Ultra B12

Lozenges for Full Absorption


Ultra B12

Lozenges for Full Absorption

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Premium Gluten Free Vitamin B12 as Hydroxycobalamin

Research shows that gluten can damage the areas of the stomach and small intestine important for the absorption of vitamin B12 leading to increased risk of deficiency. Add to this the fact that there is an estimated 78% less vitamin B12 in our food supply today than there was in the 1960s. Vitamin B12 isn’t naturally produced in the body so it must be acquired through diet or supplementation. Delivered in a great tasting lozenge, Ultra B12 contains hydroxocobalamin, the form of B12 found in food. Meaning that your body can easily tolerate it. Hydroxycobalamin lasts longer and raises B12 concentration in your blood higher than any other form. This allows for optimal delivery to your tissues.


We handpicked the ingredients in Ultra B12 to give you the most bioavailable B12 that your body can tolerate. Hydroxocobalamin, the active ingredient in Ultra B12, is the exact same form used in expensive B12 injections. The lozenge form allows your body to rapidly absorb the B12.


  • B-12 (as Hydroxycobalamin) – Vitamin B12 is essential in the development and maintenance of red blood cells and nerve cells. It also helps the production of DNA, RNA, and neurotransmitters. It is important for the metabolism of homocysteine, and aids in the methylation process.
  • Whole Cherry Fruit Extract – helps to distribute the B12 evenly through the lozenge while giving it a great flavor.

Does Not Contain: Gluten, MSG, citrus, soy, yeast, dairy, GMOs, fillers, preservatives, synthetics, or other hidden ingredients. It is 100% plant sourced and safe for vegetarians.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Lozenge
Servings per container: 100

Amount Per Serving
%Daily Value

B-12 (as hydroxocobalamin)
2,000 mcg
295 mg
Organic, whole cane juice
1 mg
100% Whole cherry fruit extract
3.5 mg
Raspberry flavor
8.5 mg
25 mg
C16 and C18 alkyls†
3.5 mg

Other Ingredients: None

How to use

Daily Use:

1 Lozenge daily.

Optimal Use:

2-3 Lozenges daily.

High Stress Use:

4-5 Lozenges daily.

How to Use:

Dissolve lozenge in the mouth and then swallow. Best taken before 4 pm.


Is this safe for children?

Yes, but remember that supplementation in children should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Is this safe for a pregnant or nursing mother?

Yes, but pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult with their health professional before supplementing.

Should this be taken at a specific time of the day?

Vitamin B12 may increase your energy, so it is best taken before 4pm.

The Science

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