!!! 

    I hope this helped a little…’re not alone…………I know how frustrating the traditional medical community can be.

    FYI, the people from the website usually look at these messages once a month or so at least that’s what I’ve noticed.  Dr. Oz usually pops up monthly!  Hang in there!

    Peter Osborne


    Start with food first.  As you change your diet, you will feel better and be less dependent on medications, testing, supplements, etc.  Focus on your diet first.  It will have the greatest impact for your health.

    All the best,

    Dr. O


    Let me know how you do.

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