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Dairy Shield

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Digestive Enzyme Support for Dairy Cross Contamination

Lactose malabsorption is a common condition in which the body does not express enough lactase enzymes to break down lactose. This often triggers a heightened immune response or may cause gastrointestinal distress (ex. Bloating or gas) termed lactose intolerance. The unique enzyme blend in Dairy Shield is designed to break down gluten, lactose and dairy proteins to support the digestion of each food component for better absorption and maintenance of natural immune balance. The grain free formula includes a unique mixture of protease enzymes and lactase to assist the digestion of multiple constituents of dairy products.

Unique Features:

  • Promotes Healthy Dairy Digestion
  • Supports GI Comfort and Function
  • Helps Relieve Bloating or Gas due to Dairy Cross Contamination
  • Targeted Enzyme Support for Dairy Sensitivities

Endopeptidase and Exopeptidase – the combination present in Dairy Shield efficiently degrade both the internal and terminal peptide bonds of the gluten molecule.

Lactase – Enzyme blend to support the quick breakdown of lactose present in dairy.

Does Not Contain: Gluten, Corn, Yeast, Artificial Colors and Flavors


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5 reviews for Dairy Shield

  1. .

    I have always struggled with dairy. Gives me gas, bloating, and makes my joints hurt. Problem is, when I eat out, dairy always finds a way into my food, and I find myself struggling for two days. Even when I order properly. I have been taking this for about 2 months, and no problems. Highly recommend!

  2. .

    Dairy Shield I have used and liked very much. It works well. But I try to not have dairy.

  3. Kathryn S.

    Dairy has always been an issue for me. Having and using this product has helped me deal with the gas and inflammation it causes. So anytime I eat out this is my go to product.

  4. Nikki G.

    Dairy free has help me so much. I was always a nervous wreck to eat out at restaurants, family or friends houses. I never knew if things were cooked/made dairy free. Now I am able to take a dairy free supplement and my worries of getting sick are avoided. This gave me freedom to eat and hang out with love ones again. Thank you!!

  5. Gary V.

    Your Dairy Free product has been of great benefit to me. It gives me more confidence to eat dairy products without the fear of bloating and related digestive issues. I have tried other products that were of lesser benefit. Thank you for developing a great product!

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