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Warrior Bread – Gluten Free Bread Mix

(209 customer reviews)

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We’re bringing bread back!!

Gluten free and grain free bread so good, you won’t believe it doesn’t contain gluten! Not only does our gluten free bread mix taste great, but it is also low carb and a great source of fiber.

Our gluten free bread mix, Warrior Bread Mix, makes fresh, homemade bread, but you can also use it to make grain free tortillas, crepes, cookies, pizza crust, chicken fried steak, brownies, and more!

Get inspiration on additional ways to use this gluten free bread mix by viewing our recipes!

Made in the USA from non-GMO ingredients.

Trust us, our gluten free bread mix is victoriously delicious!

From my TRUE gluten free kitchen to yours!


Our gluten free bread mix is made with blanched Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Psyllium, Husk, Dehydrated Sweet Potato, Baking Soda, Sea Salt.

Manufactured in a gluten-free facility. Contains: almonds & coconuts.

209 reviews for Warrior Bread – Gluten Free Bread Mix

  1. Jennifer S.

    I really love the bread, just haven’t figured out how to toast it yet.

  2. Robin S.

    Taste is good, texture good, versatility good…thumbs up.👍🏻

  3. Natasha K.

    I haven’t used the mix yet, as it contains almond flour. I was so excited when it came out, but in the process of waiting for it found out I am sensitive to almonds. Hope to be able to use it in the future.

  4. .

    I have enjoyed my bread mix. And I can trust the ingredients. Thankyou

  5. catherine M.

    My family is enjoying this bread . Had out of town guest who are gluten free & couldn’t believe the wonderful taste & texture . Highly recommend this bread.

  6. .

    Excellent! I enjoyed toasting it. Next time I want to add some bananas and walnuts. God bless you.

  7. .

    The bread was excellent. I served it to several people on two different occasions and got rave reviews. I used the seeds (flax and chia) instead of the egg whites. Be sure to follow the instructions to put it in the refrigerator. I left a partial loaf on the counter for two days and it started to turn bad. Fortunately it was only a sall amount.

  8. Bonnie R.

    It doesnt say how long to cook for buns and it tastes great but when took out of oven it like deflated so i dont know why that was and bottom got to done at time and tempature and icovered it with parchment paper as it said when getting to dark but again the taste was awsome however i would like to know what to do so it dont deflate and time for buns also and if temp 3:50 would work as well

  9. .

    I am on a diet that is grain free because I had mycotoxins in my body from breathing mold in my apartment and one was from either breathing mold or eating food that contained mold. I made one mix of the Grain Free Bread Mix. It was good, but my larger load was wet in the middle. I used the vegan option at the bottom of the recipe. I plan to use the original option on my next Grain Free Bread Mix. I am grateful that someone is willing to develop more options for people that cannot have gluten or grain in their diet. Thank You.

  10. RHEA M.

    This is very tasty. I have tried a lot of gluten free bread and mixes and ordered this to try. I made this mix into dinner rolls for those that are GF on New Year’s Eve. We all thought the taste was the best we had tried and it was very easy. It still isn’t the fluff of yeast breads but it definitely has a good flavor and much better texture than any other that I have tried. So far, it is the only mix I have tried that I would recommend.

  11. Jan R.

    I’ve been gluten free for about 8 years and grain free for the last year! This is hands down the best bread I’ve had that is grain free! Everyone loves it even those who aren’t gluten free! It’s super easy to make and delicious! I highly recommend it!

  12. Tammy K.

    I made 2 small loaves. It was good tasting and moist. Next time I will follow instructions for 1 lg loaf and try that out.

  13. Carol M.

    Tastes like real bread! I made it as a full round loaf and it baked up beautifully. It was great both fresh and toasted.

  14. Donna A.

    I am not a celiac patient but rather I follow the Autoimmune Protocol for my Autoimmune Hashimotos’. Given that, I usually do not buy prepackaged mixes preferring instead to make everything from scratch so I have total control over the ingredients. (I even avoid store bought gluten free breads due to rice and arsenic issues.) But when I saw the Gluten Free Society Gluten Free Bread Mix, I reviewed the ingredients and when I was sure no rice was involved, I thought I would give it a try over the busy Christmas Holiday.
    My nine-year-old grand daughter and I made this bread together and it was the perfect cooking event to share. It was very simple and quick to mix and kneed.
    I do not own banquette pans so I halved the recipe of one bag and made two smaller loaves and put them into two standard size bread pans. I made this first batch as directed.
    I did not have any parchment paper on hand but I recommend that you do. I found that the topmost crust was gorgeous but even at 400 degrees and a smaller size loaf that the bread did not cook completely through. I suspect that using the recommended parchment paper on top and a slightly longer bake time might solve this issue.
    If your healing protocol allows you to eat seeds and herbs, I recommend that you experiment and add those to this mix. This breads texture was wonderful and just like bakery baked breads but I felt that for my taste (eating fresh and warm with goats milk butter) it needed a bit more pizazz.
    I will be experimenting with Caraway seeds and finely ground dried herbs next time. I recommended this bread to a friend just yesterday (who is missing sandwiches) and I will definitely be buying this product again.
    This bread package definitely fills a missing niche. Way to go Gluten Free Society!

  15. Carolyn P.

    This THE BEST gluten free bread ever. And even more outstanding, is how easy it is to make. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. .

    It is a pleasure for me to make this bread for my husband. He hasn’t had any bread for 10 years. I’m going to try the individual muffin style next time. The big ball that was suggested to bake had to be cut open and thrown back in the oven for another 30 minutes, but it could be that my oven needs recalibrating.

    He loved it! We both bought some so we have 10 bags to enjoy LOL. Thank you for making it so easy and so delicious

  17. deborah h.

    Warrior Bread is the first grain free alternative bread that is truly delicious and so easy to make. The low glycemic level is an added advantage. My husband being diabetic (a very fussy eater) and of course, not eating grains or sugars had given up on any substitutes which at times caused sugar spikes and not enjoyable. He can no longer be without this bread that he finds so delicious and satisfying.

