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Ultra Biotic Defense

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Ultra Biotic Defense

Suggested Use:

Mix 1 packet into 8 oz. of water or as recommended by your health care professional.

Guaranteed potency at expiration. No refrigeration required.

The GI tract is a finely balanced environment where roughly 500 different strains of bacteria compete for space and nutrients. When there is a healthy balance (eubiosis), few symptoms exist. However, dysbiosis can occur when an overabundance of potentially harmful organisms prevails. The natural microflora balance can become disrupted by medications (antibiotics, oral contraceptives, etc.), excessive alcohol consumption, or poor nutritional intake.

Probiotics have been extensively studied and are characterized as having broad GI and immune benefits, including

(1) increasing the population of healthy bacteria following microflora imbalance

(2) supporting healthy bowel function

(3) increasing the production of short-chain fatty acids, which provide energy to the cells of the intestinal lining

(4) strengthening the gut-immune barrier by promoting a healthy gut mucosa

(5) aiding in the digestion of difficult-to-breakdown compounds like lactose and casein

(6) enhancing detoxification of harmful compounds

Because probiotics are live organisms, there are many challenges associated with manufacturing and distributing probiotic supplements. For a probiotic to be effective, it must be shelf-stable through the expiration date and precisely delivered to the intestinal tract, where it can have maximum benefit. The microorganisms in Ultra Biotic Defense are protected, sealed, and freeze dried away from moisture, heat, light and oxygen. This allows the bacteria to remain dormant until they are exposed to moisture in the GI tract.

Ultra Biotic Defense is a maximum-strength probiotic for cases of severe gastrointestinal (GI) and immune challenges. Going beyond the threshold of traditional probiotic support, high-dose probiotics influence gut health and immunity in ways lower dose probiotics cannot. Shown to activate over 1,700 genes involved in immune and inflammatory signaling, high-intensity probiotics support a healthy, balanced immune response. Delivering 225 billion active probiotic cultures per packet, Ultra Biotic Defnense creates a rapid response to reset the immune system and promote inflammatory balance. Each convenient, single serving packet provides six proven strains chosen for their ability to survive the harsh GI environment and deliver superior results.


  1. Accelerates the Proliferation of Healthy Intestinal Microflora
  2. Provides Intensive, High-Concentration Probiotic Support
  3. Promotes a Rapid Immune Response
  4. Supports Inflammatory Balance

Why should I take Ultra Biotic Defense?

Ultra Biotic Defense’s daily dose is about 225 billion colony forming units. There are several probiotics that are out on the market, but the vast majority of them don’t hit the mark in terms of the 225 billion colony forming unit dose in a serving. Most of them are somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 billion or up to 50 billion.

Ultra Biotic Defense is a high-quality probiotic. Probiotics help digest your food and regulate your immune response. Many probiotics are grown on corn and cause a reaction in gluten sensitive people. This formulation has been used and clinically refined over the last 10 years to maximize healing outcomes of patients with gluten intolerance issues.

44 reviews for Ultra Biotic Defense

  1. .

    An absolute life saver for me. This probiotic was recommended by my GI doctor after he diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis. Since starting on it, my bowel movements have dramatically improved, and I can actually go out in public again without worrying about the location of every bathroom.

  2. .

    I actually had a severe reaction to the antibiotic Cipro. It caused severe muscle and joint pain to a point where I couldn’t function. I started taking this product based on a friends recommendation. After a few weeks of use, my pain completely went away. Very satisfied!

  3. .

    How often do you take a packet? I see there are 15 servings so did you take 1 a day for 15 days and your done? 1 every other day for a month? Or is it 1 a day for several months? Need more defined instructions, pretty please 🙂

  4. Linda K.

    My stomach and immune system have suffered much with being Celiac, I have just recently started this Ultra Biotic and wow!! I feel better all the way around! Also knowing it Truly is safe for me!!

  5. .

    Are your products sold in Australia, & where?

  6. Sandra S.

    I have been taking Biotic Defense for several years now and have found it to be one of the best probiotics on the market. Not only do I get the benefits of a healthier, happier autoimmune system, but I can take this supplement with peace of mind knowing that it contains no additives or ingredients that would compromise my health.

  7. Pam M.

    It really seemed to get my system back in check

  8. Sandra G.

    I’ve had serious gut issues over the years, and I’ve tried many probiotics. Some have been very good but Dr. Osborne’s is the best. It’s very powerful yet easy on my system. I take half a package every night. Very grateful to have found this one.

  9. Pam M.

    I used this product awhile back and it seemed to help i reorderd it when on discount, but have not used it a second time!

  10. Elizabeth S.

    Good for gluten digestive issues. I added a saccharomyces boulardii tablet to help fight systemic yeast to my regime and that did the trick to help calm down irritable bowel.

  11. .

    Question, i cannot take casein so must stay away from milk. Is this a problem for me?

  12. Janice S.

    Bought these for my son, he has been taking them since December of’17, he is feeling much better, and seems much healthier

  13. Jackie K.

    I have many co infections and have struggled to gain weight for many months. I have used many probiotics with no results. I used this one container and have started gaining weight. It really works at repopulating my gut. I am impressed with the results and going to buy more. Once I get stabilized I am going to switch to Biotic Defense.

  14. Perooz G.

    Awesome product.

  15. Donna N.

    I normally use Biotic Defense on a daily basis, but when I had oral surgery and had to be on an antibiotic I ordered the Ultra Biotic Defense to help repopulate all the good bacteria that the antibiotic killed off. It must have worked because I didn’t develop any issues after the antibiotic. I fully trust Dr. Osborne’s products because I know they are potent and definitely grain free and free of any other undesirable additives. I have to have another oral surgery in a couple of months and will buy and use this again.

