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Ultra Q

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Ultra Q was designed to support the healthy management of inflammation while also supporting natural cell repair. Unlike standard anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Advil and ibuprofen, Ultra Q does not come with the side effects of gut and liver damage.

The quercetin dihydrate in Ultra Q is the most absorbable and bioavailable form of quercetin available. One of the unique research proven properties of Quercetin is that it acts as a zinc ionophore. That means that it helps push zinc into cells where it can inhibit viral replication. Along with quercetin, Ultra Q contains the potent antioxidants from pomegranate and OPC. These ingredients act synergistically to support immune function, histamine release, and recovery from exercise.

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14 reviews for Ultra Q

  1. Janet S Jacobson

    I have a slight case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I gave up using any drugs for it 5 years ago and started using food for my healing eliminating gluten, sugar, dairy, less amount of meat, no GMO’s. I also have your book No Grain, No Pain. This has helped a great deal, but was still getting swollen painful knuckles on my hands in the morning and some pain in my shoulders. I started taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C along with 400 mg of gluten free Magnesium Glycinate. This has helped eliminate the leg cramping I was getting during the night. After reading your information on Ultra Q, I decided to get that as well, but haven’t added it to my regimen yet. Your inquiry has reminded me to start using it and hopefully it will also help. I would be glad to let you know after a few weeks.

  2. Charmaine Marshall

    I am not sure how this is supposed to work, I do know it is a steroid bridge when combined with Vitamin C, I am still taking this supplement but it has not yet kicked in to bring me the relief I was expecting. I like the fact that there are no hidden allergens in this product, and I will not be reacting to something I am not aware of.

  3. Joyce

    After seeing a summit with one of Dr. Osborne’s lectures, I thought I would try this supplement to see if it would help my joint pain. It has definitely helped. The swelling in my wrist is almost completely gone after only using this for a week. Definitely will be keeping this in my supplement cabinet!

  4. jill

    If no grain then what is the insoluble fiber for immune system support? Im struggling with so many challenges and on my own with disabilities. Is the keto diet thing ok? everything is so expensive and now this stay home thing I need ashwaghanda and getting to the store, omg… I’m stressed and need to mind money even closer than before. cortisol is awful!

  5. Craig Poston

    Left knee would buckle and click… click would be painful. No pain when resting unless knee moved. Within 2 weeks noticed improvement.. less buckling and less pain when it would click. 4 weeks out starting to forget knee problem… does not buckle and when it clicks it is more like a bruise being hit than pain.
    Took 2 per day and Vit C first 2 weeks. Now taking 3 and Vit C.

  6. Valerie Bielmeier

    I trust Dr. Osborne’s and when I saw 1,000 mg in his Ultra Q I immediately bought and ended my long search. very happy with it and taking it along with my Vitamin C

  7. Bj

    I bought this product hoping it would help with the inflammation in my hands due to arthritis. So far there has not been any change in the inflammation but I don’t know how long you have to take it before you see results.

  8. Ken

    Wonderful product with no fillers.

  9. Lucy D

    I have had stomach ulcers for over 18 years and have to depend on antiacid medication. Now I am taking Quercetin, so far I have not had a need to take medication, but I am also drinking the bone soup, aloe vera juice and taking L-Glutamine. I am sure all of them have helped me for it.

  10. Tracy Cowan

    I only gave 4 stars because I haven’t taken the supplement long enough to know if it has done anything for me

  11. Linda Surley

    In addition to the other benefits to Ultra Q, I have experienced less allergic symptoms since I started taking it about a month ago, especially at night with much less post nasal drip. I also seem to have more energy and have only taken one daily. I have had no side effects and will start taking 2 a day. I have had an odd reaction for some time after eating almost everything, a lot of white, thick phlegm for several minutes or mote that I have to spit it into the sink. I have no other obvious reaction to the food. My hope that increasing the Ultra Q will help with this. Overall, I feel that Ultra Q has positively impacted my well being and energy and has helped with allergic type reactions. Happy with bit.

  12. Grace

    I have vasculitis so I ordered this. The next time I have money I will order this again ❤️

  13. Warren Davis

    i hurt my knee running. And i have been taking Ultra Q for about a week and it appears to calm down the inflamation and the knee pain has almost disappeared. I approve of this product

  14. Kristi

    I started taking quercetin to help with collagen absorption as well as a general antioxidant and immune support. This brand is nice with no additives. Happy so far.

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