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Detox C Powder – Gluten Free Vitamin C

(123 customer reviews)

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Detox C – Premium Corn-Free Vitamin C

Adrenal fatigue, reduced immune function, and increased inflammation are just a few of the side effects caused by a lack of vitamin C. And according to research, this crucial nutrient may play a major role in the repair and recovery process of those with gluten sensitivity.

The scientific literature has confirmed vitamin C’s key role in:

  1. Immune system function
  2. Collagen repair and formation
  3. Joint function
  4. Energy production
  5. Antioxidant protection and function
  6. Detoxification, and more


The vast majority of vitamin C supplements are derived from toxic GMO corn. That’s why I formulated Detox C. This unique formula is pH-balanced and completely grain free! 

Some of its unique features include:

  1. Fully reduced to preserve its integrity – Produced under a nitrogen blanket ensuring that you get a vitamin C supplement that is not oxidized.
  2. Buffered with minerals to prevent acidity or upset stomach.
  3. Designed in both tablet and powder form to suit your preference.


Key Ingredient Blend includes:

  • Vitamin C (as 100% l-ascorbates, fully reduced and buffered)
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc

123 reviews for Detox C Powder – Gluten Free Vitamin C

  1. Virginia

    Really enjoy this C! I use it mostly for treating my Lyme Disease, to keep me regular, detox more efficiently, and for allergy relief. So hard to find a Vitamin C, that doesn’t contain any corn any other form of gluten.

  2. Amber

    I love this product and it has helped me in so many ways. It helped me to overcome inflammation and IBS and was a key factor in the healing of my Lyme disease. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  3. Karen

    I love this vitamin C! The best I have used & see the detox working. Thank you for the great product!

  4. Lois

    Amazing product!! I love knowing it is Gluten Free and safe for me to use! It has helped me with my immune system and so much more!! I highly recommend this product!

  5. Susan

    Vitamin C helps prevent so many illnesses. I got this gluten-free variety to assist me with getting gluten out of my body. When I happen to eat some gluten by accident this helps with moving it through my system by taking 1/2 tsp. in a glass of water every 15 minutes until I have a bowel movement. This is a very good supplement to have on hand. I also take it daily to stay healthy.

  6. Ronald Robinson

    We take two teaspoons daily to help prevent the flu. Also it has improved our dental health by tightening our gums. We are very gluten sensitive and were very glad to find a product that we can trust to be gluten free–not just “gluten free”, but free of all gluten.


    I continually read and watch webinars on the importance of Vitamin C in maintaining good health and skin. Supplementing with this seemed to be a no brainer. I previously would get multiple colds a winter, each lasting 2 weeks. Since supplementing with a teaspoon daily, in addition to my green drink and other supplements, I haven’t been getting sick, even while being surrounded by dozens of people with cold, flu, and stomach viruses around me. This past winter I had no illness; only a brief stuffy nose that required no over the counter medicine. Affordable. Light, sweet taste. Very satisfied.

  8. Pam Mitchell

    Dr. Osborne’s Detox Vitamin C is a must for everyone. I never got sick during the flu season when everyone in my office was sick, I stayed healthy I don’t take the flu shot). If I feel a possible cold coming on, I take it twice a day and within two days I feel great. It keeps my immune system healthy. I highly recommend it.

  9. Connie

    This is very good vit c. Doesn’t hurt my stomach and tastes fine.

  10. Karen Walthall

    Dr. Osborne’s Detox Vitamin C powder is the first and only vitamin C supplement that my body can tolerate. I am convinced it is because other vitamin C powders that I use contain some form of gluten. Thank you for making gluten-free supplements!

  11. daniel

    i have found it very good for muscle pain and joint pain

  12. Angie

    Love this simple and clean supplement. I looked everywhere for a clean Vit C & couldn’t find anything. Great immunity supplement.

  13. Angelica

    My daughter and I take this for immune health every day. Love it! All of other Vit C supplements have so many preservatives or additives.

  14. Debbie

    Great product. I don’t get negative reactions when taking it like other brands.

  15. Edit Marton

    Gluten Free Society’s supplements are very powerfull and impove your health. My cousins tried too and they also feel the power of this detox C.

  16. Julie

    This product is great. 1,000mg in 1/2 teaspoon is all you need. I am using it for post-surgery healing, so I want to get all the Vitamin C I can into my body. Tastes like Vitamin C.