  16. Nesrin K.

    Great product. I got tested before and after using this product. It works and it is a truly clean product.

  17. Vicki O.

    This has been the best probiotic I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many. I would recommend it to anyone. I only use half the packet each day and it’s been enough to remove any issues I used to have.

  18. Kelley G.

    Best probiotic I’ve ever used. Can definitely tell the difference in my gut health.

  19. Donna M.

    It seems like this product gives my adult daughter stomach aches. Could this be possible

  20. Jennifer W.

    Our daughter has been using Ultra Biotic Defense for 6 months and she can testify to the difference/improvements it is making in her gut health as well as her mental health. She describes her stomach feels better. She has never felt the affects of using probiotics in the past. We also attribute it to healing her gut in order for it to begin absorbing nutrients. After many months of losing weight, she is now beginning to gain weight. Exposure to mold specifically Tricothecene had destroyed her gut lining and prevented her from absorbing nutrients. This product is a life saver!

  21. .

    I am gluten sensitive and it’s great that there are supplements I can be sure are grain-free. Thank you Dr. Osborne!

  22. .

    I found this to be a great pro-biotic. It helped heal from a bout with diverticulitis

  23. audrey h.

    Love this product. No side effects at all.

  24. Susannah O.

    I’m so grateful for this truly grain free, safe probiotic! I have a lot of gut issues and have noticed a difference since I’ve been taking this. It is such a relief knowing that I don’t have to worry about what is in this product!

  25. Betty D.

    Best probiotic I’ve tried! Has both prebiotic and probiotic!

  26. anne w.

    Fantastic product! When we go without, we do notice a difference. Very effective in keeping one regular. On top of that, we can TRUST Dr. O’s products to be clean and authentically gluten free. Thank you!

  27. cynthia s.

    after 8 1/2 months of being on an elimination diet with xymogen products and supplements and no change in my frank diarrhea of at least 3 year duration, I told my DO that I wanted to try the specific carbohydrate diet, she was agreeable. The probiotic I was using has a very strong metallic smell/taste and after listening to Dr. Osborne [ I am dealing with a dysbiosis of yeast and currently on 500mgm of grapefruit seed extract bid] I realized a stronger probiotic might be helpful. Not much change yet but I will keep on plugging along.
    when I experience a “normal” stool, I will upgrade to a 5 star!

  28. Charmaine M.

    It has been very helpful and no gluten or strange ingredient. Thank you

  29. Sharon N.

    I use this as part of a protocol, but even so when I ran out and had to wait for order I noticed a significant dif when I started taking again! Less bloating within a couple of days. Its like body breathes a sigh of relief to be back on it! I may half the pkg eventually as suggested but will wait for Dr O’s advice and test results!

  30. Melissa D.

    This product really helped me get rid my yeast overgrowth, leaky gut and gut dysbiosis. Best on the market. I have tried several others and NONE compare. Forever grateful for Dr. Osborne and his line of supplements!

  31. Mary H.

    After my dna results came back showing that I am gluten sensitive I purchased the ultra biotic defense. I could tell right away that I was feeling better after only a few days of taking this. I will continue to take this product. It is nice knowing that Dr Osborne’s supplements are gluten and grain free.

  32. Joan P.

    Ultra Biotic Defense is a powerful probiotic that restored the right balance of beneficial bacteria in my microbiome, and helped me recover from intestinal permeability. I am so grateful to Dr. Osborne for creating this amazing product ad well as generously sharing his extensive knowledge about the relationship between nutrition and disease with the world on YouTube!

  33. Diane G.

    not sure what to rate the Ultra Biotic Defense. I have been quite gassy and I am wondering if its too much for me and if I should have ordered the Biotic Defense with S. Boulardii, being that I have Yeast Overgrowth (Candida)

  34. .

    Great product. Recommend all of Dr. Osborne’s products. I’ve used several and really like the Ultra Choline also.

  35. Fabiola R.

    I’m so grateful for this product. Really helped me with my microbiome balance. I’m very sensitive to taking any probiotics, but I was able to tolerate Ultra Biotic Defense. I highly recommend it.

  36. Sumera N.

    I have recently been sick with Pneumonia and had to be on antibiotics course for long time which made my upset.
    Ultra biotic defense helped me relieve those symptoms

  37. Diana W.

    I can trust all of Dr. Osborne’s products to be safe for me as a gluten sensitive individual including Ultra Biotic Defense. So grateful to be a patient of Dr. Osborne’s. Under his guidance and using his products I have felt significantly better. I will continue to use Dr. Osborne’s supplements as he recommends, and can not see myself ever purchasing supplements from anyone else! Thanks for everything you do for all of us Doc.

  38. .

    Love this in powder form instead of taking multiple probiotic pills to reach maximum benefit.

  39. Sandra G.

    Absolutely a wonderful probiotic! Have auto-immune issues with recurring candida infections that knock me down on a regular basis. Taking this gets me back on my feet. Thank you, thank you!!

  40. Kathryn S.

    I personally prefer the pill form but after my surgery I know this product is giving me what I need.

  41. DENISE S.

    I love this and add it to my smoothies after my workouts, etc. I have been using this product for years now and have no plans to stop using it !!!

  42. Vanessa M.

    These probiotics turned my gut health around. Best quality ever.

  43. Cheryl L.

    I have tried other probiotics over the years. Biotic Defense has been the best one hands down. I am finding relief and comfort since beginning this again. I will continue to use this and hope that it will strengthen and bring some needed healing.

  44. .

    My favorite probiotic so far!

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