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    I am new to this forum. I just had a colonoscopy and a endoscopy done today. I have a gluten intollerence and have went down 4 sizes in 6 months due to on and off again diahrea. I would have no problems for 2-3 weeks-ingest something with gluten by mistake and have diahrea again for a week…be fine again for a few weeks-eat a gluten product and have diahrea again…as I learn what I can and cannot tollerate.

    The doctor found a stomach ulcer today when he did the endoscopy and is putting me on medication for it and he took a biopsy of it. He said that my bowels looked good-I had no problems at all with my bowels the 2 weeks before the scope-staying strictly on my gluten free diet…other than taking that medicine the day before to clear  out my bowels for the scope and endoscopy…

    I have never herad of any  specialist discussing stomach ulcers occurring with a gluten allery or intollerence before and wondered if that is a common occurence?

    Please let me know if anyone out there is aware of stomach ulcers being a common complaint with gluten intollerence! I had NO idea that I even had an ulcer…despite some discomfort when I have had bouts of diahrea-in my stomach-which I thought was due to the painfulness of diahrea…


    Peter Osborne


    Ulcers are a common clinical manifestation of gluten sensitivity.  They can also be caused by a bacterial infection (H.Pylori).  I have had a number of patients have complete remission and healing of ulcers after going on a TRUE gluten free diet. Smile

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