  17. Ora Lee Peters

    I take 2 teaspoons a day to be sure I am getting the amount of Vitamin C my body needs to improve my immune system and heart health. It helps to keep me from getting colds and infections. I also use it to detox my body every 3 months.

  18. Lisa

    I wanted to give the vitamin C flush a try. It definitely works

  19. Tammy Brinker

    The Detox C Gluten Free is the BEST Vitamin C I’ve ever used. I need more Vitamin C in my diet to help with bruising and inflammation. I bought this product from Dr. Osborne because I trust him and know the product will be effective and truly gluten free. It is working, the existing bruises are gone and no more have occurred. I have not had any negative side effects from this product. Thank you Dr. Osborne and Bless you for taking such good care of all of us seeking your help!

  20. Deah

    Is this product dairy, soy, and corn free? Also, I read in the comments that it is derived from potatoes. Is that true? I also generally stay away from white potatoes because they seem to give me body pain. Thank you for your help!

  21. Celia

    Great product. I like how it doesn’t have fillers, comes from a good source and in powder form so I regulate dosage myself, and make my water tast yummy.. I also use a high dose when I’ve been exposed to gluten to help detox.

  22. Angie

    Ever since we started taking find supplement, we’ve had less sinus issues.

  23. Marcia

    It’s a clean pure source of true Vitamin C. One of the ones available.

  24. Karen

    I am so pleased with this vitamin C powder. We use it for our whole family. So glad to have found a gluten free, corn cream, additive free formula!

  25. Josh

    This supplement is worth its weight in gold & haven’t found a product that compares. It tremendously helps the general health of my body daily.

  26. Brigitte Chudnow

    The best vitamin C on the market. I get it for the whole family. Clean ingredients and it’s not made not from corn! Another thumbs up!

  27. Connie

    So I tried another brand and just wasn’t happy with how I felt with it. So I ordered this. It is awesome and keeps me regular. I know it is safe and not made from corn.

  28. Jen

    Works great for ascorbate flush and relieving constipation.

  29. Allison

    I have GERD and LPR (throat reflux). I was looking for a powdered vitamin C that won’t irritate my throat or stomach. I think this is OK.

  30. Tracey Robar

    This has been the best detox I have every used and continue to use. I have never felt better after a cleanse and the vitamin C has been a great boost to my life. I would and do highly recommend to anyone.

  31. Linda

    It’s pure C! I like that I can trust the supplements being gluten free and corn free.

  32. Nicole

    Easily consumed even on empty stomach while fasting. Love to know its completely grain free!

  33. Donna

    It is so important to have a Vitamin C powder I can trust to be completely corn-free (as well as free from any other grain contamination), and I love this product. It is a great source of easy to absorb vitamin C, good for immunity and gut health. The powder stores well, and is easy to dissolve and drink. This was an essential part of my protocol to heal my gut, and an easy way to make sure I’m getting plenty of vitamin C in my diet.

  34. Ed

    I wanted to be able to take various amounts of vitamin C when i wanted to, so i was looking for a powder. I wanted to be assured that there were no other added ingredients “adulteration” to the product (China!), and was happy to find yours was also made in the US. This vitamin C has a pleasant taste, and it dissolves quite easily in a little water. Thank you so much for making the effort to produce a quality product that i can have confidence in. I have used a couple of bottles and can not find anything wrong or different that i would prefer.

  35. Karen Nelson

    Glad to know I’m using a quality product.

  36. Maile M Espinda

    I love this product. It dissolves quickly and is super easy to take. I love that I have one place now that I can purchase products that I know are safe for me to use as I have celiac disease.

  37. Ian D Smith

    Love this vitamin C, will definitely buy again and the fact that it does not contain any corn makes this product so unique and hArd to find!!

  38. Deborah

    Easy way to get your Vitamin C… just mix with water and drink…. It is a good size container so it will last a long time… Happy about that because it is a bit expensive but you will get a lot for your money…

  39. charmaine marshall

    I love this vitamin c, so glad there is no grain and no gluten in this. It is very easy to dissolve and digest. Thank you.

  40. Debra Foster

    Finally, a vitamin C powder that is corn-free. The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to brace yourself before taking it like so many other vitamin C powders. This powder actually has a neutral taste and blends very well with water, juice or even iced tea. I used to dread taking vitamin C powder before I found Dr. Osborne’s product but now I look forward to taking a daily dose of goodness. Thank you Dr. Osborne! Love it!

