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Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

additives have been suspected to perpetuate health issues in those with celiac and non celiac gluten sensitivity These other additives to watch out for include the following: Genetically modified (GMO)…

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Gluten Free Toothpaste

…are commonly used food additives that are used to increase the “stickiness” that gluten typically gives to foods. They can be used as thickening agents as well, and are common…

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autoimmune disease

The Rise of Autoimmune Disease

…with 70% of the diet coming from grain-based foods. In fact, the food pyramid even encourages it, with the primary source of calories coming from carbohydrates. It’s important to remember,…

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Grain – A double edged sword

The globe-spanning presence of wheat and its exalted status among secular and sacred institutions alike, differentiates it from all other foods presently enjoyed by this planet’s human inhabitants. And yet…

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Histamine Intolerance and Gluten

Food: Histamine-rich foods can cause histamine to build up in the body. In addition, other foods can either release histamine in the body or inhibit DAO production. Bacterial imbalance: Bacterial…

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Using The Right Lab Test To Identify Food Allergies

…think Delayed Food Allergies Food allergy testing Proper immune respones and much, much, more… To order Dr. Jaffe’s food and chemical lab allergy testing, call 281-240-2229. Proper Lab Testing…

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