My Favorite Ways to balance and support prevention of yeast populations getting out of control:
Ultra Biotic Defense –
Yeast Shield –

Candida overgrowth – _AKA yeast infection, candidiasis) is a common problem that can cause a vast array of symptoms including fatigue, sugar craving, brain fog, muscle pain, poor sleep, bad breath, and hormone imbalance.

3 of the most common causes of yeast or candida overgrowth include:
1. Alcohol – wine, beer, hard spirits, etc. Drinking alcohol suppresses immune function and can cauase a yeast infection or overgrowth.
2. Excessive Carbohydrates in the diet can feed yeast populations leading to candida overgrowth issues. Some people find that a gluten free keto diet can help with yeast overgrowth and candida problems.
3. Processed Sugar – Also an immune suppressing substance, sugar feeds yeast populations to overgrow leading to infections and yeast imbalance in the body.
4. EMF – new research shows that EMF can increase the growth of molds and yeast.

Bottom line – If you are struggling with the symptoms of yeast overgrowth, chronic candida issues, or suspect you have a yeast problem, check you diet and remove these three triggers.


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