  41. Emily

    Detox C is easy to use and very effective. I can definitely see an improvement in my health when I’m using it and can also tell its helped
    me avoid catching bugs that are going around and fending off sickness that I can feel creeping up. When it does, I up my C and it works for me : )
    Its also nice for those who don’t like, or have difficulty swallowing pills

  42. Jeff Cochran

    Love this product, flavor is very good. I will continue to buy this.

  43. Tania

    I followed the directions on how to detox with vitamin C and it was right on!

  44. Jan Reaver

    Love that this is gluten free and corn free. I add it to smoothies!

  45. Tammy Brinker

    The Detox C powder is great to avoid swallowing more capsules and tastes very good and refreshing to me which is another plus. I take Vitamin C for an autoimmune disorder and inflammation and chose Dr. Osborne’s because I trust him!

  46. tamara watt

    Best Quality i have ever used. Infact, i struggle with adrenal issues (agressive) and i noticed an increase of energy and immune protection over the first few days! Hands down, the best on the market available. Thank you Dr. Osborne!

  47. Jennifer Pellicone

    Taking this powder is so much easier than taking pills! I love the few deep, relaxing breaths I get to take while the effervescence subsides!

  48. Dave Taberner

    Great quality and the powder form makes it easy to use.

  49. Rick

    Used it for a detox flush. Worked great.

  50. Tracey Thomas

    Helped me to reset after the holidays!

  51. Kate

    This powder is gluten free and is in powder form so I can take as much or as little as I want. It does not upset my stomach.

  52. Orokia

    Detox C is great product, I have seen the difference in my health in just 2 days after I started using it, I will keep purchase it, big thumbs up for Gluten free society.

  53. Lisa

    My husband, Tom found Dr. Osborne’s videos on You Tube back in Dec 2019 while searching for answers to help his pain. Tom was recently diagnosed with an unclassified auto-Immune disease and has been suffering with terrible joint & muscle pain. We ordered “No Grain, No Pain” right away and started the dietary changes together. As we learned more from Dr. Osborne’s insightful, educational videos, we realized that most of the supplements we had were not high quality (despite the high prices), and were from sources of grain. We had been using Thorne brand buffered Vitamin C Powder, and when I started to look into the source, I couldn’t find it. I called Thorne and learned that their brand was made from (you guessed it), corn! Now we have Dr. Osborne’s recommended Wellness Formulas Vitamin C, and we have true peace of mind knowing our bodies aren’t getting undisclosed ingredients. We have been very pleased with this product and we trust Dr. Osborne’s advice and wisdom. How thankful we are that he shares his knowledge to any who want to learn. My husband’s pain has decreased considerably since starting Dr. Osborne’s dietary protocol and just adding a few supplements.

  54. Linda Gradwohl

    I was looking for a vitamin c powder because I was trying to find more supplements that I could take in liquid form or add to water. I don’t really like swallowing pills. I caught a cold a couple days before the product arrived. I started taking it right away and I do feel that it shortened the duration. I love this high quality detox c and I will definitely purchase it again.

  55. Karen

    I have been using this Vitamin C powder for the past few months. I like that I can add it to smoothies or simply mix it in a glass of water, easy and excellent way to up your Vitamin C levels and liquid intake throughout the day. I will continue taking this premier supplement.

  56. Cyndi

    I have tried other Vitamin C powders to detox.
    Did not work as well as this one and it’s gluten-free!

  57. Pam

    This product is a life saver. It helps to keep my immune system healthy during the winter months, especially during the flu season. Although, I use it all year round. I highly recommend this product to stay healthy.

  58. BJ

    I bought this to do a detox flush. Dissolves quickly and easily. Love that it is not derived from corn. Works very well. Will buy again.

  59. Joyce C Wallace

    This is such a great Vitamin C and mineral supplement. Pleasing to take as it comes in a powder to mix with 2oz of water sort of like an Alka Selzer. Down the hatch. Also for my elderly parents that have difficulty swallowing pills, this is a nice change.

  60. Navageco

    Use sporadically but great boost can feel it!

  61. Manar Jaradat

    Is vitamin c detox tablets has the same effect as the powder??

  62. Diane Giammarino

    I am an RD and am very particular about my supplements. I don’t buy from the local drug store. I was looking for a good quality, gluten free product with no additives. This is a very high quality supplement that I highly recommend.

