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The Ultimate Vitamin C Crash Course

The Ultimate Vitamin C Crash Course with logo 1024x683 - The Ultimate Vitamin C Crash Course

For many of us, at the first sign of illness, we are quick to drink a glass of orange juice or take a Vitamin C supplement. Whether this is something our mothers encouraged or something we learned in school, it is ingrained in us that it helps with the immune system. While true, this nutrient […]

Keto Diet Crash Course

keto crash diet 1024x682 - Keto Diet Crash Course

By now, you have either heard of the Keto Diet, tried it for yourself, or know someone who has, mostly with great success. This new fad has taken the dieting realm by storm, with shows, cookbooks, blogs, and podcasts dedicated to this as a new way of life. But while the results are impressive, is […]

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