  18. Beth L.

    Wow. This was a wonderful surprise. It truly is yummy! I tried both baking options – first with eggs and second with ground sprouted flax seed instead of the eggs. The flax seed version won in my small circle of gluten free pals. Well done on this product Dr. O and team! I just signed up for auto-ship as I’ve already gone through the 3 bags I bought. Thanks!

  19. Kathryn B.

    This bread is AMAZING!!! I have been gluten-free for 8 years and have tried DOZENS and DOZENS of bread recipes as well as store bought breads. Hands down this is THE BEST BREAD I have tried!! It is like REAL bread!! I generally would just rather go without bread than eat a grain-free bread….the texture and weight is just not right. But Warrior Bread is good enough to serve ANYONE, gluten-free or not! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for WARRIOR BREAD!! It is a life changer!!

  20. Terry H.

    Great texture and flavor and really easy to make. I chose to make two round loaves. It has been years since I have had french toast and this was really good and guilt free.

  21. .

    I was very surprised that the bread was actually very good. I’ve had other gluten free breads (probably no where near as health as Warrior Bread) and they don’t compare. Definitely a great buy!

  22. .

    Tastes great
    Easy to bake
    I just wish I could find a gluten bread that browns in the toaster

  23. .

    I used my package of Warrior Bread with an organic brown rice sour-dough starter.

    Egg whites might help the bread rise a bit better than my method but I am a believer that the body is better able to utilize the nutrients in nuts if we nutralize the anti-nutrients. Using a bit over a cup of sour dough starter I allowed the bread to ferment overnight and then added a single whole egg and more starter to allow shaping and a second rising. I love it.

    I gave a couple packages to folks on Christmas Day.


  24. Pam S.

    Great Product!

  25. Brian T.

    I preordered the bread mix not knowing what to expect. It exceeded all of my expectations! It is absolutely delicious!

  26. Starr M.

    I love the taste and texture of this bread!

  27. Christine K.

    My family is so happy to have bread that tastes good back in our lives! We have not had bread in over 8 years. Thank you, Dr. Osborne, for creating this wonderful product. So far we have made toast, French toast and BLT’S. Yummy!!! It’s so nice to be able to eat without getting a belly ache or that stuffed bloated feeling.

  28. .

    Allergic to eggs so substituted flaxseed as recommended and bread 🥖 still better tasting than any gluten free I’ve experienced. Also, appreciate that there is only 6 ingredients! Rated it a 4 because it has a unique taste and texture just not quite like French bread.

  29. Sharon R.

    I was delighted with how easy it was to bake and with how awesome it tasted. I am planning on having the mix auto shipped and trying it out with other applications. Having to eat grain free since the mid-90’s, the Gluten Free Warrior Bread mix is a dream come true for me.

  30. Anthony M.

    This tastes just like real bread!! Makes a great baguette and is awesome for hamburger rolls!!
    Very satisfied!!!

  31. .

    Just baked this bread. I mixed in the egg whites but also added flax seeds and place pumpkin seeds on top of the doe. Placed a parchment paper so bread and seeds didn’t burn. The bread is delicious and recommended highly.

  32. Ruth J.

    I am enjoying making sandwiches with this bread. I have been eating sandwiches with almond flour tortillas so this is a nice change. I would love to try to toast a slice but I haven’t had the courage to try this yet! Has anyone tried putting a slice in a standard toaster?

  33. .

    OMGOSH!!! This bread is AMAZING!! So easy to mix up….it actually tastes like real bread!! If I could give it more stars I would!! This is going to have to go on auto-ship!! Love, love, love!!

  34. Patricia K.

    Loved baking 2 baguettes & serving them warm from the oven. This is a good bread for the Keto diet. I followed directions on pkg & it came out perfect. Keeps well in refrigerator all week.

  35. Nancy S.

    Wow! This is a great treat for me. It has a wonderful flavor without any additional ingredients.

  36. Amy F.

    Texture, flavor, and ease of making the bread exceeded my expectations. I love that there are only 6 ingredients in the mix as well. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the price and then you still have to pay that flat rate shipping. If it weren’t for that, it would be 5 stars in my book!

  37. Suzanne L.

    Has anyone tried the egg free version? I’m allergic to eggs and chia so would have to use flax. Thank you.

  38. .

    My ultimate comfort food-tea & toast. Thank you, Dr. Osborne for making this possible with Warrior Bread! I needed to replace the vinegar with an equal amount of lemon juice. It may not have been quite as puffy, but it still made a lovely round loaf & great dinner rolls. I sure have missed kneading & baking bread!

  39. .

    The warrior bread’s taste is good, however I don’t really like soft bread, I prefer my bread to have a crispy crust. Also, I believe too many eggs are needed.

  40. Becky S.

    I made the rolls tonight, and they rival any good bread. They don’t leave you feeling bloated either. It’s so hard to find simple grain free bread recipes.

  41. Jennifer G.

    It is very exiting to have a healthy grain free bread option again. I have tried many recipes in the past and wasn’t quite happy with the results. This bread mix is a wonderful addition to my grain free diet. Would recommend!

  42. Deborah J.

    I was skeptical about this bread, but gave it a try since it did not contain yeast, which I cannot eat. This was the best tasting bread I have had in 12 years! Everyone in the family loved it too. I shape it into a short, high loaf. It cuts without crumbling and holds up as a sandwich bread. It also makes delicious toast. I have ordered it several times and will go on the autoship program so we are never without it.

  43. Matthew G.

    I ordered this product after not having bread for a few years. It is absolutely outstanding. The taste, texture and versatility I could not be happier with. I strongly recommend you try the best grain free bread on earth. Dipping in Italian garlic & olive oil is the bomb !

  44. .

    I didn’t love the texture, but it surely taste really good and is so easy to mix.

  45. .


  46. Suzanne L.

    This is the best grain free bread we’ve ever had! We’re allergic to eggs so we make the flax version. It’s not as light and tall as the egg version, but still delicious, easy to make, and we can trust that it’s truly gluten free. Thank you, Dr. Osborne!

  47. Jamie W.

    The Warrior Bread is amazing! I never leave reviews, but it was necessary to let everyone know how GOOD this is! Even my husband, who is not a fan of gluten free and is very skeptical of gf substitutions said “wow, that’s really good!”

