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UT Relief

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4 reviews for UT Relief

  1. Kate Osborne

    Great Urinary Tract Support

  2. Olivia

    What is the source of the d-mannose?

  3. Kathy Steele

    I take this everyday for bladder health.

  4. Takiki W Braden

    This is a great product. I have taken D-Mannose in the past many years ago. this is the most powerful I have ever had. When I taken my congested is gone. I have experience severe reaction after accidentally ingested wheat after not making sure I washed my hand after touching items with wheat on them. I became very ill within a day, the severe coughing , sneezing, the so cold I could not hardly walk. The coughing was not as severe after a dose. Normally, I bleed after eating within three day. The blood is a bright red color as if I have a UTI. The UTI is like it has travel to my blood. I took the URI BY DR. Osborn after this reaction and I began to cough up bright red items I normally experience when I am bleeding as if it is my menstrual cycle.

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