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    I just finished watching your video on

    Identifying Gluten in Medications


    And I went to the RX List .com and searched Armour Thyroid which is the natural (non-synethic) hormone supplement for hypothryoidism. Here are the inactive ingredients:


    The inactive ingredients are calcium stearate, dextrose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate and opadry white.


    So, I already called the manufacturer and the dextrose is derived from corn. Starch is also questionable. Question is, what do I do? Should I switch to synthetic hormone (which might also contain gluten) or should I skip the hormone replacement all together for the sake of being truly gluten free but compromising my thryoid health? Or, is their a more natural supplement for thyroid on the market that is truly gluten free?


    Thanks for your help,

    Michelle <3


    I used to take synthroid alone and it just doesn't do the trick. I have added armour to my regimen (my doctor has) and I would NEVER take that away, because I feel so much better. Maybe Dr. O will disagree, but I know I feel so much better taking armour and you can't stop taking your thyroid meds or you will be in trouble. If you don't get that you will not be able to get out of bed much less have any kind of energy.  Maybe there is something else out there that Dr. O recommends, but I know I would never give up my armour regardless of a little bit of grain. I don't eat any other grains at all, but that just frightens me to death to think of not taking it. Whatever you do get your Doctor on board with your decision!

    Good luck!


    Peter Osborne

    If you are trying to get off of your thyroid medication, you must first have your doctor perform and adequate nutritional investigation.  At a minimum, I would request that he run a Spectracell, an iodine loading test (urine), 25 OH D levels, reverse T3, and thryoid antibody testing. 


    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    I would agree with Lori that you can't just give up your thyroid medication until your thyroid heals.  Try your pharmacy first to see if they can find a formulation that doesn't contain the corn products.  If that is not possible, look for a compounding pharmacy and see if they can make the medication to order.  They can leave out the harmful “inactive” ingredients.  Even small amounts of gluten can trigger an inflammatory response that will delay your eventual goal of total health.



    Great Idea Martha!



    My doctor was able to prescribe a compounded dessicated thyroid medication for me; it is the same as Armour and non-synthetic, but without the fillers, starches, grain derivitives, etc–the pharamacist makes it for you. A pharmacist who is able to fill compounded medication prescriptions should be able to prepare it for you–check with your ND or MD.

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