  48. Terri Z.

    Since I have been off a PPI for two years I have not eaten any bread products. I would have instant heartburn if I did. This is the first time I was able to eat bread without suffering heartburn. Thank you so much.

  49. anne w.

    Thanks for a nice bread option! Finally a bread you can fix quickly AND TRUST!! I used lemon juice instead of the vinegar. Worked like a charm. Thinly sliced and froze – into the toaster and came out nicely. Try it, you’ll like it.😊

  50. David J M.

    FINALLY!!! A commercial bread product you can eat on a Paleo diet.. and on Keto too!

  51. Sherri C.

    I have been GF for pretty much 5 years. My husband was ready to do Keto, with some IMF, so I kept looking for a decent bread. I have tried SO many GF/Keto bread recipes that disappointed me, but NOT this one, yay so excited!

  52. Victoria F.

    Everyone in my family really loved this bread. We have gone grain free and it was nice to have fresh warm bread again with melted butter. Dr. Osborn is truly a blessing in my life, his knowledge is unsurpssed!!

  53. Iris R.

    Although I’ve made a lot of awesome Paleo bread over the past few years, I was skeptical of how well this would turn out, especially since I have to make without eggs. I used the flaxseed option, and it came out perfect! Great taste, texture, and durability! Since it’s quite pricey, I sliced and froze the rest to keep me from eating it all in one week (because I probably would otherwise)! It was absolutely delicious made into a sandwich, and also simply with salted ghee and raw honey. Even my husband approved, and he’s not GF! He stole another piece of it, lol. I’m sold on this product…will definitely buy again when I run out of my stash!

  54. Stacy S.

    This is mix is super easy and makes the BEST gluten-free bread, rolls, etc. I love it. Can’t wait until it’s back in stock.

  55. Stacy S.

    It’s 4/15…when can I order your wonderful bread mix?

  56. LAURA S.

    I have never seen “bread” rise without yeast and yeast is a gluten cross-reactor. Please verify that there is no yeast in the warrior bread mix. Thanks

  57. .

    I think is taste better than bread. I really enjoyed making and eating it. I made rolls, froze them and then put it in the toaster.

  58. Michelle V.

    It’s really good! My whole family enjoys it, so I cook at minimum a loaf a week.

  59. Rufina T.

    Amaizing , After searching and throwing away so many garbage products the claim are gluten free or safe for Celiac finally I can say I have a happy babe eating bread and pancakes and enticing just like before she was diagnose with celiac .

    Warrrior bread , I’am so grateful for Dr Peter Osborne he really cares for us and truly blessed I found him because my daughter is a happy child again …
    Thank you 🙏

  60. .

    I made my first loaf of Warrior Bread and the claims of taste, , texture, nutrition and deliciousness are true. I also loved the ease of making it. I shall place another order soon. Thankful to find this product!

  61. .

    Warrior Bread is the best non-gluten bread I have tried. I ate it all in three days! So glad it is back.

  62. Rufina T.

    Best product best taste and great quality .
    I’am a Mother of a child who was diagnose with Celiac almost 8 months ago and after going thru all the pain and all the food changes which is the hardest thing since company’s lie about the purity of their products ( not all ) .. I found Dr Peter Osborne and read No grain No pain and I did several changes and now my Babe girl is pain free and eating all the right things but specially she’s beyond happy now the we eating bread and pancakes and cookies made with warrior bread and she can eat without worries .
    THANK YOU DR . Peter Osborne forever grateful for all what you do for us ..

    Thank you

  63. Judith C.

    How often and how many bread packages be shipped if I do auto ship?

  64. Shelly B.

    I have tried several GF and TGF breads and they tasted awful. This is a good tasting bread. Easy to make as well. To my surprise, I will be purchasing this bread again. Even my husband liked it and he eats gluten bread.

  65. Michelle V.

    This bread is AMAZING!!! It’s really good, easy to make, my whole family likes it! I’ve even shared it with friends and family and they want to start purchasing it!! It really is good!!

  66. Melissa M.

    I haven’t eaten bread or any Gluten for 5 years since reading Dr. Peter Osborne’s book . I’m not Celiac but gluten sensitive and had Hashimoto’s that I reversed through extensive research and passionate doctors. Thank you Dr. Osborne for being the leader and my mentor in arresting my Autoimmune Disease. It only made sense to purchase your bread mix and although I don’t eat eggs either when I substituted with flaxseed I was concerned if it would taste the same as the reviews and it did! YAY! The taste is just as a loaf of bread only CLEAN! It’s made of simple ingredients and smells, taste, rises, and stores away like a champ. I’m beyond HAPPY to be able to eat bread again and had no issues. I sliced, dipped, and enjoyed. It’s also super easy to make-just mix and add a few kitchen ingredients. I will be buying more right away and SO grateful that I can ‘break bread’ again with family and friends.
    PS. I’m a VA Veteran and my gratitude is hats off to you Dr. Osborne for going against the grain. 🙂 🙏

  67. Kathryn T.

    I’ve tried many gluten free bread mixes, and so far, this is the best. Not the best bread, but the best gluten free bread

  68. Pam C.

    This product is so easy to make. It has a great texture and can really fool you into thinking you are eating “the real thing”!

  69. Sylvia S.

    I love this bread. I’ve made it vegan by using chia seeds. So good!

  70. audrey h.

    This is amazing bread. So easy to mix and bake. Do bake for the full hour though even if you split the dough into baguettes. Comes out with a nice crust and the taste is just like home baked bread. Better than any other gluten free bread I’ve tried!

  71. .

    Warrior Bread is a gluten free bread product that I wanted to try out. As far as I know I’m not gluten sensitive but thought this product would be clean from glyphosate that is currently sprayed on our wheat. The directions on making Warrior Bread are do ple even for a non-baker like me. The bread is moist and stays together well while spreadig. I keep my Warrior Bread in a brown lunch bag in my refrigerator and it stays fresh all week. I highly recommend this product if you are sensitive to gluten. I think that you will really like it.

  72. .

    Very good quality product that is palatable and adaptable for multiple uses.tastes great sandwiches are a thing again!

  73. .

