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We surveyed 1000 people and asked them…

What is your #1 question about Gluten Sensitivity? 

Top 10 answers on the board…
#1: Is [my symptom/disease] related to gluten sensitivity? 
A: There are over 200 diseases associated with gluten sensitivity, and symptoms can range from GI problems to Oral health to Skin irritations.
For a full list of symptoms, go here –
#2: What can I eat, and what should I avoid? 
A: There is no one sent path to food tolerance, but these are some general guidelines for following a TRUE gluten free diet.
Gluten Free Food List –
Items to Avoid –
Grain Free Recipes –
#3: What happens if I eat gluten (and am positive for gluten sensitivity)?
A: Don’t do that. Here’s why –
#4: Why didn’t I experience it before, and will it ever go away? 
A: Gluten sensitivity is not a disease, it is a state of genetics. The genes don’t lie, you either have them or you don’t.
#5: Can you confirm a sensitivity without testing? 
A: Listen to your body, you are your best doctor. However, genetic testing is needed to identify the genes for gluten sensitivity.
Here’s how to test –
#6: Why can some people still tolerate gluten? 
A: Only time will tell… Each person is unique, so unfortunately there is no solid answer to this question.
#7: How long after going GF do you start to feel better? 
A: Based on our experience, the results can be immediate, or they can take time depending on the accumulated damage. 
#8: How do you heal your gut after years of damage? 
A: Try these 10 steps –
#9: Is it possible to experience gluten withdrawal symptoms? 
A: Just like drug addiction, gluten addiction is very real. And trying to take gluten out of the diet can lead to gluten withdrawal symptoms. 
Learn more –
#10: Does gluten sensitivity affect Mental Health? 
A: Yes it certainly can. There is a term called “leaky brain” that talks about the many ways in which gluten affects mental health. 
Gluten and Brain –

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