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Avoidance of wheat products may not be enough to maintain a gluten-free diet. For example, did you know that gluten is used as a food additive and may be present as a stabilizing agent in salad dressings, ice cream, and even ketchup? Gluten Shield is an enzyme blend with probiotics designed to help maintain optimum digestion of all foods with a special focus on encouraging more complete digestion of complex carbohydrates in grains seeds, legumes, vegetables, and other plant materials. This formula also includes herbs to help reduce the symptoms of occasional food intolerances. For those who are considering a gluten-free diet, Gluten Shield includes both the enzymes that break down the polysaccharides which encase gluten as well as the DPP-IV protease activity necessary to digest gluten proteins. This digestive enzyme supplement is designed to help reduce the symptoms of occasional bloating, diarrhea, gas, and abdominal cramps associated with diets high in complex carbohydrates. Gluten Shield® does not promote the intentional consumption of gluten.

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74 reviews for Gluten Shield®

  1. Mark D

    I had trouble with indigestion. My friend recommended Dr. Osborne’s Gluten Shield and I keep it with me where ever I go. Indigestion is gone. Great product!

  2. ODIE

    I am ordering a second time for my daughter who gets severe stomach pain after gluten exposure. She is 12 and may eat pizza with friends occasionally (for example). This has allowed her to enjoy occasional gluten without the painful side effects. Thank you for this product!! IT WORKS!

  3. Nilima Bodalia

    What is the dosage per meal and when do you take it? Before, during, after meal???

  4. Carolyn Huntington

    It is not unusual for celiacs,or gluten intolerant to lack the needed enzymes for digestion- I don’t have enough to digest fats- which are important ( omega 3s) . When we first used these a year ago on vacation to help with eating out – my daughter and I loved them and a year later we are still very happy with the way they help digestion

  5. Madl

    I have been using this product for approximately 9 months now. I went one month recently without it and my tummy suffered. This is a solid product that I feel actually helps my digestion.

  6. Kelly Parratt

    Because there is so much cross contamination out there, it is wise to always carry a bottle of Gluten Shield whenever you leave home. We use them on a daily basis even at home, as they help us digest our food better. Love this product!

  7. LR

    I am pleased to be able to go out to restaurants, take a gluten blocker, eat a
    ‘gluten free meal’ and not get sick as I usually do.

  8. Kristin

    I’m never without my Gluten Shield! I’m super reactive to grain, so having this with me gives me peace of mind with every meal.

  9. Ruth, mrsbills

    I call this my magic pill. Sometimes when ?I eat out and am uncertain as to Gluten I take this or even if I begin to feel awful I now know to take one of these Gluten Shield and I improve very quickly. My magic pill!

  10. Beth R

    I don’t digest my food well at all, and needed to try something new. I haven’t been using this product for very long, but I pray it is the one I have been searching for!

  11. Lisa

    I have been grain free,egg free,and dairy free since August. I have trouble digesting high FODMAP foods and had avoided them all together. Since I have taken gluten shield it helps me to digest foods like onions and garlic so I am able to enjoy some flavor with my meals. I intend on taking it before I eat my Thanksgiving meal this year. Although I still intend on staying gluten free,I know with gluten shield I have a safeguard in case I get accidentally glutened. Thanks Dr. Osborne for always looking out for us.

  12. Stephanie Oehrlein

    I have been using this product for about a year. Since I am Gluten Sensitive, Lactose Intolerant, with Hashimoto’s this is a useful product to improve my gut and help me to better absorb nutrients. I have been happy with the results.

  13. Beth Rauch

    Is Gluten Shield meant for every day, every meal? Or just occasionally?

  14. Gib

    What are the other ingredients in the Gluten Shield?

  15. Pete

    looks like a good product to deal with trace amounts of gluten when you can’t be totally sure of your food, like when going out

  16. BethRauch

    Super product that helps much more than others I have tried for digestive issues!

  17. Elaine

    really helps with digestion

  18. Cathy Batiuk

    I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and I needed a new digestive enzyme so I thought I would try your Gluten Shield supplement. The first time I took it I felt so much better! I didn’t have the pain or bloating that I’d been experiencing with my other digestive enzyme. Thank you so much!