    The bread is easy to make. I like the taste, but it has a bit of a vinegar aftertaste. I recommend this bread.

  74. Leigh S.

    I love this bread! Texture is soft and spongy. I mix 1/4 cup of organic flax seeds into the dough. It provides more Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and B vitamins.

  75. audrey h.

    This bread is delicious. Easy to mix and bake.

  76. .

    Its easy to make, and wonderful to have a slice of bread again.

  77. Perooz G.

    I love this bread.

  78. RUTH W.

    This bread is amazing and so easy to make. This is the best gluten-free, bread I’ve ever tasted. Love it!

  79. Shirley M.

    love it! Its too good to be good for me!

  80. Allison W.

    I made this bread into rolls last week and they were delicious. After not having bread for over a year after going grain free this product was a delicious treat. I bought a second pack and can’t wait to try to make the bread loaf next.Anyone looking for a gluten/grain free alternative this as close as I’ve come to find in taste and texture.

  81. .

    Excellent taste, texture and terrific as toast. Even my husband who is French and a restaurateur agrees.

  82. Nancy S.

    I make bread, pizza crust and muffins with the Warrior bread, all using the flax egg option.

  83. C C.

    Even my very discerning not keto (but trying anti-inflammatory grain-free eating to help his back pain) boyfriend LOVES this fresh out of the oven bread mix.. and doesn’t refer to it as cardboard as he has all other grain free bread products we have tried!

  84. Valerie R.

    This is the first grain free bread I highly approve of, especially for people looking to be grain free. The large round loaf is my favorite way to make it!

  85. .

    This bread mix is great. The mix is health and easy to use. Eating bread again is a real treat. Thank You, Holly

  86. Susannah O.

    This bread is very quick and easy to make. Finding an easy bread that works with my very restricted diet is kind of a miracle. I prefer it toasted (or as toasted as it will get) and am enjoying having bread occasionally back in my diet.

  87. Lois R.

    I love Warrior Bread! It is easy to mix and bake! I make it into 2 baguettes and then slice, freeze and pop into the toaster for a great slice of bread anytime!!

  88. Leila A.

    I love this bread! I’ve made many loaves now. I make all my own food so I am comfortable in the kitchen. I look at grain free bread recipes all the time but think – why? I don’t eat eggs and this bread turns out great with the ground chia seed option. When I think about the cost of grain free bread ingredients I feel this convenient package is a good value.

  89. Andrea D.

    I totally abandoned all bread products when going gf 10 years ago save a very occasional pan of coconut flour cupcakes and even those I haven’t made in 5-6 years. I had not realized how much I missed bread until that first bite slayed me. What a treat!

  90. .

    This is the closest to gluten bread without the gluten. Easy to make and great taste. I have tried others but wasn’t satisfied.This is the one I will buy.

  91. .

    I was unable to have a pizza for almost 2 years, but with the Warrior Bread mix, I can now make an eat them. It mixes easily and works great for pizzas!!

  92. Deborah J.

    I try to keep a supply of this bread mix in my pantry in case it sells out, so I order 10 or 11 bags at a time. The family loves the bread loaves I make with the mix. I normally make 2 at a time and freeze one. They last at least 10 days in the refrigerator if stored in a paper bag without getting gummy or moldy. I decided to make the mix into stuffing using my regular recipe. I made 2 flatbreads, sliced them into cubes and added onions and celery cooked in butter, some chicken broth, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. The family loved it. I will definitely be using this as my go to for stuffing.

  93. .

    It is every thing that it is claimed to be. So easy to make and so delicious to eat with guilt free pleasure.P

  94. Michele W.

    Easy to put together, tasty but not as satisfying as a crusty sourdough

  95. Nora E.

    Well, I bought it for my daughter because I travel and don’t have a guaranteed delivery spot outside of the U.S. She just made some for Thanksgiving and really liked it, I knew it would be good because I trust the source.

  96. William E.

    I contemplated buying this bread mix for quite a while. I am so glad that I did. Firstly it is very easy to make, secondly it is the best and only great GF bread that I have ever tasted. After 6 years of going gluten free it is wonderful to finally have a bread that I can eat and enjoy.

  97. .

    The Warrior bread is the best non-gluten replacement bread I have ever tried. It has great flavor, doesn’t crumble and freezes well.

  98. Julie C.

    I love the availability of the warrior bread to add options for those days when you just want a sandwich instead of a lettuce wrap. I am excited about additional recipes for a variety of applications on the website . I will be trying them!

  99. .

    This grain free bread mix is a gift from Heaven for me! It’s so easy to make and tastes so good. Thank you Dr. Osborne! So wonderful for those on restrictive diets.

  100. Joy S.

    It was wonderful being able to eat bread again after so long. It was very easy to make and delicious. My only drawback is the price. I will have to use it more as an occasional treat than a regular staple.

  101. Evan Q.

    We love Warrior Bread. I use it to make buns that hold up to juicy burgers. No other mix, and few made-from-scratch gluten-free recipes can do that. Plus it tastes like something other than sawdust. Most gluten-free bread products seemed designed to replace flavorless white bread. Warrior Bread tastes slightly more like whole grain breads, but not so much that it will scare timid eaters. The fiber is the bun is also appreciated. So easy to make a novice baker can get it done.

  102. Diane C.

    Really tasty and easy to make. The texture is excellent too!

  103. Valda H.

    The bread was better than I hoped. Great taste. Excellent texture. Can actually make a sandwich without the bread falling apart. I’m excited about bread again.

  104. Charmaine M.

    Wow! I have not had bread for months, this was a nice treat, The taste and texture was wonderful, without the bloating and discomfort. Thank you.

  105. Andrea D.

    I was skeptical about getting this inasmuch as I haven’t eaten any bread products in about ten years and hadn’t noticed I particularly missed them. I even allowed my first shipment to sit in the cabinet for several days. Unmoved by any desire to try it. I simply could not fathom that the consumption of a bread product would be impactful. Wrong! That first bite slayed me. I was instantly possessed. I buttered it. I dipped it. I made sandwiches and patty melts and grilled cheese and french toast and with the help of my pizza stone to toast it up, even an old favorite I had missed, bruschetta. Eating this, I realized that I actually felt full and satisfied for the first time in years! I eat less when this is on my plate and that is impactful. Signed up for two a month and now, realize I should have signed up for one more!

