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Ultra Iron

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Low iron is the most common nutritional deficiency for those with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Iron is essential in forming hemoglobin, the protein that helps red blood cells carry oxygen. A deficiency of iron can cause anemia, and lead to fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, depression, exercise intolerance, and chronic pain. This high potency blend of iron is designed for maximal absorption (even for those with GI damage). It contains cofactors that help aid the body in absorption, uptake, and utilization by the cells.

9 reviews for Ultra Iron

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    does not cause any stomach issues as other brands have

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    I am celiac and have struggled with restless leg syndrome for years. I have eliminated a number of things from my diet, which really helped, but sometimes I still get “leg jerks” as I call them. When hydration is not enough, I take an iron supplement before bed and this takes care of it.

    I noticed when I take iron I sleep much more deeply. If I take it too much I wake up groggy though.

    Iron usually upsets the stomach. I have never had that with this supplement. My husband has an irritated stomach lining and has indicated this supplement can make him nauseous.

    I have been taking this supplement on and off for about 5 years.

  3. Donna N.

    I think I’ve tended to be low in iron much of my life, but I didn’t like taking iron supplements because of their side-effects, being constipating or strong feeling in my stomach. However, Ultra Iron has not given me any of those side effects, and my iron levels have gone up using this supplement too. I’ve been using it for around 3 years and don’t plan to use any other brand!

  4. Corazon F.

    I ordered B12 and iron together. I also just started the 30 days no grain no pain diet. After a week i could tell everything was working (diet and vitamins). I recently added sun flower seeds to my new diet and after week i noticed some not so pleasant BM’s. So i got off iron and the seeds. I waited 2 weeks ,let my body go bk to normal then added the iron. After 2 days I experienced the same thing as before. Im bk off the iron and bk on the sunflower seeds. So far the B12 and vitamin D seems to be giving all the energy i was lacking before discovering Dr. Peter Osborne. I really don’t want to give up so I’m going to continue to let my gut heal and try again soon.

  5. Aida R.

    I trust the quality of Dr. Osborne’s products. I have like 10 of them at home and will keep buying, it’s just that this one is too strong for sensitive people or those with MCAS and histamine intolerance. For those with those conditions, I recommend braking the tabsule into 4 pieces and take just 1 piece daily and observe how your body responds.

  6. Suzanne L.

    Having celiac disease, iron deficiency anemia has always been a problem. This is the first iron supplement I’ve found that has no undesirable side effects. Thank you, Dr. Osborne, for always looking out for us!

  7. Debra N.

    My daughter was diagnosed with low iron levels, although not dangerously low, I decided after listening to Dr. Osborne explain about low iron and his suggestion on supplements I would give it a try. My daughter’s energy level has improved in just a short time!

  8. Chris B.

    I get this for my husband because he struggles with keeping his iron levels up. His last lab report was within normal range

  9. Fitzroy H.

    Iron has been amazing, assisting me with greater energy throughout the day.I am greatly benefiting from it and is looking forward continued energy. The Hist assist has been phenomenal, my nasal passage has greatly cleared up, mucous is consistently coming up. I am breathing much better. It has benefited in the way I desired. Thank you.

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