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    Hi I am new here and thought I was gluten free, have been told I ma not and need to find where it is getting in, can someone help I am confused. We know I am effect airborn gluten  and that I am super sensitive so my parents and 3 dogs are all in the process of going gluten free. So questions

    If it says gluten free on the label but also says it has cornstarch in it ( bake beans ) do we avoid ?

    In supplements I can get very sick ( ie stomach swells I will look 9mths pregnant and want to be sick, possibly pass out or get very tired or drop things ) I have noticed rice flour/ potato flour  do I avoid these ?

    Also was checking out a brans Pure Encapsulation was so supposed to be super clean however I noticed in the particular supplements I desperately need ( Iron Selenium and Magnesium ) there were references to being derived from Corn dextrose I want to avoid that or is it ok ? Or what supplements can I use ?? I am in Uk but obviously things maybe available online for me to buy.




    All of the ingredients you mentioned are grains (except potatoes) and I found out even a little bit is not tolerated. I am avoiding potatoes also, but you may not have to. I stand in the store and read labels. Most of them will not work. I also have some supplements which I get from my chiropractor. I have to scrutinize the ingredients there also. I have been ordering some of my supplements from Dr. Osborne. I order them online. I know there should be no grain in them. I still have to read labels.

    I hope you do find good supplements as supplements saved my life.

    Peter Osborne


    I created this resource to help people navigate all of the misinformation:


    You also need to check out the following page for hidden terms for gluten:


    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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