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Ultra D3 – Gluten Free Vitamin D

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One of the Most Common Nutritional Deficiencies in the U.S., Vitamin D Deficiency Can Reduce Your Immune Function, Cause Muscle Pain, Heart Disease, Cancer, & More

For those with gluten issues, vitamin D deficiency can exacerbate and contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases. Unlike other vitamins, the majority of Vitamin D is not acquired from eating adequate food. Most of our vitamin D comes directly from sunshine. The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the US is largely a result of the following:

  • people working indoors
  • avoiding sunshine out of fear of skin cancer
  • living in northern climates (see map)
  • overuse of sunscreen

Those at risk for vitamin D deficiency include:

  • The elderly
  • Those who live in northern latitudes (see map)
  • Dark skinned individuals
  • Those who avoid sun exposure
  • Those who use sunscreen (SPF >8 inhibits vitamin D synthesis by the skin. This includes the use of cosmetics and lotions that contain SPF ingredients)
  • Those who work indoors
  • Individuals who wear long clothing such as robes or head protection
  • Breast fed infants whose mothers are vitamin D deficient
  • People who are obese
  • Those who have had gastric bypass and gall bladder surgery
  • Those with inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance
  • Those who take cholesterol medications
  • Those who take steroid medications
  • Chronic antibiotic use

What are the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency?

  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor immune function (susceptibility to infection)
  • Eczema (skin rash)
  • Acne
  • Chronic infections (sinus)
  • Poor growth in children
  • Bowing of the legs (in children – AKA rickets)

Additionally, our gluten free vitamin D helps regulate a number of vital body functions. Deficiency has been linked to bone loss, muscle atrophy, autoimmune disease, multiple forms of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. The diagram below illustrates many of these functions.


From: Holick, Michael. Am J Clin Nutr 2004;79:362–71.

Are you at risk?

  • New research on vitamin D shows that the average person needs between 2,000 and 6,000 IU of vitamin D per day! Many nutritionists recommend large amounts of dairy as a source of vitamin D. Unfortunately, trying to get your vitamin D by eating dairy is the equivalent of trying to spit out a forest fire! Protect yourself by getting adequate sunshine daily. Have your doctor measure your 25 OH D levels (vitamin D blood test) to assess you for deficiency.

    Below is a high dose vitamin D3 gluten free supplement protocol than can be used to support immune function.

Support Your Immunity Naturally

Gluten Free Vitamin D Therapy Protocol

The following protocol can be used to support the immune system during cold and flu season. You should consider seeing your doctor to have your 25 OH D levels (a simple blood test) measured as well.

This therapy has been used for years by doctors for many years and is very safe. However; it is contraindicated in people with kidney disease, sarcoidosis, or high blood calcium levels. If you have a kidney disease or abnormally high blood calcium, you should contact your doctor before attempting this therapy. You should also not perform this therapy more than 3 times per year without consulting your doctor.

How Much Gluten Free Vitamin D Should You Take?

For Adults That Weigh 150 Pounds or More

Take 150,000 IU/day for the first 3 days.
100,000 IU/day for the next 3 days.

For Adults Under 150 Pounds and for Children

Start with 1,000 IU of vitamin D per pound of body weight for three days.
Afterward reduce by half for three days.

For example: A 100 pound person would take 2 (50,000 IU) capsules for three days followed by 1 (50,000 IU) capsule for three days.

For Infants (0-1 year of age)

Infants should not need to supplement with vitamin D provided they are being breast fed. The mother should perform the vitamin D therapy to enhance the vitamin D content of her breast milk. If the infant is being formula fed, he/she should receive 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily for maintenance. High dose vitamin D therapy is not recommended for infants.

Ultra D3 is concentrated gluten free vitamin D supplement. 50,000 IU per cap (15 caps in a bottle.)


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25 reviews for Ultra D3 – Gluten Free Vitamin D

  1. .

    I have been using this product for several years per Dr. Osborne’s recommendation, and I can say that both of my daughters, my husband, and I have been able to stay flu free since. I keep several bottles in my pantry for back up. Ultra D3 works every time!

  2. Jessica C.

    Dr. Osborne recommended that my family and I do this at the beginning of the school year and again in December. My husband is a teacher with an autoimmune disease and we have a child in preschool. We all did this for the first time last year and it really worked. No one got the flu and if one of us did get a cold it seemed to be the mild version, where as everyone else around us was getting full on sick. Having the larger dose in one pill is also really helpful.

