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Yeast Shield

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Yeast Shield contains a blend of various herbs, spices and botanical preparations that often exhibit antimicrobial properties due to a wide array of terpenoid and polyphenolic compounds. Culinary herbs have long been used to control pests and food-borne yeasts. Yeast Shield was formulated to support healthy GI function, and contains a special mixture of compounds that exhibit antifungal and anti-microbial effects.

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9 reviews for Yeast Shield

  1. Janet

    Love this product. My sinuses stay clear and my belly stays flat.

  2. L

    Had constant white covered tongue amount other symptom… switch to dr Osborne gluten free products and yeast shield, started ketogenic diet.. very low sugar.. been doing great… no more symptoms of yeast anywhere

  3. Dana Gilkison

    I had problem with yeast overgrowth so I take this supplement as a guard against it. Works well.

  4. Trang

    Great supplement for yeast overgrowth! I take this every day. 2 thumbs up!

  5. Trang nguyen

    Great supplement! I take it everyday. Helps a lot with yeast overgrowth.

  6. Teresa Tedford

    Yeast Shield seems to help me with sugar cravings. I am taking two a day. I will continue until all gone or if I feel my body has had enough.

  7. Mary Marie Kiser

    Yeast Shield : I use this supplement to control toe nail fungus. it works great for that. Thank you for allowing me to order.

  8. Lorraine Dalland

    I’ve been taking this product for around a year and find that I’m finally stable with no yeast over growth!

  9. Teresa Tedford

    This is second time I purchased this product. It really does help me when I have had sugar and get hooked and need to get back on track.

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