The Ultimate Vitamin B5 Crash Course

Vitamin B5

, Like other vitamins, Vitamin B5 has several names including pantothenic, pantothenic acid and pantethine. The prefix of these names, “pantos” literally means everywhere, and that is for good reason. Vitamin B5 is not only found in a number of food items, but you can also find it being added to hair and skin products. […]

How to Protect Yourself from The Coronavirus Outbreak


When winter comes and many of us are cooped up indoors, it’s no surprise that this is when illness seems to strike the hardest. While we know the flu can be quite rampant, recently we’ve seen the outbreak of another serious and sometimes deadly virus called the Coronavirus. Though these can be scary, there are […]

Iodine Crash Course


If you’ve ever looked closely at the table salt you purchase from the store, you will notice that most of the time, the labeling will say it has been iodized or fortified with iodine. That is because in the early 1900s scientists realized a need to fortify the diet with iodine to prevent the harmful […]

What Causes Anemia – Iron, B12, Folate & More


Though not a condition we often hear or talk about, we are all somewhat familiar with anemia. Women are tested for it while pregnant, as are babies at those early pediatrician appointments. But while doctors may take steps to catch this condition early, it’s a prevailing problem in the United States and one that is […]

14 Reasons Sugar is Toxic


In the 1970s, scientists were beginning to recognize the detrimental effects of sugar on the body. Fearing it would hurt their industry, executives of sugar companies paid off scientists and quickly squashed these findings.  Soon, fat became the villain with more of it being taken out of food and replaced with sugar to maintain a […]

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