  63. Susan Perry

    I trust Dr. Osborne, so I trust his products. Being a powder and mixing it with water seems like a great way to be absorbed and be effective in the body.

  64. Julie V

    This is my absolute go-to when I have the slightest feeling of anything “coming on”. I feel it working literally within 5 minutes, almost like a mini-rush within my system. I am also using this daily during this “virus season” to keep my immune up. Absolutely love this product and am thankful to know about it.


    This buffered C product is excellent in all respects. Dissolves instantly, taste is not unpleasant, no gastric or intestinal discomfort. I believe it greatly aided my expeditious recovery from recent dental work. Very pleased. Thank you Dr. Osborne for designing this effective product.

  66. V. Allen

    This is the first vitamin C that I’ve been able to take at higher doses without irritating my stomach. I’m ordering my 3’rd bottle. Works great!

  67. Jeff Cochran

    My family loves this product

  68. Ken

    A wonderful product that is very beneficial to the immune system and so easy to consume…much easier than capsules or tablets since it is in powder form and mixes readily with water!

  69. Socorro Ortiz

    Has worked perfect for the flush and I find it easier to drink while fasting and or empty stomach since I drink many other supplements in capsule form. Also quicker flush response than the capsule form. Thank you so much for all that you do and your amazing high quality products!!!

  70. Karen

    I took the vitamin c detox, and it went well then I started out fairly massive doses since then. Has not hurt my stomach . Out of the three bottles, I gave one to a single mom with three girls and they’re all doing great. I have an allergy to corn, thank you for putting out a great product. I have researched many other companies. They are not transparent, in fact they try to hide the fact that the vitamin C source is from corn. Thank you

  71. Jessica

    I live on this Vitamin C powder. I take between 5 to 8 grams of it a day. I helps me to stay health. When I have a sore throat of a headache I take more of it and I feel well within 30 minutes. I have recommended this to my friends and my family. Now they all are taking it three times a day.

  72. Urania

    I am very happy with this product. It soothes my inflamation.

  73. Susan

    Loved my first bottle of corn free Detox C. Besides taking it daily as a supplement, I also used it as directed for a detox flush and had great results after approx 2 hours. Unfortunately, my second order got lost in the mail. : (

  74. maureen gerwig

    Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and by the time I completed my shopping and was on my way home, I began to feel kind of feverish. As soon as I got home, I began dosing myself throughout the day with Detox C. It didn’t take long before I began to feel back to normal and today I still feel fine. I am keeping up with taking Detox C throughout the day.

  75. Tammy

    I’ve been using Vit C powder from other places like Supper Supplements and I decided to try Dr. Osborne’s because of it being gluten free. I read on one review that it is the best tasting he has tried and I thought, really? The brands I’ve had before have been very tart making it not be something I’ve looked forward to using. Doctor Osborne’s Vit C fizzes when water is added and it tastes a little bit like an Alkaseltzer tablet (I’ve not had one in decades mind you) and mild in flavor. Very easy for me to drink. Thank you!

  76. Sharon

    I finally found a vitamin c that is authentic .
    Great tasting and very effective.

  77. Rachael Messina

    I take this twice/day as an immune supplement and so far I like it alot. I started to feel a sore throat coming on, took 5 grams throughout the day and woke up the next morning with no soreness! My husband has also been taking it. He has digestive issues and is always cautious when taking supplements/medications, but he has not had any digestive issues with this product whatsoever. I drink it in a small glass of water and I don’t mind the taste at all. I enjoy the fresh citrus flavor. Overall it is excellent in quality and effectiveness!

  78. Cheryl

    Since many vitamin C supplements are made from corn, I really like that this product does not contain corn or gluten or any kind.

  79. Virginia Rioja

    I’ve been using the vitamin C tablets and wanted to purchase the powder as additional backup in case anyone gets sick during the pandemic. I love the caplets and I’m sure the powder will be just as great. Thanks for a great product!

  80. Connie

    I love this c powder. It tastes fine just added to my water. Thanks

  81. OE

    It help me in digestion . My family use it to boost our immunity esp at this cold season. I did not notice cold allergy as I usually feel at this season. I feel good overall using this brand of Vitamin C . It is really pricy but great.

  82. Steve

    Great product very convenient

  83. kandra

    I take this product everyday and have increased my dosage to help prevent me from contracting a respiratory virus. I would recommend it to everyone as a daily routine.