  19. jhaines

    I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity and decided to try Gluten Shield. I haven’t noticed any difference so I don’t know if it’s working or not.

  20. Diana

    It’s difficult living with a gluten sensitivity; there was a point I was so sick I had to take this with every meal. Fortunately, as my body has healed, I like knowing I can take these with me when meeting family at a restaurant; to help protect me against cross contamination.

  21. Darren

    I travel a lot. I keep Gluten Shield in my suitcase. It really helps when I have to eat out.

  22. Debi

    good product

  23. Ginger Roncone


  24. Tracy Rhodes

    I have celiac disease, gluten free since 2001. Stopped a raging case of Graves‘ disease in its tracks by going on a gluten free diet. But that was just the start. I was 27 at the time, and had a lot of healing to do.
    By 2008 I was on a strict gluten, peanut and dairy free diet. But I was still tired and was tired of gas and bloating. I found Dr. Osborne’s site, started taking gluten shield around 2009, and his multi vitamins (pill form not capsule… I forget what they are called).

    I took gluten shield with every meal until probably 2016. I still have some on hand but have not taken it in a long time. It was probably a combination of healing, steady vitamin supplements (eventually switched to Ultra Nutrients), and identifying items in my diet that were not agreeing with me.

    The gas only returns if I get lazy or I have tried something new that does not set well.

    Gotta say, I have also followed Dr. Osborne’s Vitamin D frontloading each fall for the past 3-4 years and have caughr a cold only once since then. I also drink a Kombucha every day and if it is cold season or I feel a cold coming in, I will also supplement with zinc. Dr. Osborne doesn’t sell the Kombucha but everything else listed here I purchased from him.

    I am grateful for his site and great information.

  25. Lois Ann

    I love this product! I know it is helping my digestion and helping to protect me if I get any cross contamination! I take it before every meal!!

  26. Paula Duhon

    I have been gluten free for 7 years now. Gluten Shield is an awesome supplement for me. I carry it with me all the time, just in case!

  27. Rebecca

    I have avoided gluten for over 11 years but have seen a desire to eat something, maybe once every couple months, and using this has made me feel totally free of repercussions. I forgot once and I was so arthritic…what a difference!

  28. Megan H

    I cook most of my own meals because of my gluten and dairy sensitivities. Gluten shield was helpful for those times when I was unsure exactly how my food was prepared, usually meals out or made by was a little extra insurance on preventing the effects of gluten on my digestive system.

  29. Sue Stanley

    Gluten shield has helped my whole family to stay healthy even as we dine out. We are able to enjoy meeting friends out without the worry of getting sick afterwards.

  30. Wendy

    I’ve been taking gluten shield for over 2 years now – and would not be without it. Occasionally because of traveling I eat where I’m not positive of every aspect of the food preparation. Gluten Shield is my ally – if I get any bloating or distention I take it – once I had to take a bunch of them, but a while later – excellent digestion again. So thankful for this product!

  31. Cyndi

    I take Gluten shield especially when I eat out to help with any potential cross contamination. It helps my digestion so much that I end up using it even when I eat ay home.

  32. Tabitha

    My son and I have both been using this product with great success.

  33. Anthony Parnell

    Gluten Shield has made a huge difference in my life. I am sensitive to a lot of foods and liquid. So, now taking it with every meal, my ability to digest different foods has significantly increased.

  34. Cathy Batiuk

    I developed gluten intolerance about 3 years ago, along with SBO and Sjogren’s. I have tried several other digestive enzymes, but gluten shield made me feel the best. I have less bloating and pain after I eat anything, and I love that it helps with cross contamination (which is everywhere). I definitely take it when I eat out, but also a lot at home depending on what I eat.

  35. Brigitte

    My son has been on the Gluten Shield for a while now. It has been a piece of mind every time he gets invited for dinner somewhere, and especially yesterday for Thanksgiving. Love it!

  36. Julie

    I carry a pill box with a few of these for eating out just in case there is any accidental gluten exposure; helps with digestion at home too.

  37. Nilima

    Been using for about 6 months. Just re ordered. Seems to be working well.


    what a relief!

