What Is The Root Cause Of Autoimmune Disease?

what causes autoimmune disease

What Causes Autoimmune Disease? This is a question that is often ignored by much of the medical community.  The diagnosis of autoimmunity is given on a regular basis, but doctors often fail to discuss the root cause of these conditions.  The traditional treatment for most autoimmune problems is to treat the symptoms with medications.  For […]

Natural Ways to Prevent Brain Inflammation

How Physical Function Affects Your Brain Health This is a topic that is rarely discussed in the health space.  Most experts focus on nutritional supplements and diet as ways to improve brain function and prevent inflammation and dementia.  In this break down, Dr. Osborne and Dr. Wohlfert discuss how posture, exercise, and movement are critical […]

7 Symptoms Of Autoimmune Disease That Often Get Overlooked

Autoimmune Disease – Symptoms of the “Hidden Epidemic” An estimated 50 million people in the US alone have some form of autoimmunity.  For many, the symptoms of autoimmune disease are not always textbook.  They can start small, last for years, and subtly grow into major health issues.  Because they don’t always follow a clear path, […]

Healthy Gluten Free Holiday Gift Ideas

Gluten Free Gift Ideas Shopping for the holidays can be a daunting task.  Especially if you are looking for healthy gluten free gift ideas.  So I have taken the liberty to put together some great, healthy, gluten/grain free gift ideas for you.  And because I have pull with each of these companies, they have offered […]

Addicted to Gluten?

Can Someone Be Addicted to Gluten? Many people who go gluten free will initially notice an improvement in their health.  But on the flip side, many go on the gluten free diet and start feeling worse.  Gluten Withdrawal Syndrome is a very real phenomenon.  In essence, gluten has addictive properties that can create severe side […]