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An Experiment in Disease – Standard American Diet (Gluten Filled Poison)

“Look Out Stomach – Here It Comes!” If that is what you shout before shoveling the next fork or spoonful of food in, beware the consequences. Aside from being filled with gluten, the Standard American Diet contributes to disease in many ways. The perfect experiment on how to increase chronic disease, decrease quality of life, […]

The Whole Grain Lie – Looking Beyond Gluten

At one of our Gluten Free Society meetings, I lectured on the detrimental properties of grain. So here it is – The Whole Grain Lie that’s slowly killing you… Why do we assume that grain is such a healthy food? The Food Guide Pyramid recommends large quantities of grain as a staple food in the […]

The Gluten Hydra, Hormones, & The Medical Trap

Author of Glutenology, Dr. Peter Osborne, breaks down hormone imbalances caused by gluten intolerance, the medical trap that you don’t want to be stuck in, and why… >>watch the rest of the video here << The Problem With the Medical Paridigm – Unfortunately, many doctors specializing in hormone treatment do not consider gluten sensitivity when […]

Gluten and Your Hormones

We had a fabulous TRUE gluten free meeting this weekend. The topic of discussion was the impact of gluten on hormone function. We talked about: Thyroid disease PCOS Menopause Weight gain Adrenal gland burn out Hot Flashes Headaches Mood Swings and irritability Heart palpitations Diabetes and more… More than $2000 dollars worth of prizes were […]

Gluten Causes Hormonal Disruption

If you are in the Houston area and want to learn more about gluten and hormone balance please join us. If you know someone who could benefit by attending, please share the information below with them 🙂 Gluten Free Society, Town Center Wellness, and Dr. Peter Osborne are hosting a gluten free meeting on September […]