  39. Mare

    Just starting using Gluten Shield on the occasions when I cheat. Have been GF since August 2018 and has made a huge difference in my intestinal health. 99% better with IBS symptoms! Gluten Shield is great to have on hand. Dr. Osborne’s is awesome and is website is great! Thank you!

  40. Cyndi Koch

    I’ve only had Gluten Shield for a short time. I have used it 3 times while eating out. One of those three times I did experience heartburn bad enough that I had to take an antacid. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 9 months ago, and I am still struggling with bloating and heartburn from foods that I’m eating. I am looking into eliminating nightshades and possibly doing low Fodmap foods. The list of foods I can safely eat is growing shorter and shorter. I do enjoy eating out and was hoping the Gluten Shield would make a big difference. So far it has not, but I want to give it a fair try. I’m going on vacation in June and will be eating out a lot so it will be going with me for sure.

  41. Jerry Legato RN

    I’m sorry to say that I have not really given it an honest try. I will say that if I did not trust your science I would not have purchased this product. I bought this for my son who has autism. I have him on numerous supplements. Manny are trial and error. I drop off the ones that do not seem helpful. I will be trying the gluten shield for him shortly. Unfortunately the most difficult part is staying fast to an appropriate diet that does not contain wheat. At some point I hope to implement that. I think you for your follow up.

  42. Marilyn Olson

    Helps me greatly I now can go out to eat

  43. Bonnie

    It really helps if you get glutenized by accident cant find any that work as good in other vitamin shops

  44. Leaky Leigh

    I started having trouble digesting proteins in late January. While there are many enzyme products available,many that are Gluten Free have corn , soy or other additives . Thanks Dr Osborne for creating a product that doesn’t contain additives that can complicate auto immune issues! I also have peace of mind when eating out with cross contamination.

  45. Susan

    It has helped me when I eat something that may have gluten it. So far no bad side affects!

  46. Suz

    I was thrilled to find these products. I take enzymes regularly, but loved the idea of having this particular supplement to carry with me for the times I may not be able to control gluten sneaking into my food.

  47. Brian Jury

    Dr Osborne literally saved my life. I was having gluten issues unknowingly approximately nine years ago. I had every test imaginable by every type of test imaginable buy all kinds of doctors. None of them could figure it out. They said it was in my head. One even wanted me to see a psychiatrist. Fortunately a friend of mine turned me onto Dr Osborne’s website gluten free . Once I learned about the true gluten free diet eliminating all grains including corn and rice. Two weeks after following Dr Osborne’s advice which I only Learned from his great website. I have been using gluten shield whatever I do venture out to eat at a restaurant and it works great. I strongly recommend taking Dr Osbornes advice. Even though I never met Dr Osborne personally I truly believe he save my life. I will always be grateful and recommend his website to his many people as I can.

  48. Marianella Avila

    It has helped me when I eat something that may have gluten it. I recommend It . awensome

  49. Suzanne

    Is it dairy free?

  50. Brigitte Chudnow

    Getting quite a few supplements from Dr.Osborne. Gluten Shield is a great supplement that gives anyone who has gluten sensitivity or Celiac some peace of mind when eating outside the home. My son takes it every day. Great product!


    Does this help break down any other foods such as egg or grains?

  52. Pamela Edler

    Although I order menu selections that would be obvious for gluten ingredients, I now have the added reassurance when taking along my Gluten Shield, that sauces and condiments used in preparations will be taken care of.

  53. Karen

    I think it is wonderful. I used it when I went on vacation, even though I ate gluten free I was afraid of cross contamination. It allowed me to enjoy my food knowing I had protection which is always heavy on my mind. It was wonderful to be pain free after a meal.

    God bless you

  54. Pamela Terrell

    I love having these as a safety measure when I dine out. They even work great to assist in digestion in a meal not containing dairy or gluten.

  55. Perooz Garoian

    Good to have it just in case.

  56. Mare Beniof

    I have purchased my fourth bottle of Gluten Shield from Dr. Osborne. I was diagnosed with NCGS last year and went on a gluten-free diet. We eat out occasionally and since I don’t always know if there might be some gluten in the food I use the Gluten Shield as a added protection at those times. It has been a life saver for me as it allows me to dine out without the fears of the repercussions of unknown gluten in the foods I have no control over. It truly works well for me and if you are gluten-sensitive it is definitely worth a try. I never knowingly eat anything with gluten and that is NOT what Gluten Shield was designed for. This supplement is an added protection against the unknowns in your foods. Thank you Dr. Osborne for a great product!!

