Part 2 – How Gluten Affects Children

Dr. Osborne discusses more on the impact of gluten intolerance on the health of children… How Does Gluten Damage Your Children? There are a variety of ways that gluten can harm your child’s health.  Some early warning signs or problems that gluten may be contributing to disease include, colic, chronic diarrhea, eczema, asthma, growing pains, […]

Biopsy Testing For Celiac Disease Completely Flawed!

Researches tried to identify whether children with positive celiac blood tests (endomysial antibodies or EmA) but negative biopsy results for celiac disease would benefit on a gluten free diet.  The children suffered with gastrointestinal symptoms similar to celiac disease symptoms.  The researchers  found that children who continued to eat gluten had increased symptoms and worsening […]

Wheat Germ Agglutinin In Depth with Sayer Ji and Dr. Peter Osborne – Episode #2

Gluten Free Society Presents… A special report and in depth analysis of wheat germ agglutinin with Dr. Peter Osborne and Sayer Ji Learn why gluten is not the only culprit in grain to create a problem with human health.  Chemical compounds called lectins give wheat the ability to protect itself from predators (i.e. humans).  A […]

Headaches, depression, nerve damage, and seizures…Is gluten to blame?

Headaches, Depression, Nerve Damage, and Seizures… What They All Have in Common In one study, 70% of gluten intolerant patients had social phobias. Depression was found in 52%.   These are neurological manifestations of the disease, or are related to the disease, and they’re not the only ones either. Italian researchers found that 22.5% of […]

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