What Causes Constipation? Why can’t I Go #2?

To naturally overcome constipation you have to understand what the triggers and causes are. There are many reasons or causes of chronic constipation. Let’s break it down.

1. Mechanical digestion matters. If you eat hard to digest foods, it is easier to develop constipation. Some commonly ask the question – Can gluten cause constipation? These foods include – beans, seeds, gluten, grains, dairy, and raw vegetables.

Chewing food is important. Maintaining calmness at mealtimes is important to optimized digestion.

Gut Function 101 Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbrfhyAw_WY

2. Chemical digestion matters. Enzymes in the mouth and intestine help to break down food – improving digestion and bowel movements. The stomach is important in breaking down meats and proteins in our diet. Poor stomach function is a common cause of constipation. Taking medicines that block acids can cause chronic constipation.

3. Neurological gastroparesis – commonly a side effect of gluten exposure. Nerve stimulation also depends on stress management.

4. Microbiome – many take probiotics to help with digestion and bowel function. The microbiome is very important for natural constipation relief. People with chronic antibiotic use often suffer from constipation.

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