  106. Tiffany V.

    Great product. I enjoy it without eggs!

  107. Tammy B.

    This bread is stress relief! I have a gluten and egg allergy but the flax egg works great for this bread. It is delicious, the texture is soft and the taste is delicious. It’s allowed me to have a sandwich with my family again and I look forward to trying other things with it. Thank you so much Dr. Osborne!

  108. TARA J.

    I don’t eat a lot of bread – simply because I don’t eat a lot of carbs, but we ordered this to have as a “special treat” for Thanksgiving dinner. Its soft, delicious and my whole family (Husband who is voluntarily GF because of my Celiacs, and 7 year old son who hates anything new) loves it. We’ll continue to have this around for the occasional treat.

  109. Esther B.

    Easy to make. I don’t like the coconut taste.

  110. Pamela T.

    Bakes, tastes, and can be eaten like traditional bread! I follow the basic recipe on the package and use it as a dinner roll for Thanksgiving, a burger bun, bread dipped in olive oil & spices with Italian meal, and a special treat with almond butter and honey! So versatile!
    I’ve made it with the eggs and with the ground flax and both are equally impressive. The egg recipe tastes more like traditional bread plain but once I add anything to it I can’t tell the difference. I do well limiting my eggs so choose the flax option. I’ll try ground chia next – why not!!??!!
    Thanks for this tasty healthy option!

  111. Melissa M.

    This bread is super easy to make, bake, and the taste is just the same. My husband who is doesn’t even gluten issues also enjoys the Warrior Bread. He is super impressed and he eats it as if it’s store bought. While baking it smells delicious and makes great loaves. It even slices with ease and doesn’t break apart. I eat my slices with a side salad. Dip it in soups, and top it with sliced avacados. I’m so grateful I can eat bread again and not be deprived because I have gluten troubles.

  112. Sharon H.

    At first the texture was strange to me, but before I had my 3rd slice I was liking it quite a bit.
    I was surprised at how easy it is to make, since I have made my own bread for decades.
    I will buy more and tell others.
    I’m interested in seeing everything I might be able to make with this bread.

  113. denise m.

    my son loves them!

  114. .

    I can finally have bread. Was able to make hot dog and hamburger buns and enjoy those foods without the fear of my sugar going sky high.

  115. .

    I am not kidding when I say that this was the best gluten free bread that I have ever tasted. It was light in texture and delicious and even my gluten eating husband liked the taste.

  116. Kathleen C.

    Have made it a number of times. When just threw it all in and didn’t follow directions, not come out as well. Have tried adding raisins, but haven’t perfected how to do that.

  117. .

    This is the best gluten free product I have tried since learning that I had gluten sensitivity about 2 1/2 years ago. Somehow they’ve captured the soft, “spongy” feel and taste of bread which we all know is often missing from gluten free products. I made it with the flax seed instead of the egg whites. After slicing and freezing, I’ve been able to pull it out one slice at a time and enjoy toast again! Great product , great ingredients – thank you!

  118. .

    I enjoyed the bread and only wish that it came in a bread machine mix too. And that it would have risen like i believe it should have. Still Very tasty tho!

  119. .

    Clean great product for those of us who don’t eat gluten, yet want bread. Easy to make.

  120. Sue D.

    Wonderful texture and easy to make. Needs a little salt, but makes fabulous toast!

  121. teresa b.

    Wonderful! Easy to use and tastes great.

  122. Suzanne A.

    Love this bread mix.. I’ve been gluten free for years now but wanted to go grain free so was happy when Dr Osborne created this bread…. Thank You Dr Osborne for all your great gluten free products and videos to educate all of us… Really appreciate you!!!!

  123. .

    This was so easy to make and it is such a blessing to have bread to eat!

  124. Teresa T.

    I never thought there could be a bread I could eat again. My daughter came to visit and she really liked it too. I do make biscuits out of it instead of loaf. I prefer that. I freeze and take out what I want. I am going to try some other recipes too.

  125. Gail L.

    I really like this bread. It’s got great flavor and it is safe for me to eat with gluten sensitivities. I just wish it rose a little higher for sandwiches.

  126. brenda s.

    Love the Warrior Bread! We bake the mix as small dinner rolls, freezing some as we go. So effortless to mix and bake that it has become a ritual in our home. So much enjoyment we are a repeating subscriber!

  127. Leona O.

    The bread is easy to make and can be used for sandwiches, buns, or toasted. It is good any way you make it! I do use the Chia seeds and also add sunflower seeds.

  128. LeeJoy E.

    I am so pleased i found this delicious bread that is high in fiber. Most GF breads are so refined so finding a GF bread that is packed with fiber has been wonderful. I make the Vegan version using chia seeds. Have my whole family eating your bread. Thank you.

  129. .

    It’s great. We don’t eat any wheat bread or corn at all. I use chia seeds since we don’t eat eggs either-because viruses love eggs. I roll the dough out like I was going to make cookies and slice them, put them on the cookie sheet with baking parchment, and we get the cutest little round fat rolls that we can use for everything . They are not big enough for a sandwich but since we don’t eat regular bread, we’ve gotten out of the sandwich habit. Sometimes I roll the dough out flat with a rolling pin and cut it into shapes, but what it amounts to is having a little bite of a bread like substance that’s just right. .

  130. Kandra K.

    This bread mix is the best, it is the only bread product I eat. Great with added caraway seeds, makes it taste like rye bread!

  131. Rodney W.

    I love the bread, as it is the only bread that I have found that is totally gluten free. I love the taste and it is easy to make. I love to toast it and then add almond butter to it as a spread.

  132. Sue S.

    We have used the warrior bread as bread and rolls for holidays. My favorite use is for cinnamon rolls. This was one family favorite that we have not been able to duplicate since going gluten-free, but with warrior bread, we can now have cinnamon rolls for holidays. This is a new family favorite. I always order extra for my newly married daughters. Thanks !!!

