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food shortage

Is There a Food Shortage?

…not even producing real food, leading to further health complications. How to Prepare for a Food Shortage With empty grocery stores already a concern and the threat of a second…

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Gluten Mimicking Foods

Foods That Mimic Gluten What are gluten mimicking foods? A lot of research has been done showing that some foods contain proteins that mimic or look like the gluten proteins…

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Can You Be Both Vegan and Gluten Free?

…The vegan diet is focused on eating plant based foods. Many plant based foods (like whole vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds) are incredibly nutrient-dense. These foods contain important micronutrients, phytonutrients,…

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autoimmune disease

The Rise of Autoimmune Disease

…with 70% of the diet coming from grain-based foods. In fact, the food pyramid even encourages it, with the primary source of calories coming from carbohydrates. It’s important to remember,…

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Ultra Immune IgG Capsules

…permeability (AKA – leaky gut). This process has been shown to lead to the development of additional food allergies followed by a progression to a hyper responsive immune system –…

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Ultra B3

…dementia. Since then, niacin has been used to treat and prevent a wide range of abnormalities and diseases.* Niacin from food is converted into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and NAD…

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Ultra Bone Box

…specialized plant calcium in Ultra Bone Formula I is micronized to ensure optimal absorption by delivering the perfect particle size.* It is a certified organic whole food with over 70…

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drugs that cause leaky gut

Medications That Cause Leaky Gut

…proper digestion and immune function. As digestion begins in the mouth with chewing food, there are many medications that can alter the taste of your food. Hypertension controlling drugs, antacids,…

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Supplements for Gluten Intolerance

…real food? Of course you should eat healthy whole foods. But oftentimes, food just isn’t enough. In fact, research shows that removing gluten from the diet does not always correct…

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Testing for Food Sensitivities

…effectively You’re energized, feel well, and sleep easier You more easily and healthily digest, assimilate, and eliminate food. Common foods can overstress your immune system, without you even knowing. Prolonged…

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Can Gluten Cause Gut Inflammation?

…Eating a diet rich in processed carbs leaves less room for more nutrient-rich foods. Weight gain and obesity are common manifestations of consuming processed gluten free foods. These consequences can…

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