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Vitamin B2 – The Ultimate Crash Course on Riboflavin to include, disease, deficiency signs and symptoms, food sources, and more.

Can gluten cause vitamin B2 deficiency? Should those with a celiac diagnosis be concerned with supplementing vitamin B2 in their diet? The simple answer is yes, but before we dive into the connection between gluten sensitivity and vitamin B2 deficiency, let’s take a look at why B2 is such an important nutrient necessary for the health and well being of your body.

The B vitamins are often grouped together when discussed. And we’re often told B vitamins give us energy. And that’s true. B vitamins are used by our bodies to help make energy. But B vitamins do much more than that. And each B vitamin deserves a separate discussion. So today I’m going to discuss vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin.

01:01 – What is Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)?
03:03 – Common Symptoms of B2: Light Sensitivity, Fatigue, Skin Inflammation
12:00 – Major Contributors to B2 Deficiency: Gluten, Alcohol, Stress
19:00 – Vicious Cycle: B2 and Processed Foods
21:00 – Diseases Linked to B2 Deficiency: Preeclampsia, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure
26:00 – What Foods are Rich in Vitamin B2?
29:00 – How Do You Supplement Riboflavin?
34:00 – Live Q&A Discussion

Mentioned Supplements:

B-Complete –
Multi-Nutrients –
Methylcobalamin –

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