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Food Sensitivity Test

You are unique, and while you may be consuming foods that are traditionally healthy and completely gluten and grain free, they may not necessarily be good for YOU. If you are following a TRUE Gluten free diet and still not feeling your best, food sensitivities might be responsible.


Our Food Sensitivity Test Can Detect ALL Three Types Of Delayed Hypersensitivity

Delayed Reactivity to 222 Foods

With less than .1% false positives, only the LRA food sensitivity tests look directly at your live white cells (lymphocytes), observing them under a microscope as they are exposed to the 200+ foods being tested. LRA blood tests provide an evaluation of the body’s delayed immune response, and only the foods that cause reactions are identified. 

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Are You Gluten Free And Still Find That Something Is Keeping You From Feeling Your Best? 

The LRA (Lymphocyte Response Assay) food sensitivity test identifies foods that are overburdening your immune system and preventing it from functioning optimally. Your body’s response to certain foods, paired with a temporary elimination diet, may help determine the cause of your physical symptoms. Symptoms can manifest as chronic inflammation, leaky gut, oral health problems, migraine headaches, and much more.

What’s Included with our food sensitivity Test

  • Detailed fasting directions (please read prior to ordering)
  • Free shipping directly to your home
  • All materials for sample collection and shipping back to the lab
  • Digital and printable results (typically available within 3 weeks)

how it works

Get Your Blood Drawn and Mail Out Your Kit

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

Before ordering the food sensitivity test, make sure to review all fasting and mailing instructions. Your blood cannot be drawn if you are unable to complete the fasting requirements.

Step 2: Schedule Blood Draw

Keep in mind that you are dealing with time sensitive materials. Schedule your blood draw, and use the pre-paid label to ensure your sample is overnighted.

Step 3: Get Your Digital Results

Digital results are emailed within 2-3 weeks and will include a list of strong or moderate reactions (if any), as well as a description for each.


No. Our food sensitivity test looks at ALL 3 delayed hypersensitivity pathways, not just IgG mediated reactions.

Traditional IgG antibody tests just look at the presence and amount of IgG. These tests don’t distinguish between symptom provoking antibodies (the bad) and protective antibodies (the good).

The problem with NOT distinguishing the good from the bad antibodies, is that false positives are common with IgG tests. This results in long lists of items that patients have to avoid unnecessarily.

There are two different types of reactions people can have to food. A general breakdown of these reactions is as follows:

  • Acute allergy
  • Delayed allergy (hypersensitivity)

Some food reactions like intolerance are obvious, acute and the effects can be immediate. For example, peanut anaphylaxis (swollen lips, hives, airway constriction) is quite obvious. This is what we would typically refer to as an acute allergy. Since these reactions develop quite instantly, most people wouldn’t bother testing for something that they can very clearly see.

Other food-induced immune reactions are delayed. These reactions are not quite so obvious or immediate. They are called delayed hypersensitivity reactions. These food reactions can cause chronic inflammation. The damage of this inflammation can build over time causing a breakdown in your GI tract (leaky gut AKA intestinal permeability). Additionally, these types of food reactions can trigger a process called molecular mimicry and lead to autoimmune disease.

Food has everything to do with the development of and the prevention of disease, so it is important to identify any potential triggers.

Unfortunately, if you are living in New York, you will not be able to perform this blood draw as the lab cannot accept any samples drawn within the New York state limits.

Please do not order this food sensitivity test if you are located in the state of New York.  

Additionally, this food sensitivity test is currently only being offered to residents of the United States. The materials are extremely time sensitive and overnight services cannot be guaranteed to international destinations. We hope to be able to expand our borders in the future, but only ship within the United States at this time. 

Fasting is required in order to properly measure lymphocytes. YOUR BLOOD CANNOT BE PROCESSED IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COMPLY WITH THESE PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS. Please review before purchasing, and talk to your doctor if there are any concerns about temporarily discontinuing certain medications.

If you are able to comply with the food sensitivity test preparation instructions, the next step would be to find a location that can properly draw your blood. You will be provided with the test kit, which includes all of the materials needed for the phlebotomist. 

Please keep in mind that a blood draw fee will likely be charged to you at the time of your draw. Every location charges a different amount, depending on the area and lab. We recommend that you ask for the cost prior to scheduling your appointment. 

NOTE: Many phlebotomy labs will take care of shipping the specimen using the included prepaid UPS label and shipping envelope. If the lab does not provide that service, you can also call UPS directly and schedule it to be picked up from your home by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS. 

Here are some labs options that you can utilize, but you are certainly not limited to:

Option 1 – Any Lab Test Now

Use the link to find the closest location by entering your zip code –

Option 2 – ARCpoint Labs

Use the link to find the closest location by entering your zip code –

Option 3 – Check with your local doctor’s office

If either of the above options are not available to you in your area, we recommend asking your local doctor for a phlebotomist or draw site referral. 

Option 4 – Optimal Lab Test (local to Sugar Land, TX)

Sugar Land Location
Address: 6350 US-90 ALT Suite#300
Phone: 832-532-7294
Houston Location
Address: 2703 Highway 6 South, Suite#138
Phone: 832-758-5227
Fondren Location   
Address: 3301 Fondren Rd Suite M
Phone: 346-409-1757


The short answer is maybe.

Most sensitivities are acquired, and you can repair the underlying cause, permanently lose the sensitivity, and regain the ability to eat that food. Some sensitivities are fixed. They are just part of your makeup and must permanently be avoided. On a typical person, between 80-90% of the sensitivities are acquired and will go away, while 10-20% are fixed, and you will permanently have to avoid those items.

Our suggestion, avoid moderate and strong reactivities for at least 6 months before attempting to reintroduce them into your diet. 

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