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Biotic Force

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A probiotic formulated with an innovative prebiotic developed to support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut through a method that is not fiber or starch-based.*

Probiotics are living microorganisms which, when taken in adequate amounts, provide health benefits.* For example, maintaining a friendly environment in the gut supports the optimal absorption of nutrients.* However, to be considered beneficial, these “good” bacteria must maintain a delicate balance in the gastrointestinal tract.*

  • Effective in small servings within hours (not days)
  • Functions in both the small and large intestines
  • Does not cause flatulence
  • Does not require refrigeration (but recommended for optimum activity)
  • The prebiotic promotes the growth of our probiotic blend of Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, and Lactobacillus plantarum
  • These strains support the growth and proliferation of normal beneficial bacteria in the gut*

Biotic Force Probiotic Blend (1 billion cfu) 299 mg includes:

Bacillus subtilis – a soil based spore probiotic
PreforPro® 15 mg – a blend of non starchy prebiotics to include – LH01 – Myoviridae, LL5 – Siphoviridae, T4D – Myoviridae, and LL12 – Myoviridae


This is an all active formula, 100% vegetable sourced. Safe for vegetarians.

13 reviews for Biotic Force

  1. Sharyn G.

    Had surgery recently and had to take antibiotics. Really needed Biotic Force to balance my system.

  2. daniel w.

    this pro really seems to calm my stomach, has help fight colds

  3. .

    Got bit by spider and had to take antibiotics
    messed up my stomach .I did the power one that Dr Pete Osborne has for 15 day.Then followed by this one works great .

  4. Debbie L.

    They work great .
    Love that their no fillers

  5. Ester E.

    I first corrected my microbiome using this supplement. My stool test was “ not good” and this is a mild statement. I became a Gluten Warrior in 2014. I had many health issues. I was seeking help from one traditional medical doctor specialist to another. My final attempt with traditional medicine was seeing a Gastroenterologist at Baylor in Houston. I had suffered with Crohn’s disease since my mid 20s. Baylor told me there was nothing more they could do. I then heard the term of Functional Medicine. Dr. Osborne was in my area. I remember feeling so ill on the day of my first appointment, I considered calling and canceling. I pushed forward, got dressed and I am more than thankful for the determination. I met the most astounding man! I have worked in the medical field for over 25 years. This information was new and exciting. I remember Dr. Osborne asking me to trust him. I was too ill to even ask questions. I completely placed my faith in Dr. Osborne. I completed all the testing, including DNA, liver testing, blood work and stool testing. I was in a crisis health wise. I never doubted Dr. Osborne. I did ask questions to understand the process. He answered all my questions. Knowledge has always been very powerful to me. As I took “Baby Steps” and learned to be patient, as I didn’t become ill overnight. It took years to become this ill. I felt I was at deaths door. I followed every word and advice Dr. Osborne suggested. I trusted him completely. I also learned so much, as Dr. Osborne is a great teacher. Every appointment, I would pick his brain for knowledge. I used every supplement he suggested. There were many and I needed them all. I started losing weight, which I was a normal size 8 and was wearing sizes 10 and 12. My normal weight for years held at 125 pounds. I was weighing 160 pounds before meeting Dr. Osborne. I took those “Baby Steps” and today in 2022, I feel as though I am 18 year old. I am maintaining my normal weight and actually wearing a smaller size, because the clothing industry has changed women’s clothing sizes. I can wear the size 8 from prior years, yet wear a size 2-6 in clothes today. Dr. Osborne’s supplements help me heal. I have not seen a gastroenterologist since 2013. I haven’t had any flares from what was called Crohn’s disease. I no longer pay $5K out of pocket expenses for doctors visits and diagnostics. I only see my PCP 3 or less times a year for a Well Woman check up and lab work. Dr. Osborne saved my life!! Functional Medicine works! I am living proof. I just ordered many supplements again, to give my body a boost. Warrior Bread is wonderful, when I haven’t eaten any bread for several years. My diet may seem bland to some. I feel I eat better than ever. I rarely eat out. I drink good water only and Bulletproof coffee. I cook at home and love Dr. Osborne’s recipes. Anyone with health issues, trust me. Dr. Osborne is the best out here. It takes self discipline to follow the road to ultimate health. Dr. Osborne, you are the brightest light in my life, Sir. I thank you for your patience and endurance as you guided me ever so gently to great health. Forever and ever I am grateful for your help.

    Pamela 😘

  6. Jaime E.

    I got this for my boyfriend because he has a very sensitive stomach and he has a tough time taking just about everything. This is the only probiotic that he’s been able to take with no issues. Thank you Dr Osborne for all that you do. Your educational videos and nutritional supplements have given me my life back.

  7. Deborah S.

    I had to stop taking Biotic Force 3 weeks prior a test that my doctor ordered. I never realized how much they helped my gastro-intestinal issues. I’ll never go without them again!

  8. .

    The only probiotic that. doesn’t cause me to have gas and bloating

  9. Dahne R.

    Biotic Force! It is a force of nature! I had been diagnosed with SIBO a few years ago and was told that probiotics may bother my stomach. Needless to say I was disappointed. I saw the info on Biotic Force and decided to try it. I am so grateful to Dr Osborne for creating this supplement. My gut is calmer with no bloating. I take it at night so I wake up feeling great. I highly recommend this supplement.

  10. Michelle M.

    Having Celiacs disease, Biotic Force has helped tremendously with my bloating. I highly recommend this product.

  11. Paula Y.

    The only probiotic that works for me.

  12. .

    Thank you, Dr Osbourne and staff, for all you do. I’ve tried many probiotics over the years, and this is the only one I found that doesn’t work against me. Since I’ve done the testing, I’m gluten sensitive and just recently found I’m histamine and oxalate sensitive. So, this probiotic will help you since it’s not histamine and oxalate producing. Thanks again.

  13. paulene w.

    biotic force help me with normal bowl movement no more over the counter meds any more thank god for dr o

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