  3. Lisa Z.

    I am so happy I found a D3 vitamin that is free of fillers and other potential allergens. I can feel confident that I can take this vitamin without any worries of reaction. I take this once a week and no longer feel tired due to lack of sunlight during these gloomy fall and upcoming winter months. Definitely recommend this vitamin.

  4. .

    I think this product is excellent. I have been using it now for I think around 2 yrs. Would highly recommend.

  5. Lisa Z.

    I would definitely recommend these vitamins. It is good to know that there are no hidden ingredients in these vitamins that could make me sick. I have enough to worry about with my daily eating routine. Just recently went for my yearly physical and my vitamin D levels are top notch along with all the rest if my blood work. I am very glad I found the gluten free society to bring me back to better health. The journey continues…..

  6. Lourdes M.

    Great product Ifor the first time in my life I did not get sick li recommend this to my family

  7. Dwayne P.

    Need high dose vitamin D3 to maintain levels through winter. Have MS.

  8. Lourdes A.

    Excellent product. I suffer from multiple allergies and food sensitivity and inflammation. I just started taking this product.

  9. .

    This product is excellent! This is the only D3 that I found that is truly gluten free and that has worked at getting my levels up where I need them. I also followed the immunity protocol as I never get the flu shot and it worked!

  10. .

    Taking high dosage Vitamin D3 helps me maintain my vitality and cheerfulness throughout the long fall and winter months. If you are in search of similar assistance, try Gluten Free Society’s Vitamin D3 for a great pick me up. You’ll be happy you did.

  11. Loretta E.

    Convenient to get the high dose vitamin D in a small quantity to be used for a short time.

  12. Argentina M.

    Tested low in Vitamin D & find this to be the best!

  13. Theresa s.

    We purchased this to be proactive and stay healthy during this epidemic. We use many of Dr. Osborne’s products and feel great. One time I even accidentally hit the submission button 2times. They reached out to me before sending the duplicate order to make sure I wanted 2 of the same order. The customer service is amazing to me. I refer these products and Dr. Osborne book to my friends and family. In fact. It was one of my friends who introduced me to Dr. Osborne.

  14. .

    I love how I only have to take one a week to get a high dose of vitamin D3 for protection against viruses.

  15. Jennifer H.

    Important during winter months, feel a difference in immune system.

  16. Michele B.

    I majorly needed this high potency dose of D. Worked great to lift my mood and help with absorption.

  17. Brenda M.

    My vitamin D was low on yearly bloodwork until i started using this supplement. Now all has been good for the last 4 years. So easy…I take one pill every Sunday (once a week).

  18. Ceciley F.

    My vitamin D level was a 33 and it am hoping to bring it up to around 50. I will be following the protocol 3-4 times a year. I’m glad to do that over having to take it every day to bring levels up.

  19. Christine R.

    The price was right and the high dose is what I need to raise my chronically low Vitamin D levels. I just started using the product so I will update how I feel in the next few weeks.

  20. Gail L.

    This vitamin D3 is the best I have ever used. My vitamin D levels are always between 70 and 100 and being able to just take it one day a week is amazing. Also, the price is great for the dosage that you get in this one little capsule. As always I can rely on the quality of the product and no gluten.

  21. Quieta B.

    These are great products! It’s wonderful to find totally gluten free products

  22. Corrina D.

    Only been taking for about 3 weeks for the vitamin D once a week as recommended. Not feeling any different yet. The gluten shield been taking for about 3 weeks with food and so far seems to be helping with the tummy issues. Will continue

  23. Yong F.

    Switched all my previeous suplements to Dr. Osborne’s with total confidence. The most important thing was to me is the purity of the suplements. I no longer need of concern. I am happy that I feel my energy that is encreasing each day. Thank you Dr. Osborne!

  24. .

    It was suggested to take more Vitamin D for my arthritis. Happy when I found such a concentration formula that was gluten free. I can say it has made a difference in only a week. Pain no longer waking me up at night.

  25. Elizabeth C.

    Great product, my D is already at 70, I have taken it fir 6 months maybe. Great help for so many autoimmune illnesses, and for awhile I lived in West Virginia, no sun!!! Thank you so much fir your commitment to clean products!

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