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B Complete – Gluten Free Vitamin B

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B Complete, A Gluten Free Vitamin B with Choline and Trimethylglycine

B Complete, a gluten free vitamin b, contains critical nutrients that act as required ‘keys’ to unlock the potential of various enzymatic reactions in the body. The modern refined diet is high in sugar, alcohol, and devitalized foods, which lead to lower levels of B vitamins. Stress, many medications, and the aging process may also lower B vitamin levels. Without adequate gluten free vitamin b, many of the body’s chemical processes become slow and inefficient.

B Complete Unique Features Include:

  • Supports energy production by helping the body properly utilize amino acids, fats and carbohydrates
  • Encourages optimal mental health, brain activity and feelings of well-being
  • Essential for sustaining a healthy metabolism (the chemical processes of the body)
  • Helps balance female hormones, especially during pregnancy, menstruation or other key phases in a woman’s life
  • Supports healthy neurological development in babies and during pregnancy
  • Promotes the production and maintenance of healthy blood cells and joints
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Assists with the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels
  • Possesses antioxidant properties, and helps fight damage to cell membranes


  • This unique and powerful formulation possesses pre-activated forms of B vitamins, where appropriate, in order to ensure immediate integration into the chemical processes of the body.
  • Added Choline and trimethylglycine allows the body to fully utilize the B vitamins in a way that will maximize their potential and thereby support optimal health.
  • Concern has been raised in the scientific community regarding the potentially high-intake of synthetic folic acid from the consumption of fortified foods. For this reason, our gluten-free vitamin b does not contain any folic acid, but instead includes a blend of safe, naturally occurring folates that are found in foods such as eggs and spinach and are immediately ‘active’ and bioavailable to the human body.

Does Not Contain: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soy, GMOs, or Hidden Ingredients.
This is an all active formula, 100% vegetable sourced.
Safe for vegetarians.

13 reviews for B Complete – Gluten Free Vitamin B

  1. Susan

    I know how important B vitamins are for compromised health and was eager to purchase this product containing the methylated version of folate and B 12. I also know Dr. Osborne’s heart for helping others and am trying to support his efforts by purchasing his quality supplements.

  2. Sabra Parks

    Hard to believe there is anything left in this world that is worry free but that is the confidence I have in GFS products.
    Got to love that this doctor cares enough to spend time educating anyone who will listen.

  3. Debra Foster

    Love Dr. Osborne’s pure formulations and this one is no different especially with the added TMG and choline. Definitely a game changer for my health!

  4. Jeffrey Walker

    With how important B vitamins are in repairing the gut and overall health of a person, we were committed to finding a good product to meet all of our needs. That’s why we were so glad Dr. Osborne offers B Complete as it is safe for our Gluten-free & Dairy-fee lifestyle! His products are the best!

  5. Travis Brushett

    The fact that it’s real and that it doesn’t cause any sensitivity to me makes me really respect the effort put into this product no yeast or anything.To be honest I’ve searched for years to find a good company like this..

  6. Marsha Starrick

    I love Dr Osborne’s products and I do take this plus other vitamins, I know his products are one of the best

  7. Monique Nguyen

    I purchased this vitamin B Complete last month. Dr. Osborne products are one of the best. I hope he has D3 10000iu with K2 100mg M7 then I will buy from him. So far B complete is good. Now it is time to get 2nd bottle.
    Thank you Dr. Osborne.

  8. Joycelyn Feagin

    I had been taking nutritional yeast as a ‘natural source’ of B vitamins and I was surprised to learn how small a dosage of B vitamins was actually in the product when I read the label. I have much more confidence in the dosages that B complete has.

  9. Aquitaine

    Highly recommend B Complete!!! It’s a big relief to know it is safe to ingest & won’t trigger gluten reactions.

  10. lucia scamacca

    DR. Osborne B Complete is especially the right dosage. Delivers cellular energy, helps enzymes in our bodies do their jobs. I recommend everyone to be taking this good quality B supplements.

  11. Virginia Moore

    energy within two days of taking…..amazing! chronic fatigue has kept me back …. but this has helped much.

  12. Katrina Adams

    I have purchased supplements from many different sources, and have decided Dr. Osborne’s are one of the best. Love that the B12 and folate are methylated forms.

  13. Sarah

    This B Complex is the very BEST I have ever tried!! I have experienced difficulties with other B Complex products but Dr Osborne’s formulation is superb!! I feel so much better mentally and physically after taking this product! It actually stabilizes my blood sugar which was unexpected! Most other versions of B Complex have been the exact opposite experience! This is my new go to product!! It’s truly a “feel the difference” experience! I’m so happy I found and tried this wonderful product!!

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