  57. Charmaine Marshall

    I dont eat out since finding out after 20 years of suffering with RA that I am gluten sensitive, ( I did the genetic test). Having and taking Gluten Shield helps my digestion, I am so very glad I have it. Thank you Dr. Osborne.

  58. Beth

    Hello – I don’t know what to say about Gluten Shield exactly because I can’t detect any impact. I gave it 4 stars because I love the idea of having something preventative to use when eating out or traveling…great to have! When home I use Dr. Bush’s Restore product prior to meals to close the gut junctures to assist with healing of autoimmune/Hashimoto’s/Vitaligo/Cancer Hx. I see this product as helping me perpetuate my healing intentions…I just can’t rate it for effectiveness with no clear evidence. Thanks for asking

  59. Daisy Morales

    I have a very difficult time with all sorts of foods specially eating out. This surely has helped minimize the symptoms as even if you avoid gluten foods cross contamination is very common and I can notice it immediately. This is a great product which has helped with those issues. I carry a bottle in my purse all the time and keep one on kitchen.

  60. Diane Connelly

    I’ve tried other products that claim to help is a person accidentally eats gluten, but Gluten Shield is the only one I’ve found that really works. I’m so glad I found it!

  61. DianeConnelly

    I’m not sure if I entered my email correctly, so I’ll resubmit my review. This is the first product of its kind that actually works for me! I’m grateful to have found it.

  62. Joy Steward

    I bought gluten shield because I was concerned about all the holidays festivities and the difficulty in avoiding gluten. In certain situations, while still making wise choices, I was able to relax and enjoy because I had gluten shield. It helped me avoid adverse reactions while still being able to socialize.

  63. Renata I Bowen

    Being gluten and dairy sensitive, I have tried another product in the past but did not see the results that I did with Gluten Shield. I consumed a small amount of dairy over the Christmas Holiday which usually results in an earache and blistering inside my lower lip. I experienced none of the usual side effects using Gluten Shield. Thank you so very much.

  64. Gaby

    Going gluten free has now become essential for me so this product is a must. There are a lot of GF enzymes out there but Dr Osborne clearly is a leader in this field. I’m completely satisfied with this product.

  65. Gaby

    I’ve tried 5 different brands of enzymes containing the important DPP-IV peptidase, and this formula seems to have the best variety of digestion enzymes & high gluten protection (for hidden gluten consumption).

  66. Jen

    I’ve used this few times for dining out and family gatherings, just in case. I didn’t suffer any ill after effects. An extra bonus was that I had better bowl movements after taking these too.

  67. Esther Briand

    Love Gluten Shield. I don’t have the stomach discomfort I had prior. Thank you!

  68. Lyne

    I like it, I think it is a good product. what I like the most is how fast I got it, and I am in Canada !

  69. Brigitte

    I love this supplement! It gives me a peace of mind when my son eats at my parents or friends. It is well designed for those with gut issues. Thank you, Dr. Osborne!

  70. cyndiu

    Thank you for this product. I donʻt use lactose pills anymore. Just Gluten Shield.

  71. Layla Naasz

    I can finally eat just about anything, dairy included. No more gas or bloating. I just pop 1 pill with each meal and enjoy my snack or meal! Thankful for such a great product.

  72. Dana Gilkison

    I have used this product for several years now and it has been a life saver, especially when traveling. I am extremely sensitive to cross contamination so traveling requiring eating in restaurants is a big concern. With caution in choosing the type of restaurant and taking gluten shield, I can avoid having a bad reaction. I rely on it daily as well because I also have a problem with low stomach acid which it helps counteract.

  73. Richard Powell DC

    As a gluten person, as well as a certified gluten practitioner. This product does what it says. There are other out there, but this is the best. Beware, this doesn’t allow you to eat gluten. Just use if you get “glutened” by mistake.

  74. Jeffrey Walker

    It is great to have a product handy for those times when you are out for dinner or with family and friends and are unsure if the food is truly gluten free. This product has really been a life-saver! Thank you again Dr. Osborne!

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