  84. Eric Serrano

    Bought for some friends of mine that have immune issues. They said they noticed a difference in their energy the first time they took it. It has been over two weeks and they have noticed a difference in their overall health. Will buy again for myself and family. Great buy!

  85. Danielle White

    Love this product!

  86. Nora

    My daughter needed Vit C so I contacted gluten-free. I knew it would be good because it came from a trusted source.

  87. Carolyn Lampi

    I didn’t have a cold or need a sick day all year.

  88. Jennifer

    I love that this powder c is celiac friendly! Thanks

  89. Jean M Onasch

    I just opened my second bottle of Detox C Powder. I’ve been taking it morning and night with Detox C tabsules in between and feel well protected from all the viruses out there. It has a pleasant taste, is easy to swallow in a few sips, and I love the extra ingredients that add to its effectiveness.

  90. Lori Brock

    This vitamin C powder makes me feel more energetic.
    If I feel like I am getting a sore throat and I take this, I feel better by the next Day.
    It is also very thirst quenching.

  91. Donna

    As of November 2020, this description fails to show the part of the label where it says, “Contains NO: MSG, yeast, zein, corn, dairy, wheat or gluten. No GMO’s”. I shared this link with someone looking for corn-free vitamin C and she still thought it must be made from corn since it didn’t say here in this description. So I looked, and sure enough, it doesn’t. So I took a photo of my label to show her, and am writing this review so I can say it here too. NO CORN!! I have this sent to me on subscription and use this all the time, and send the tabsules to my elderly father as well. Highly recommend this!

  92. Jeffrey Walker

    My wife and I bought this Detox C to do a flush of our systems and improve our gut health. This product works very quickly and extremely well!. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to get healthier on their journey to a better lifestyle! Thank you Dr. Osborne!

  93. J. Smith

    It is so hard to find a Vitamin C, that doesn’t contain any corn any other form of gluten, so I was so glad to find Dr. Osborne’s Detox C. Great to use for Vitamin C flushes periodically as well.

  94. W Gutierrez

    I take vitamin C detox and ultra Q together, as recommended by Dr Osborne on some of his you tube videos, and it helps a lot with my migraines. I also took it when I had Covid, and it made me feel better and recover faster! Just be careful not to get moisture in it because it will clump up.

  95. Jean Meuser

    First; trust begins before the purchase. We have been taking the C Powder for quite some time. Purpose is in being responsible for one’s health. I love to learn and do research and follow every rabbit trail that comes my way, so eventually I have a broad list of sources I can trust, Dr. Osborn being one of them. I’m not really conscious of being able to say how I feel because I’m taking the C Powder as far as physical results. The only thing I need to know is that it is an important element for what I chose to put in the body. I’m grateful to be able to discover where I can place my trust. Thank you Dr. Osborne. As Dr. Group always says; a doctor should really be a teacher, which you are.

  96. Yinlai Liu

    Thank you Dr. Peter Osborne! I like to use it for Vitamin C flushes periodically.

  97. Marsha

    Love that it is gluten free and trust his products

  98. Nancy

    Loving it! First time I can feel real improvement!

  99. Jane

    Finally, after a long search, I found a buffered Vitamin C that agrees with me. I take 3-4 half teaspoons spread out throughout the day and get an energy lift after taking it. Also, it doesn’t give me intestinal problems. No other buffered Vitamin C has given me those results. A great find!!

  100. Connie

    My favorite Vit C I have used this for some time now and must say it works. Love that is is gluten free, corn free. I do keep my bottle of powder in the freezer though as it seems to get moisture if I leave it out.

  101. Diana Wilkinson

    Have gotten into the habit of drinking the Detox C Powder twice daily while under the guidance of Dr. Osborne. This product-as well as all of Dr. Osborne’s other supplements-I can trust and be confident that my body is getting what it needs to function optimally. Thank you, Doc, for your steadfast commitment to helping all of us live healthy lives!

  102. Brenda R

    Detox C Powder has to be the best quality vitamin C I have ever taken. It dissolves easily in liquid and lacks the fillers and binders that cheaply manufactured vitamin C supplements contain. I love that the powder is fortified with potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. I take it every morning. I love the quality of Dr. Osborne’s supplements.

  103. Quieta Brock

    I have been looking for a good vitamin c supplement that I can trust to be non Gmo and be made from food sources- I an so glad to find this one

  104. Blanca Underhill

    Yes, I give the Ultra Q a 5 star.
    I have bone on bone in my spine and no mater what natural remedy I’ve done the pain is constant. Sometimes my stuff; collegian , Boswellia CBD , turmeric gives me short term relief But the first day taking Ultra Q and my constant pain disappeared. I can’t say enough praises for this product.