  133. Janet J.

    Trustworthy from Dr. Osborne. I make it with 3 whole eggs and add a pinch of Himalayan salt. It tastes awesome. My son and I both eat this. He is also doing grain, dairy and sugar free for last 2 months and asks for the bread with some of his meals. I make muffin size individual breads, bake for 25 minutes and usually get 6 breads which I slice for eating. I usually have 2-3 thin slices. I have been grain, dairy sugar free for 20 months and this bread hits the spot without starting cravings up. I initially ordered 6 and my last order I placed for 15. We talked about trying this for pizza. Thank you for all you do Dr. Osborne.

  134. Jennifer P.

    We made this for the first time on Easter and the kids were so happy to have bread again!! It tasted wonderful!!

  135. James B.

    This is the best bread ever. It is a filler when you use it as a sandwich. I highly recommend this bread.

  136. James B.

    This is the bread I’ve been looking for. It fills me with just 2 slices.

  137. terri s.

    The Warrior GF Bread is super easy to make & you can add herbs &/or spices for different flavor profile.

  138. .

    The flavor and texture of this bread is so good. However…recently my bread looks beautiful coming out of the oven and then promptly deflates like a soufflé…it did not used to do this…any ideas? I have not changed anything in how I am making the bread

  139. Linda D.

    I have been gluten free for 7 years now and will not by gluten free packaged food. Dr Osborne’s Warrior bread helps when I need to quickly make some rolls or bread. I truly do not miss bread but it is nice to have a treat once in awhile, it id delicous and easy to make.

  140. Lori B.

    When I eat this bread ,I have no bloating or digestive issue.
    It seems to be a little too moist in the center when first baked ,and then it dries out when I store it in the refrigerator.
    It is very good toasted with butter and garlic salt.

  141. .

    Hi; Baked bread for the first time. Suggestion… to make both the top and bottom crisp, flip the bread over 3/4 way into baking time.
    STAFF PERSON: Psyllium husk, can that cause bloating of stomach? My stomach area got rock hard after eating two pieces. We did make delicious garlic bread, which I haven’t had in years. Thanks.

  142. Lisa K.

    Well, it does taste delicious, but it does not cook through. I live in AZ, 4000 feet above sea level. So, what should I do! My daughter had the same problem and she lives in Frisco, TX. and made dinner rolls. So, what should we do? Please help!!

  143. Margaret Anne S.

    We LOVE Warrior Bread!!!!
    It is unbelievably easy to make, it is unbelievably delicious and it always turns out perfectly!!!! We are astounded that we can make bread, buns, sub sandwich rolls and even pizza with this amazing product!!! It has truly elevated our healthy lifestyle to a whole new exciting level!!
    Thank you Dr Osborne and Gluten-free Society!!!!!

  144. Patricia H.

    It was easy to make. I made two short loaves. Taste pretty good but what surprised me my husband ate a couple slices.

  145. Patricia W.

    I didn’t think it was possible to have “BREAD” again, but it is! This mix is wonderful. I made hamburger buns out of it. It was so good I didn’t want to stop eating it. I made it with the egg whites and ACV. Next time I am going to make it with the chia seeds and see how that turns out. You won’t be disappointed with this.

  146. Phylene J J.

    It’s truly great to have a Safe bread replacement 😉

  147. Darlene G.

    This warrior bread is absolutely delicious! I made 2 banquettes with chia/flax (instead of eggs) and it is just delicious!

  148. .

    I am so excited to have a ready-mix of ABSOLUTELY-without-a-doubt gluten-free bread. And low carb too!! This is just so wonderful! I can’t wait to make it!

  149. Norman W.

    Warrior bread is the perfect blend of ingredients. Simple, flavorful and versatile. Very satisfied group of GF warriors here!

  150. Deborah K.

    I am supposed to eat gluten-free, but it’s hard to fine bread that’s any good. I did like the bread, the taste and texture. What I didn’t realize was that it has to go in the refrigerator. After a couple of days it was wet and mold had started on it.

  151. Michele B.

    I have been making fried dough balls with olive oil and a bit of cinnamon and monk fruit. It’s a good treat.

  152. Dianne B.

    My husband and I are both Gluten Sensitive, and new to the Warrior Bread. We both absolutely love it ! Have made the sandwich bread, and look forward to trying some
    other Warrior recipes. We will be continuing customers for a long time ! Thank you for a safe alternative to scary store breads. 😀

  153. Porsha H.

    This is the first gluten free bread that I’ve liked. This breads texture is wonderful and just like bakery baked breads. It’s not hard or crumbly.
    I have made a few loaves and plan to keep this mix in hand. I don’t usually like prepackaged good like this but I love the outcome and it’s super easy to make.
    You definitely taste the sweet potato and coconut but it’s not overwhelming.
    I wish it was a little less dense but otherwise it’s fantastic and meets my “bread needs”

  154. Sharon D.

    Love this bread mix for making GF hamburger buns and baguettes! I have not had or served at home a homemade GF/Paleo hamburger bun in over a decade, and this mix provided a delightful, pretty short prep and bake time for a delicious product. Go glad I found this wonderful product to add to my home-made Paleo loaf bread recipe!

  155. Jessica C.

    The best low carb/gluten free bread! Guilt free and perfect with some butter and salt!

  156. Deborah P.

    Warrior Bread mix has given me hope that staying gluten free is possible. I must have this in my pantry. Love the Honey Ginger Spice cookies

  157. Tracey C.

    After testing positive for both celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, we decided to try Warrior Bread Mix. This is the first truly gluten free bread mix that actually tastes good, has close texture to regular bread, and doesn’t disintegrate in your mouth as other so called gluten free breads do. It toasts up nicely too. Easy to make too!

  158. samantha w.

    Love this mix. Gluten free cooking is not easy and this is a much more convenient option than most of the recipes I’ve found. He has really streamlined the process with this product.

  159. .

    I have been gluten free for over 20 years and have tried many breads whether store bought or homemade. This mix is hands down the best bread I have ever had. The ingredients are all great too! It’s a total win-win. My search for tasty bread is over now that I found Warrior Bread.

  160. Michele L.

    I like this bread. I’m very new to being grain-free and haven’t tried others but if you cook it long enough and toast it before using it’s actually not very spongy at all. What I learned from baking this mix into a large loaf twice was to cover the top with parchment paper so I can safely cook it fully and not burn the top!

