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    Chocolate cake

    2T almond flour

    1 T cocoa powder

    1 1/2 T xylitol (or your favorite sweetner, xylitol measures the same as sugar)

    1 egg

    2 T cream (I used almond milk and I have used water and worked fine)

    1 T olive oil

    a shake or two of sea salt

    Mix everything together in a coffee mug (no need to grease mug). After it is mixed well put in the microwave for 90 seconds. Tastes great!


    Coconut Cake

    2 T Almond flour

    1 1/2 T unsweetened coconut

    1 T xylitol

    1 egg

    2 T cream (again, almond milk or water works great)

    1 T olive oil (I used just a little less than 1 T)

    dash of vanilla

    couple shakes of sea salt

    Mix everything togetehr in a coffee mug (no need to grease).  After it is mixed well put in the microwave for 90 seconds. yummm


    My fussy husband even likes the coconut cake, he isn't much for chocolate cake.  He ate his with some vanilla frozen yogurt. He said it was really good that way.



    This just got printed for future use!  Thanks for the recipe.


    I am allergic to almonds. Can I use another flour. Which? Thank you


    Asking the same as the previous person that never got a reply in 2018! What to sub for almond flour and how? I am allergic to the almond flour.
    I follow tons of GF sites with recipes and almost every recipe calls for almond flour and never once has anyone replied to my question about subbing almond flour it gets pretty frustrating.


    Have you tried Tiger Nut flour? It should sub fine for Almond flour. I have developed a sensitivity to Almonds plus they are very high in oxalates.


    HI Shirley, I guess I should have mentioned I am allergic to all nuts so I have been afraid to try the tiger nut. I found Cassava flour locally but I have never used it so I am not really sure if that would work or how to go about subbing it.
    I also have tapioca flour (cant remember why I bought it lol) not sure if that’s used for baking by itself I know I do see it mixed with nut flowers in a lot of recipes on the Keto sites.
    Someone gave me a conversion chart for using coconut flour in place of almond flour in recipes but that didn’t really work out. It says 1/4 cup of coconut is equivalent to 1 cup of almond flour, so when my recipe calls for 1 to 2 cups of almond flour and I am only using 1/4 to 1/2 cup instead Its not making enough batter/dough and it stays gooey or mushy so I’m not sure if its me doing something wrong or there needs to be a secondary flour added to help with the consistency.
    I just know ALL nut flours are out for me. 🙁


    Tigernut is not a nut, it is a small root vegetable. You should give it a try.

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