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Omega Max – Gluten Free Omega 3

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Omega Max is an Omega 3 gluten free supplement with superior formulation and purity

What are EPA and DHA?

  • EPA – Eicosapentaenoic acid: is a special type of fatty acid that the body needs to control immune function and inflammation. The body cannot make it. It has to be obtained from diet or supplementation.
  • DHA – Docosahexaenoic acid: Also an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is the most abundant essential fatty acid in the brain and retina. It is also needed for the control of inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation - The Heart of Disease

Omega Max, our omega 3 gluten free supplement, is extremely valuable for your health. The two components of our Omega 3 gluten free supplements, EPA and DHA, provide many benefits. When combined, EPA and DHA help your body regulate one of the most important functions in the prevention of disease.

The #1 reason why I recommend using Omega Max as a supplement in the diet is to help with regulation of inflammation. Hundreds of studies show that the right balance of this vital fat is crucial to disease prevention. Each bottle contains 60 soft gel capsules. Each capsule contains 420 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA. This product is free of gluten, grain, corn, yeast, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.


48 reviews for Omega Max – Gluten Free Omega 3

  1. Karen K.

    This a very good product that is easy to take.

  2. Karen K.

    This a good non-fishy tasting supplement.

  3. Elizabeth M.

    This is a very good product and I will continue taking this.

  4. Barbara R.

    I bought OmegaMax for the Omega 3’s to help keep my depression at bay while going off anti-depressant medication. So far I feel great – happy ,and optimistic. I intend to keep taking OmegaMax.

  5. .

    With your Subscribe and Save program, how do the different percentages off work?

  6. Sharon N.

    I take them twice a day and im feeling much better.

  7. Sharon N.

    I still continue ti take twice a day. Woyld not want to go backwards!

  8. Terry P.

    OmegaMax was recommended by Dr. Osborne to take while on the No Grain, No Pain diet. I am impressed with the quality of this supplement and will continue to take it.

  9. Peggy R.

    OmegaMax is the best quality Omega 3s I’ve ever consumed. I often double the dose for self protection and am comfortable the source is free from contaminants. Thank you Dr. Osborne for developing high quality products for your patrons.

  10. Sharon N.

    I take it on a regular basis now. . I tested so low. Was glad these are easy to take and no taste or after taste.

  11. Tarika D.

    I know I do not get enough Omega 3’s in my diet. This is a great addition to help with that. There is no taste, which is great.

  12. Dana C.

    Absolutely great, I would highly recommend it!!

  13. .

    Great product, highly recommend and would buy again.

  14. Sue S.

    All the supplements have made me feel so much better!

  15. Patti B.

    Love getting my omegas with no after taste. Great quality I can trust.

  16. Brigitte C.

    No after taste and easy to swallow. also, no hidden ingredients. Dr. Osborne’s supplements are top quality! Very appreciated!

  17. .

    LOVE this gluten free Omega!

  18. .

    Thansk Dr. Osborne for a great Omega supplement that is gluten free and doesn’t give me fishy burps!

  19. Susannah O.

    I love knowing that this is a safe supplement…I don’t have to worry about what’s in this! That’s a big deal for someone who has to check the label of everything!

  20. Maile E.

    I tried taking fish oil several years ago and ended burping fishy smell/taste for the rest of the day. It was terrible!! OmegaMax is a superb product in that it is helping me to restore health and wellness. Great product and no after smell/taste. Thank you Dr. Osborne for providing an excellent product!!

  21. Lynda L.

    I truly love this product. Knowing that this is a safe supplement, produced by a premium company, gives me the utmost peace about using it to balance out my Omega 3 with my Omega 6. I’ve used Omega Max for over a year now and have never experienced any aftertaste or heartburn. I can choose to swallow the capsule or break it with my teeth and just swallow the fish oil. I periodically purchase this product for family members and highly recommend to my friends.

  22. James B.

    This supplement provides me with the brain power that I need for the day. It’s perfect.

  23. Kathryn S.

    I have tried other products like this and have been bothered by it repeating on me and leaving a taste of fish in my mouth. This product does not do that to me at all. Loving it.

