Your Tongue and Nutrition

April 2, 2014

  Gluten Can Alter Your Tongue A common manifestation for those suffering from the detriments of gluten occurs in the mouth.  The images of the tongue show a beefy dark red appearance with many grooves.  This is also sometimes referred to as magenta tongue.  The presence of this symptom is often times accompanied by intermittent bouts of dizziness, ringing in

Oats Alter Good Bacteria in Children

April 1, 2014

  Should You Eat Gluten Free Oats? The question of oat safety for those with gluten sensitivity continues to be challenged.  Many consumers become confused because many brands of packaged oats contain the statement – “Gluten Free”.  In a recent post, we discussed the potential danger of oat consumption.  And now a recent double blind study investigated compared the wheat,

Glyphosate and Gluten Sensitivity Part 6

March 20, 2014

  Dr. Osborne:   We said at the very beginning of our conversation that the government considers glyphosate safe. Do you have any evidence or research, any animal or human studies, that show a part per million dose where we start really seeing problems and damage showing up? Dr. Seneff:      Well, there’s the Serolini study. Are you familiar with the Serolini

Gluten and Roundup (Glyphosate) Part 4

  Dr. Osborne:   The other one I see is iron deficiencies. Very common. The other big one I see is B vitamins across the board, which we know are synthesized largely by bacteria in the GI tract. Dr. Seneff:      Right. Then molybdenum is involved in sulfite oxidation. People end up with sensitivity to sulfites because they can’t oxidize the sulfite

Glyphosate and Gluten – The Connection Continues (Part 5)

  Dr. Osborne:   I’ve seen it clinically and could probably write a few. I have actually seen a number of patients who were accused of being alcoholics by their primary care, even though they didn’t drink at all. In my clinic, we get them off of grain, which is a large part of where they glyphosate is being delivered. I’m

Gluten or Glyphosate? Part 3 Interview with Dr. Seneff

  Dr. Seneff:      Exactly. It won’t work if it’s not activated. On the other hand, the CYP enzymes break down retinoic acid in the liver. Retinoic acid is something that can cause troubles, both in terms of introducing this new condition called eosinophilic esophagitis, which is like an inflamed esophagus, and people have trouble swallowing. It’s a new disease, first

Gluten Sensitivity and Glyphosate Toxicity Part 2

  Gluten Free Society Expert Interview Series Glyphosate and Gluten Part 2 Dr. Seneff:      Yes, I would love to see that. Another interesting thing that directly connects to glyphosate: Glyphosate kills bacteria, and it preferentially kills the good bacteria in your gut. One of those is bifido bacteria, and those guys are really important for processing the wheat, the gluten.

Gluten Free In Italy

March 18, 2014

  Keeping Gluten Out While Traveling Abroad I recently had the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad in Italy for Spring Break.  Though I travel frequently state side, this is the first time I have been out of the country longer than a week with a language and culture barrier in place.  The challenge in this case for most people is

Ultra Protein Power Scrambled Eggs (Gluten Free)

March 17, 2014

  These are great for a quick and easy protein filled breakfast!  Great to take after a long workout to help replenish amino acids and as a good source of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). These are absolutely great because they help you power through the day without needing as many snacks. They come out incredibly fluffy, and the protein

Ultra Protein Blueberry Power Muffins (Gluten Free!)

  When I saw this recipe for the first time, I knew it was going to be good! Who can resist a good blueberry muffin? These are simply delicious, and with the added protein they replenish your body’s BCAA (Branched Chained Amino Acids) which is always a bonus . If you are craving a moist muffin with an energy kick,

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