    This is great bread for what it’s worth. I hope the price doesn’t change though, I can’t see myself paying more for a loaf grain-free or not regardless of the quality, but I think it’s a compatible and comparable price to others out there.

  161. Fabiola R.

    My favorite bread mix! I also make tortillas with it. They are very good! Thank you for making this great product!

  162. Connie B.

    I absolutely am delighted I tried this mix. I used to love chicken and dumplings and ever since I quit gluten I haven’t made anything that tastes as close to my old dumplings as this mix using the recipe on the website. Thank you!!!

  163. June H.

    Warrior Bread is the best tasting with consistent reliable results that I’ve ever found. It is superior to every other grain free product as well as recipe on the Internet.

  164. Emily G.

    My new favorite GF, lower carb bread mix! Easy to make, great texture and flavor, and also love that their is an egg free recipe provided.

  165. .

    This is the absolute best bread and it doesn’t raise my blood sugar (I’m a type 1 diabetic). I make 1-2 loafs per week and I can’t be without it. Thanks for making such a great product.

  166. .

    Have made several recipes and they are always so easy to create and taste amazing!!!

  167. Allisha W.

    This bread is delicious! I’m so glad I can enjoy bread again. I also used it to make the chicken and dumplings recipe and it was tasty!

  168. Linda P.

    I used to bake my own wheat bread but started baking a gluten-free recipe from scratch. It was okay but Warrior Bread is the best. The texture is close to my sourdough bread and the taste is great. I love making the cinnamon buns too!

  169. Diane o.

    You can’t ever stop selling Warrior bread! For me, being grain free meant being very constipated . After trying Warrior bread, for the first time in over 10 years I am not constipated! No supplement, fiber, water consumption, diet, or anything else has ever helped. Warrior hread has made me feel so much better. Even my chronic pain is so much better! And I was very surprised that the bread even tastes good!

  170. Doe B.

    I am so grateful to be able to eat some bread. I make buns with it to make my hamburgers & it tastes great. Thank you for this invention.

  171. .

    Very happy with this bread. I will add some dried rosemary next time. Can’t wait to make it again. You really can slice this bread pretty thinly.

  172. .

    Love the taste but it is flatter than I thought,great with dip.

  173. Dena M.

    I am so grateful for this gluten free bread mix!! So useful in many recipes

  174. Amy (Elizabeth) R.

    I am enjoying eating this bread and knowing that I am not harming my body with gluten.

  175. Sofia B.

    I buy this mix for several years. I enjoy it a lot. Sometimes I would add sesame seeds (black or white). It is very delicious, soft, and works well for my gluten-free body. I eat it intermittently with buckwheat bread.

  176. .

    I baked it in a loaf pan. Guess I should not have. It was flat and did not get done all the way through. It was heavy. Not crazy about the the taste. Not a celiac, just wheat intolerant, so I will eat bread sparingly.

  177. .

    I made dinner rolls for Christmas and loved them!! The leftover rolls stayed nice and moist in a plastic bag (I will use glass next time). I am going to gift this mix to others! Looking forward to making crackers out of it!!

  178. Matthew D.

    It’s among the better tasting bread alternatives I’ve tried – pretty straightforward to make, slices thin, and keeps well. I did give me a fair amount of bloating, though. I didn’t expect that given the ingredients list (I don’t typically have this problem from other alternative breads, including my own almond flour-based recipe). It’s OK for a treat every once in a while, but not a staple for me.

  179. Vo N.

    Great gluten free product. I have been making breads for my vacation trips

  180. Terry G.

    Well it’s the next best think to my boyfriends homemade sour dough. I am still a work in progress trying to stick to complete grain free, especially during the holidays. But not giving up. Love my vegetables and meat! I’m addicted to Dr. Osborne’s podcast. Functional medicine to me is common sense now! Not giving up! Want to feel better!

  181. Jessica L.

    This bread mix is so delicious and versatile. I used it to make so many different types of baked goods. My family and friends keep buying it and enjoy it through the years since it was first introduced to us. Many thanks to Dr. Osborne for formulating this amazing true gluten free bread mix.

  182. KATHLEEN H.

    I went grain-free in early 2021. While not wanting to hassle with making “substitutions” for bread & crackers with questionable ingredients, I went without. It definitely presented a challenge. There are times such as while traveling, that being grain-free can be bothersome. Warrior Bread changed that: mini-sandwiches travel well & allow for a better variety of healthy/tasty food choices. In any case, I tried the Warrior Bread & was pleasantly surprised at the flavour, texture & overall quality. I have incorporated various spices & herbs into the mix with excellent results. It makes a great flatbread as well as rolls & baguettes. I changed the recipe with great results: using 5 whole eggs instead of 6 egg whites, Macadamia milk instead of water. Adding Cinnamon or Cardamon provides an interesting flavour. Try it — I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  183. Doe B.

    This is the only bread I can eat so I am so grateful you have created Warrior Bread. I make hamburger buns, Baguettes’ & sliced bread which allows me a variety of pleasures. Thank you Dr. Osborn.

  184. KATHLEEN H.

    Gifting Warrior Bread for the New Year was a great way to gently nudge the hesitant towards trying something that would help them minimize & eliminate grains.
    It is an amazingly simple product to make that fills a void in the bread category for those who cannot consume grains. There are so many ways to prepare this as a healthier & tastier bread alternative. I’ve had nothing but positive remarks, particularly in regards to quality of end product & its culinary versatility: it works well with a wide variety of spices / herbs.

  185. DENISE S.

    This bread is awesome and if you choose to make hot dog buns – all I did was cut them from my bread loaf and they made perfect ones for the Superbowl party for myself & daughter in law… I used the ends and cut wider than I do for a piece a bread(about double the size) & then cut them to open up as a hot dog bun does !!! I knew it would work, but just hadn’t tried it yet. I make this bread loaf with flax seed most of the time.

  186. Aida R.

    I have been using the bread mix for a few months (almost a year). I like the taste and consistency. I just recently tried it using the whole eggs and the bread came out even better, plus breaking it into small hamburger size bread it’s better than making 1 big loaf.