  105. Kristen Lash

    I really like the Vitamin C powder I used it first for the detox and it worked as it should. The taste is pleasant. I’m using it as a daily vitamin as well, hoping to keep myself from getting sick or at least lessen the symptoms if I get sick.

  106. Carolyn Baynham

    This Detox C powder is the only vitamin C that I use and have been using for a couple of years. If I could only take one vitamin, this would be it. I love that this vitamin and all of these supplements are gluten free. (The real gluten free) Thank you Dr Osborne and Co. for such a health giving product.

  107. Dena Miller

    A game changer! It made detoxing manageable

  108. Krystal

    Amazing products!!

  109. Stephanie Brown

    Detox C is awesome! I just started using it to high dose my daily Vitamin C intake for chronic inflammation, immunity, and as a part of my cancer protocol. I feel I can tolerate higher doses without stomach upset and the taste is good. So glad it is gluten free and free of any corn based derivatives etc. I take a few doses a day to keep my Vitamin C levels up and my immune system functioning optimally.

  110. Jessica

    Hands down the best vitamin C I’ve ever used! It works great for me and my family. It’s gentle on my stomach. My daily dose is 5 Grams.

  111. Eva

    DecTox C Awesome, Great that is Gluten Free and a powder instead of a bill. Taste is good as well.

  112. Quieta Brock

    This is the best Vitamin C I have ever used
    So glad to find a gluten free scource

  113. Tiffany

    Great product! I really like how it is buffered, as it is gentle on the stomach. Really helps when wanting to do a flush. The quality is worth the price; I just wish it was a little cheaper if possible.

  114. Lisa holt

    Game changer!! Already eating better and correcting vitamin deficiencies, but since starting this, we don’t get sick. The first time in years my mother, husband, and myself have been surrounded by illness and no illness I am a healthcare professional and Highly recommend this to everyone!!

  115. Ann-Marie Molyet

    So relieved to know that I have a trusted gluten-free Vitamin C! Worked well for a flush and the instructions were easy to follow. Also easy to measure out the exact amount of Vitamin C I want daily.

  116. Aliya Aldahhan

    This is a great product!!! Me and my husband use it a lot for our gluten sensitivity and helps us with our healthy diet. I recommend this to everyone!!! It’s the best!!!

  117. Paula Messier

    I really like the Detox Vitamin C Product. I will con

  118. Alice Stefanic

    I was hesitant to try this product but am very glad I did. It is an easy way to get therapeutic doses of Vit C without having to swallow many big pills. It tastes good and I will continue to use it.

  119. Jill Burks

    The ONLY vit C supplement I have found that I can feel results from

  120. Stephanie

    I recently found Dr. Os and the gluten free society. After watching some of his videos and reading a lot of articles, I decided to purchase the detox C to help get the inflammation out of my body as I tested positive for gluten sensitivity. This was the start of my “No Grain No Pain” journey. I did not like the taste of the mix in water but luckily it only took 4 doses to start working. It felt good to flush out all those toxins in my body and Dr. Os is right that a water fast feels good afterwards b/c my stomach was a little sensitive to food after the detox.


    So, I am a nurse practitioner, and I love this product! I can only assume that it is the sole reason that my husband, my mother, and I have not even had a cold since starting it. I have been around patients daily and many family members who have had viruses, flu, and Covid, but we have remained in good health. We have taken supplements and vitamins fir some years, and are strong there, but this has guven us protection. ( I am right at 60, and my husband and mother are in their late 70’s) Also, it seems to give me energy and motivation throughout the day. I am actually happier. I assume that is the positive changes it is bringing to my gut. We have decided that we will continue to take it long term! I love Dr. O, and am always learning from him. He helps to fill a huge hole that we have in the medical community 🌸

  122. Jason Lorenzo

    I was looking for a corn and GMO free vitamin C. This Detox C is great way to get your high dose Vitamin C and exceded my expectations. Thank you Dr. Osborne

  123. Leila

    I love this Vitamin C Powder! I’ve been using it for years every morning. I get a good dose of Vitamin C in an extremely easy way. I also love I can easily up the dose a lot if I get sick, or to do a Vitamin C Flush. I highly recommend it!

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