  24. Mary H.

    Great product and will buy again. Also so happy that I don’t have to worry about what’s in this supplement.

  25. Iris C.

    Omega Max has significantly reduced and eliminated the discomfort in my knee. It’s really a great vitamin. Thank you Dr. Osborne and associates for formulating such a wonderful gluten free vitamin.

  26. Naureen H.

    Happy with these products & my decision to support my Thyroid with ths bundle. Within the first week of taking, noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels, wellbeing & the chronic inflammatory condition I had been suffering with, along with acute digestive problems. Good overall regeime without having to take so many other supplements

  27. Robyn P.

    I am thankful for another product that I can feel safe taking. It has helped improve my health and I plan on continuing the use of this product.

  28. Sandra G.

    I always trust any supplement that I buy from Gluten Free Society. Omega 3 Gluten Free has been added to this 71-year-old’s supplement regiment and I am feeling confident that my good health will continue to keep me active to the end of my days.

  29. Donna J.

    Dr Osbornes supplements are the best . The fish oil is one of the many supplements we purchase .

  30. .

    Great Omega 3 I have tried. Gluten free, high in EPA and DHA . No fishy aftertaste. Can’t go a day without it. Thanks Dr. Osborne.

  31. Dianne B.

    I’m 75 yrs. young, and as long as I can remember, I’ve tried multiple Omega 3 supplements, resulting in unpleasant side effects. Finally, I have found OmegaMax, and it works like a charm ! I am thrilled to be able to take it daily with no problems ! What a great product !


    I’ve been using Omega Max since the beginning of 2023. There is no “fishy” aftertaste. My lab results showed my levels exceeded expectations. I had been taking another brand for several years at higher doses, but Dr. O’s has the purity & testing which has proven to work. I will continue with Omega Max & recommend it for all people as a superior product.

  33. Vanessa M.

    The Best quality supplements I have ever found!
    I formerly took supplements that contained rice powder and other toxic fillers, until I learned from Dr Osborne about gluten.
    Thank you for teaching me how to catapult my health & provide high quality supplents!♥️

  34. Aida R.

    I take these in combination with quercetin for systemic inflammation and my markers have decreased by 6 points. Once I stop taking them, the joint pain creeps back and a sense of overall discomfort that doesn’t let me sleep comes back too. I describe being inflamed like the way you feel when you just have been sun burned. Using this oil is really good until you find the reason/cause for the systemic inflammation.

  35. M E F.

    Prompt shipping…no after-burp……although large size, not like horse pills….wish had more DHA….thankful to know it’s gluten-free therefore safe

  36. Robert M.

    love that it is gluten free, no fishy burps, would purchase again.

  37. .

    Helping with the inflammation in my hip

  38. Kathryn S.

    Love this product. No fishy aftertaste.

  39. Dganit Z.

    I’ve tried so many omega supplements in the past. This product is the only one that doesn’t leave an unpleasant taste or cause heartburn!

  40. Elaine P.

    Great product!!!! Seeing amazing results in my joints

  41. .

    The best Omega 3 supplement I have tried. Will purchase again without a doubt.

  42. robert h.

    High Dose omega-3 and after 4 months of double dosage i have no worries about taste or upset – they just pop in the down they go. High quality/value. Unlike so many fish-oil-based products that must be doctored up to mask the taste – and with what additives~? i am so tired of reading ingredients lists to see if they put anything in theirs that i can’t trust. With Dr. O supplements i know he is dedicated to a high standard so that settles it for me.

  43. Darshan S.

    Excellent Omega 3.

  44. .

    Excellent product.

  45. Elaine P.

    Omega 3 is an amazing supplement. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my joints since taking it. When walking up a flight of stairs my knees does not hurt since this supplement. I highly recommend this product

  46. Deena H.

    Omega 3 is amazing and an essential nutrient we need to take. I highly recommend.

  47. Yong F.

    Dr. Osborne’s supplements are absolutely trustworthy. For me that is the main reason I switched over to his brand.
    Thank you Dr. Osborne and the Staff!

  48. Lavena F.

    These are great. No fish after taste. I had eye surgery. Now have dry eyes. This really helps

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