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    Peter Osborne

    1 Bunch of Asparagus, peeled

    2 Medium Yukon Gold Potatoes,peeled and cubed

    8 Cups of water

    1 Yellow onion, Chopped

    1 Leek, rinsed and chopped

    1 Tbsp, Tabasco

    1 C Half & Half (may be substituted); 1 Tsp. Butter; Salt & Pepper


    In a large saute pan, saute leeks, onions and asparagus in butter.

    Saute until trasparent ( about 5-7 minutes ). Add potatoes and

    salt & pepper. Cover with water. Cook over medium fire for 30 

    minutes. Let cool off for 40 minutes. Blend, then strain. Add

    half & half and tabasco. SERVE CHILLED.. Bon appetit!


    Thank you to AURA RESTAURANT! Laugh

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