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White Willow Complex

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4 reviews for White Willow Complex

  1. CINDY C.

    I’m still looking for more pain relief. Does it need to build up in your system to be effective? Also, start belching it about an hour after taking it and I do take it with food. I’ve always been pleased with the other supplements so I’ll continue trying!

  2. Gail L.

    I am feeling less pain, but I need more time to know if it is actually this product that is helping.

  3. .

    I started to use it 3 weeks ago to help with my pain that I am experiencing in my lower back and neck area. So far it seems to be helping somewhat.

  4. .

    Purchased just in case of a headache or other body ache for me and/or my wife. Time will tell. Thank you Dr. Osborne

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