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Gluten and Kidney Stones – Is there a connection?

More and more gluten-disease connections are being made on a daily basis. Part of the skepticism surrounding the gluten free diet, is that many people claim that going gluten free is a cure all for disease. Of course this is not the case, however; gluten has been linked to hundreds of different medical conditions. For […]

Vitamin D Helps Boost Regulate Immune Function and Offers Cold & Flu Protection

Protect Yourself Against the Cold and Flu… Boost Your Immunity Naturally Without a Flu Shot As cold and flu season kick into high gear, many families are being hit hard by viral upper respiratory infections. I have had many patients with severe illness this year. As a matter of fact colds and upper respiratory infections […]

Gluten & Bone Loss – The Topic is Much Deeper Than Calcium

Bone Loss is a Complex Process It is a common thought that osteoporosis associated with celiac disease is a result of malabsorption of vitamins and minerals (mainly vitamin D and calcium). The above report links an autoimmune process of bone loss to gluten sensitivity separate and distinct from gluten induced malabsorption. This finding begs us […]

Vaccination for Gluten?

As the school year approaches many are going to the doctor to get vaccinations. This topic is one that people tend to be very passionate about on both sides of the fence. I personally believe that most vaccines don’t live up to true scientific scrutiny. (Natural flu shot alternative here) That being said, I believe […]

Gluten Free Diets Help Psoriasis

Patients suffering with psoriasis commonly improve dramatically on a gluten free diet. The following research study found that people with psoriasis also had elevated antibodies to gliadin (wheat) and tissue transglutaminase (an enzyme antibody linked to celiac disease). The authors conclude that psoriasis and non-celiac gluten sensitivity are associated. Source: J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. […]