COVID Update


If you haven’t heard of the coronavirus, or Covid-19, by now, you’ve probably been avoiding any television and social media. Everywhere we look we are inundated with new information about how this pandemic is affecting our country and the entire world. For most, it’s creating a lot of fear and uncertainty; however, being knowledgeable of […]

Viral Fighting Amino Acids Offer Natural Support for The Coronavirus

amino acids

With flu season among us and recent outbreaks of the coronavirus, many of us can’t help but feel concerned for our health and that of our friends and family. While we know the basics of washing our hands, getting rest, and even supplementing with Vitamin C and zinc, few of us realize the role that […]

Nutritional Danger or Fake News

fake news

While many of us may smirk at the phrase “fake news,” we are discovering more and more that there may actually be some truth to it. It’s been used extensively in regards to political conversations, but it now seems to be applicable to articles on health and nutrition. Unfortunately, creating stories, taking statements out of […]

How a Lack of Nutrients Leads to Neuropathy


If you or someone you know is living with neuropathy, you know that it is not an easy condition. In some cases, the pain is so severe that there have been reports of patients wanting to end their lives rather than live with this condition. While that may sound disheartening, the good news is that […]

Nutritional Myths & Fairy Tales With Dr. Osborne

nutritional myths

We’ve all been there – we start feeling ill and turn immediately to the internet for answers. While this may prove helpful at times, sources like the internet, television, and sometimes even doctors can provide false information that we accept as truth. Below are seven of these nutritional myths that are commonly believed and if […]

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