Gluten Bowl – Will The Super Bowl Derail Your Gluten Free Diet?

January 30, 2015

  Gluten Free Super Bowl Snack Idea So here we are, a little over four weeks into the new year.  This is the time when resolutions are pushed aside, and some of the biggest temptations occur during Super Bowl weekend.  Fast foods, finger foods, and high calorie, low nutrient beverages are the staples for most during the weekend.  Let’s take

Top 10 Symptoms of Celiac Disease

January 19, 2015

  The 10 Most Common Symptoms Are Not What Researchers Thought The traditional or classic symptoms of celiac disease reported in medical textbooks are – severe diarrhea and malabsorption accompanied by villous atrophy of the small intestines.  Symptoms are typically present in pediatric patients.   Adults are not as frequently considered for the diagnosis. Basically, most doctors are taught to

Gluten, Leaky Brain, & The Connection to Depression

January 13, 2015

  Grain Brain? Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with New York Times best selling author, and world renowned neurologist, Dr. David Perlmutter.  If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Perlmutter’s work, check out Grain Brain.  Some of the concepts in this book are revolutionary, and that brings me to the point of today’s post.

Gluten Free Resolutions – Looking Back and Forward

December 30, 2014

  The State of the Gluten Free Union We all share the common goal of good health, prosperity, and spiritual peace for the new year.  Over the past year, we have seen the popularity of the gluten free diet continue to grow. Hundreds of thousands of sick people have gravitated toward this way of eating and noted dramatic improvements in

Is the Inflammation Caused by Gluten, Grain, or Both?

December 22, 2014

  Gluten IS a Problem You see the articles and hear the news stories – Gluten Sensitivity Doesn’t Exist.  Yet millions of people are gravitating toward the diet and feeling better.  As a matter of fact, the gluten free diet is the biggest diet trend ever.  It dwarfs Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, SCD, FODMAP, Sugar Free, Fat Free… But it

Can Gluten Cause Adrenal Burnout?

December 11, 2014

  Adrenal Burnout Can Mimic Gluten -Like Symptoms Dr. Osborne here, I want to introduce you to world leading adrenal expert, Dr. Alan Christianson.  Why?  Adrenal dysfunction and gluten sensitivity go hand in hand.  As a matter of fact a number of research study conclusions on the topic conclude that those with adrenal disease be tested for celiac and vice

New and Improved Gluten Free Society

December 8, 2014

  We are Changing The Site Dr. Osborne here, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how excited I am.  Gluten Free Society is going through a few major changes in the coming weeks.  Awesome changes that will help you navigate and find information much easier.  The site will look completely different, so I don’t want

Recipe Hacker – Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

December 5, 2014

  Best Gluten Free Cookie This recipe is one of my absolute favorites.  These cookies remind me of the Keebler fudge stripe variety I had as a kid – only they’re better!  My friend Diana Keuilian just published her Cookbook, The Recipe Hacker.  These delicious gluten, grain, dairy, soy, free cookies are awesome.  The recipe is below: Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Gluten Free Warrior Podcast #2 – Recovering From Gluten 101

November 19, 2014

  Gluten Free & Still Sick May go gluten free and feel better, but continue to have chronic health problems.  In essence their diet change led to improvements, but not resolution of health problems.   If you are one of them, this interview is a must listen to. In this interview breakdown (courtesy of Mike Mutzel Author of Belly Fat

Gluten Sensitivity – A Cause for Anxiety, Depression, and Migraine

November 15, 2014

  A Medical Mystery… Meet Mary… She is a 34 year old mother of two children – a boy and a girl.  She is blessed because she gets to stay home with them, and she loves nothing more than being a mom.  Up until last year, Mary was doing just fine (so she thought).  And then it happened… At first

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