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Zinc is critical, as it plays a role in a couple of hundred different functions that we know of. This essential mineral cannot be produced by the body, but must be eaten in the diet. The benefits of zinc are far ranging. The functions of zinc are essential. Some of those functions are the regulation of the structure and shape of different proteins in your body. Some of those are functions in creating tissue, so creating different types of proteins, creating the structure of those proteins.

Those keys in biochemistry, we call those coenzymes, meaning that they are necessary for the enzyme to function.

So zinc is a car key, so to speak, or a motor key for several of these different very, very important enzymes and proteins that your body produces to bring about different functions.
The reason being, zinc is very, very important for your immune cells to mature.

It’s very important for them to produce certain chemicals that help you fight off viruses and bacteria and fungus and parasites. That process of healing and repair is very critical.

Zinc is important for creating a lot of those proteins that create the structure or the backbone of your collagen, your soft tissue, your muscle tissue, et cetera. Zinc plays a role in folding the different proteins in your body molecularly, the very small microscopic proteins. It helps your body fold them into the right shape so that they work and they do their job properly.

But you need new DNA to make new cells overall, so new cell regeneration, new cell formation requires the replication of DNA, and you need zinc to make DNA.

Zinc also plays a role in sperm health for men. And sperm health is your sperm motility, your sperm speed, your sperm function, your sperm viability.

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