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    Diane Zides

    Can you really ever eat them again? I'm still intolerant to chicken, coconut, and zucchini after18 years. Now I have 19 other new ones to deal with. How many do you have from what gluten has done to you? Have you been able to reintroduce any of them back into your diet? If so, how long did it take? 

    There's not a single item I can buy that's been prepared or processed. All of them have at least one of my intolerant foods in it! I can only shop the fresh produce, meat, and fish sections. Goat cheese is my only dairy option, but it doesn't argree with me.  


    Jackie Scarbrough

    I hear ya Diane!  When I had my intolerance testing done I didn't even count my other intolerances, it was many many many, I would guess around 40-ish.  Most I had no idea and would never have guessed.  They made up these little cards, like a business card size, with your foods listed, it's meant to be so you can hand it to a waiter at a restaurant or something….anyway, I had so many they wouldn't even all fit on one card.  Mine were broken up into severe, moderate, and mild; then there were my “safe” foods.  My plan said it was ok to still have foods on the mild list, just in very light amounts.  I strictly avoided all my moderate and severe foods for well over six months.  In the mean time I was on (and still am) high dose probiotics, digestive enzymes, and l-glutamine to heal the gut.  I have actually added back a handful just fine, I waited 7-8 months.  There were also a few that I tried to add back but had a definite reaction to.  Honestly you just learn to live with it and after awhile it doesn't seem like a big deal.  I do not buy anything processed either.  Spend lots of time in the kitchen and learn to enjoy it.  I do enjoy food so it makes me happy to try new things and be successful making something that I can have that actually tastes good.  The hardest part for me was the rotation diet, did they recommend that for you?  I was only able to do it for a month or so.  I did end up developing at least one more intolerance (almonds Frown) which I blame on myself for not following the rotation.  I would love to hear from more people who have done or are currently on a rotation.


    My thoughts are that after you heal the gut you should eventually be able to tolerate almost anything, just not gluten!

    Diane Zides

    I too have a card, and almonds are on it ! I have several moderate foods besides the 22 I'm intolerant too that I still can't eat after being on this diet 8 months. It's possible I could be reacting to them due to my Candida level and not the intolerance, but who knows. I'm very limited since my choices are few due to intolerance and Candida (got that from antibiotic use). I only have enough protein choices to rotate 2 days. I hope this doesn't open me up to getting intolerant to what I can still eat. I take supplements, digestive enzymes,  probiotics, and Nystantin. 

    I was told I wasn't digesting my food, which can't be helping me get the nutrients I need to heal. I'm hypothyroid, so I have one autoimmune disease. I don't mind having to eat the way I do, or how long it will take me to heal. I actually prefer plain unadulterated food with just a sprinkle of high quality sea salt to ignite a food's flavor. I've always eaten this way. I cook like expensive steak houses do. I just leave off the butter and garlic, but use them for my husband's food. He says my cooking is like eating at fancy restaurants, so he never wants to eat out. 


    Stephanie Sherie

    That’s pretty encouraging. I have lots of those things to avoid as well. Sometimes I get pretty discouraged.

    Peter Osborne

    Regaining tolerance is definitely possible. It is also important to make sure you have had the right allergy testing done. Many labs are inaccurate and produce a high degree of variability.
    Watch the following video on food sensitivity and regaining tolerance:
    All the best,
    Dr. OSmile

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