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Free Range Organic Chicken


Consuming clean and healthy protein is absolutely crucial if you want to prevent disease and premature aging, increase your daily energy and prolong your life. But unlike the unhealthy chicken found in local grocery stores and restaurants (which should be restricted in your diet), this free-range certified organic chicken is one of the cleanest and healthiest sources of protein that you will be able to locate—worldwide.

As most of you know, Gluten Free Society only recommends foods that meet the highest health requirements in terms of their value for you. A lengthy research and evaluation went into to discovering and making this offer—chicken that comes with my absolute highest recommendation because it meets all of these qualifications for meat that is truly perfected:

Certified organic by both the New York and Pennsylvania certifying organizations, meaning 100% organically raised from “egg to plate”

  • No antibiotics ever used
  • No hormones ever used
  • No pesticides or herbicides ever used in the soil or the feed
  • No artificial ingredients whatsoever

Entirely free-ranged so these chickens are not “stressed;” meanwhile, mass-produced chickens are raised in severely cramped quarters which translate to not only reduced health value, but less taste. The juiciest, most delicious tasting chicken you’ve ever tried. An exceptional source of protein, as you can see in the chart below. “Free-Range” and “Antibiotic-Free” Matter with Chicken. These free-range organic chickens are raised in the Pennsylvania Amish country on family farms. Unlike the mass-produced chicken in grocery stores, that is raised in extremely cramped quarters where they can scarcely move. That creates stress in the mass-produced chickens that can lead to disease and “stunts” meat devoid of taste and total health value (driving the need for chemicals that create artificial moisture in the meat).

Organic chickens on the other hand, have plenty of room to roam and eat entirely natural diets. They grow plump naturally and live free of stress. This makes all the difference in their health and taste.

In addition, a crucial reason this free-ranged organic chicken is an exceptional source of protein in your diet is because it is free of antibiotics. Over half of the antibiotics fed to mass-produced farm animals including chickens are identical to the ones administered to humans. As has been well publicized in the media, overuse of such antibiotics can lead to strains of bacteria resistance to the antibiotic, opening doors wider to the potential for human disease.

The World Health Organization report states that farmers’ use of antibiotics in livestock enables microbes to build up defenses against the drugs, leap up in the food chain and attack human immune systems, and they’re one of many major health organizations that call for an end to such antibiotics in poultry and livestock! That should be reason enough to never buy another chicken from the store again!

Here is an actual label of nutrition information so you can see for yourself the low fat-high protein values.

Organic Chicken Breast
Nutrition Information
Calories: 110 From Fat: 10
Total Fat 1 g.
Saturated Fat 0.5 g.
Cholesterol 65 mg.
Sodium 160 mg.
Total Carbs 0 g.
22 g.
Organic Chicken Thighs
Nutrition Information
Calories: 180 From Fat: 110
Total Fat 12 g.
Saturated Fat 4 g.
Cholesterol 85 mg.
Sodium 75 mg.
Total Carbs 0 g.
Protein 19 g.

Besides being a truly ideal source of clean and healthy protein with all the essential amino acids your body needs to prevent disease, avoid premature aging, increase energy and strength and live longer, this free-ranged certified organic chicken is delicious. And it is just as versatile and easy to prepare as any other chicken. The biggest difference— it’s naturally more moist and juicy.

We know for certain that by making alternative healthy foods available to you we are helping to make a difference in your health and the health of your family!


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