A few years ago, news programs and headlines were covered with information about a pink slime that was being put into processed foods. While there were dozens of stories sparking outrage for weeks, the coverage eventually died down. What many don’t realize, however, is that this slime, or “Meat Glue,” as it’s more commonly known, is still prevalent and being incorporated into everyday meal items.

So what exactly is this pink slime and why is it called meat glue? Meat glue, or microbial transglutaminase, is an industrial enzyme produced by the bacteria streptoverticillium. This by-product of bacteria processing turns into a pink slime and is added to food for its ability to act as a binding substance.

Not only does meat glue hold items together, but it also adds palatability and increases texture. This is especially common in products where gluten is omitted. Gluten too acts as a binding agent, so when it is removed, in gluten-free products, for example, meat glue is added for a similar effect.

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