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The Ultimate Crash Course On Glutamine

What is L-Glutamine? It is the most abundant amino acid in the body. This amino acid is extremely important for several reasons…especially if you are trying to recover from leaky gut, autoimmune problems, or struggling to put more lean muscle on. There are many benefits . Here are 7 reasons why you might consider using L-Glutamine as a supplement to support your health.

1. L Glutamine is responsible for stimulating an antibody called secretory IgA. This antibody is made by your gut, and it helps the immune system by binding on to toxic compounds and preventing them from causing damage to your gut wall. In essence it helps defend you from a leaky gut situation.

2. L-Glutamine is the primary fuel source for the cells of the small intestine. Most cells in your body generate their main energy source from glucose or ketones. Not your small intestine. Your small intestine uses L-glutamine as it’s primary fuel source. Why is this important? The cells of the intestine are constantly turning over. The cells in your gut have a life cycle of two days. For your gut function to be optimized, the cells need ample fuel (L-glutamine) to reproduce, heal, and repair themselves.

3. Just like your small intestines, your lymphocytes (immune cells) require L-glutamine as a primary fuel source. Low levels can lead to a depletion of immune cells and their ability to protect you adequately.

4. L-glutamine is necessary for your body to be able to produce Glutathione. This compound is what your liver uses to help your body detoxify. No glutamine = poor detoxification capacity.

5. L-glutamine is the primary amino acid in your muscle tissue. One of the reasons people with chronic inflammation lose their muscle mass has to do with the body breaking down muscle to get to glutamine in an effort to help fuel the immune cells.

6. L-glutamine deficiency can make it hard to recover from exercise. The delayed muscle soreness after a work out is in part due to the loss of glutamine from the muscle. Supplementing has been shown to enhance recovery and minimize soreness post workouts.

7. Cancer? L-glutamine has been shown to minimize the side effects of chemo and radiation therapies. Research also shows that L-glutamine beneficially impacts the immune system and supports the killing of cancer cells.

You should also be aware of the side effects of glutamine in doses that are too high.
– Headaches
– Anxiety
– Nausea
– Diarrhea
can all be negative side effects of taking glutamine.


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