  187. Diana W.

    Love having bread that’s delicious and safe to eat. I made it with egg whites initially until I found out I have an acquired allergy to egg whites! Now I use a combination of flax and chia seeds even though I think it’s ok for me to eat egg whites now. Seems using the seeds is easier than separating egg whites, and I don’t notice a difference taste wise. Thanks Doc for making this available for all of us!

  188. Christine L.

    This bread is amazing! I actually make loaves of cinnamon raisin bread with it and wow! I add two tablespoons of cinnamon, two tablespoons of raw honey, and a couple of handfuls of raisins and wow! I bake for 45 minutes then I cover it (it gets too dark otherwise) and bake 20 more minutes.

  189. Janet P.

    Only Bread I can eat, tastes great! I’m no ordering on monthly subscription!!

  190. Scott R.

    I really enjoy making toast in the mornings with the Warrior Bread. I also enjoy making the waffles with the Warrior Bread.

  191. .

    I enjoy the ease of making this bread mix. It is quite tasty. I have made the full loaf and the baguettes. I really appreciate that it uses sweet potato flour because my body seems to react to nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, etc.)

  192. Deborah A.

    A very nice Gluten/Grain-Free bread. Easy to mix and bake. Nice flavor, smooth texture.

  193. .

    I have been grain free for at least 8 years. This bread is delicious! I tried making a large loaf the first time and it didn’t cook through all the way. I was having oven issues, so I’m not sure if that was the problem. But now I make 2 smaller loaves because my husband likes it with nuts and cinnamon raisins inside and I like it with walnuts and dried cherries. I also sprinkle sunflower seeds and bagel seasoning on the top just before baking to give it more flavor. We toast it dark and it is super tasty as a breakfast toast with jam or Violife cream cheese. I am extremely grateful to have this bread option in my diet!

  194. .

    Two years ago my husband was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Given his new meal restrictions, I felt it was near to impossible to find a bread that could fit into his daily routine however, this is it! Gluten free, grain free, dairy free, gum free! It exceeded our expectations and will continue to be a staple in our house.

  195. Dganit Z.

    Absolutely delicious and easy to make!

  196. Kellie M.

    We really depend on this bread. It is the best gluten free bread we have found. We have been using it for years now. My husband will use a rolling pin to roll the dough out to about 1/4 of an inch thick. He sprays the countertop with coconut oil and uses wax paper on top of the dough to roll it out. Pulls the wax paper off. Then using a big 4” square cookie cutter, he cuts the pieces out and place it on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Oven set to 400 degrees, bakes for 20 minutes. Let’s cool completely and then slices them in half. One package Makes 11 perfect size soft crust sandwiches. Just a beautiful process. He loves a good sandwich.
    We use a salad dressing that is compatible with his diet, chicken or turkey, sliced jicama, pickles, baby spinach, red leaf lettuce, butter lettuce, sprouts, romaine, diced fresh parsley and sprinkle it all down with some garlic powder, onion powder, pepper and Celtic salt, all organic. Now that’s a sandwich!
    I have friends and family rave about them.
    For the Vegan members leave out the chicken or turkey and add thinly sliced red onions and a good plant based cheese. I wrap them in wax paper to help hold them or slice them in half, diagonally.
    Maybe we should do a picture and recipe. 🤔

  197. Maria L.

    This bread is good and I’m happy to be able to eat bread again .

  198. James B.

    This bread is the best. It is absolutely filling.

  199. Mary T.

    This is a really great diversified gluten free bread product. Made the Warrior Lemon Bars and they were very tasty. Look forward to making other items with this bread mix. Wish we could purchase this in stores.

  200. Elaine K.

    Warrior Bread is a great find! It certainly stands up to all its claims. I appreciate the bread’s simple, short, and grain-free ingredient list, making bread-eating worry-free for those of us who are grain-sensitive. I particularly appreciate its consistency and texture. So many GF breads are dry and crumbly. Well done, Dr. Osborne and team!

  201. .

    Wonderful bread mix. Tasty and easy to make.

  202. .

    It was suggested that I use a grain free bread to help the neuropathy in my feet. I found the bread easy to make, tasty and the right substitute for the comfort foods that are impossible to make without bread. I also love that it does not use potato flour as I am sensitive to nightshades.

  203. Patricia K.

    I love this bread, It makes a beautiful loaf.
    I now enjoy sandwiches and toast, amazing.
    I use the entire egg, thankfully I can eat eggs.
    I use organic balsamic vinegar in place of the apple cider vinegar, I also grind fresh rosemary and add. I sprinkle the top of the loaf with the spice “everything bagel” before baking.
    I follow the directions though I just mix it well with my spatula, let it sit for a minute and then form it into a nice round loaf, again using my spatula, I never handle or touch the dough with my hands. Bakes beautifully in a round cake pan lined with parchment paper. Yummy!! Toasts very nice in a toaster oven

  204. Norma Jean P.

    I have been gluten Free (not grain free/yet) for many years now. I have gone through all the growing pains the industry has experienced in regards to very nasty and flavorless products to dry and grainy products that you would never buy a second time. I made my first Warrior Bread Garlic Bread last night and let me tell you…… AMAZING. This bread is so dense and soft, with amazing flavor. I was shocked as was my wife, whom is not gluten free but loves the fact that this bread is low carb as well. Incredible to be honest. In my opinion. Its a for sure buy…….

  205. Marsha S.

    Love this bread

  206. .

    We really enjoy this bread. I think we have ordered about 25 mixes now. The recipe for garlic toast is incredible. The bread is moist, tasty and we use it as a staple. We keep trying to find new recipes that use egg yolks though. Lol

  207. Katie K.

    I love this bread! I recommend it to my patients who are initially beginning a gluten free and/or paleo-template diet!

  208. Stephanie N.

    This bread was amazingly delicious. I even got the thumbs up from my adult kids who prefer to eat “real bread” full of gluten. I am really excited to try it as a coating on air fried chicken and in my meatball recipe as a replacement for gluten filled bread crumbs. Thank you Dr OS!!! I love being on this journey of creating my own better health.

  209. Jerry L.

    My family enjoys the bread. It’s great to have a gluten free product available.

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