What are the Symptoms of Mold Exposure?

symptoms of toxic mold

Chronic Mold Exposure Symptoms Are Diverse And Mimic Gluten Because chronic mold exposure can mimic many of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity and even celiac disease, it is important to cover this information.  Some people with gluten issues do not fully respond to a gluten free diet because underlying mold exposure allows for persistent inflammation […]

Does Mold Cause Autoimmune Disease?

The Mold Autoimmune Connection In part 1 of this special 4 part series on mold and autoimmunity, I break down the scientific connection between mold as a cause of autoimmunity. Mold Can Cause Autoimmune Disease Approximately 5% of people are allergic to mold.  Beyond being allergic, many are sensitive to mold without evidence of an […]

Toxic Sweeteners – Gluten Free But Not Good For You

toxic sweeteners gluten free

Toxic Sweeteners Are Everywhere Artificial sweeteners may be gluten free, but they are absolutely not good for you.  In the following video breakdown, Dr. Osborne covers the most toxic sweeteners as well as safe and healthy alternatives you can use. Artificial Sweeteners and Toxic Side Effects If your goal is to reduce your caloric intake […]

The Best Gluten Free Supplements

Gluten Free Multi Vitamin

Behind The Scenes At Our Supplement Facility Premium Quality Gluten Free Supplements Part of the mission at Gluten Free Society is to help those trying to live a healthy gluten free lifestyle find nutritional supplements that are safe, effective, and gluten free.  It is no secret that years of gluten exposure can damage the gastrointestinal […]

Does Coffee Cause Autoimmune Disease?

coffee and autoimmune disease

The Connection Between Coffee & Autoimmune Disease 83% of adults in the US consume coffee.  That number comes pretty close to the estimated 46 plus million people with autoimmune disease.  So the big question is – Does coffee cause or contribute to autoimmune disease? Recent research shows that several forms of autoimmune disease are linked […]