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Everything You Need to Know About Magnesium

Magnesium rich foods - gluten free

Everything You Need to Know About Magnesium Have you ever been woken up by a leg cramp that you can’t seem to shake? Suffered with muscle tightness no matter how much you stretch out.   Or find yourself plagued by regular migraines that leave you paralyzed for hours or even days? While these may lead […]

Gluten Sensitivity and Magnesium Deficiency

symptoms of magnesium deficiency

Most people are aware that gluten can induce malabsorption of nutrients.  Gluten can cause damage to intestinal cells can reduce the production of digestive enzymes that help break down foods and aid in nutrient absorption.  Additionally, it can contribute to villous atrophy, leaky gut syndrome, and diarrhea.  All of these issues are associated with poor […]