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    Jackie Scarbrough

    My daughter was tested through enterolab and the results were “1336 Units (Normal Range is less than 300 Units)”.  In an otherwise healthy appearing child is this most likely due to digestive enzyme deficiency?  Especially with family history of the same problem (me).  She has been on the true gluten free diet, very strict, for at least 9 months.  She has never really shown any overt symptoms, other than slowed growth at her last physical which is why I ordered the test.  She has already had the genetic test and is double DQ1.  We implemented the diet as preventative.  So, is it safe to go ahead with a enzyme supplements in a child this age?  Or should we be concerned with and testing for something else?  I will be calling enterolab on Monday, just trying to do my research ahead of time.  Thanks.



    This is so sad only less than 8 years eating gluten and look what it has already done to her. Thank God you are so well versed in nutrition or she would end up with all of your symptoms as an adult!Cry

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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