The Ultimate Crash Course on Biotin (Vitamin B7)

What is Biotin?
Nicknames – Vitamin B7, Vitamin B8, Vitamin H
Water soluble B vitamin
Skin, hair, and nail vitamin

Biotin Absorption
Absorbed by cells of the small intestine
Pancreas helps this process with the enzyme – Biotinidase
**Inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatic inflammation could contribute to deficiency
Functions of Biotin
Aids in the break down of fats, carbs, and proteins for energy
Aids in building fats
Helps stabilize genetic integrity

What are the Symptoms Caused By Biotin Deficiency
Perioral dermatitis
Graying discoloration of the skin
Seborrheic dermatitis
Alopecia (Hair Loss)
Muscle Pain (Myalgia)
Brittle Nails
Neuropathy (Hyperesthesia)

What Causes Biotin Deficiency?
Excessive raw egg white consumption
Parenteral Nutrition
Genetic inborn errors of metabolism
Medicines That Deplete Biotin
Seizure medications
Anti-biotics (especially Sulfa)
Bariatric Surgery (Stomach Bypass)

Diseases That Have Benefited With Biotin Supplementation
Multiple Sclerosis

Foods Rich in Biotin

How Much Biotin is Safe to Take?
There is No Known Toxicity for Biotin.
5 mg daily for two years showed no toxic effects
Human daily requirement to prevent disease is estimated to be 30-100 mcg/day

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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Crash Course on Biotin (Vitamin B7)

  1. Debbi says:

    Excellent information! One more piece to the puzzle as to what went so wrong for me when I did keto and lost so much hair and may also explain the muscle weakness I experienced. I really appreciate how in depth you get with the biochemistry. Please keep up your good work and thank you!

  2. Kim says:

    I have been taking one Biotin per day (not sure of the mg) and it helps with my brittle/peeling nails . Works like magic!! I normally take them for 3-4 months and have a break. I am not aware of other benefits? Thank u Dr. Osborne . I did enjoy and am better informed listening to this session on Biotin.

  3. Beverky Ann Stevens says:

    I have lupus,Sjogren,, NAFLD, CKD, broke out in welts from head to toe after many years of Sulfa drugs at age 35, sensitive skin problems, much hair loss, etc. Took a sample of a Biotin Viewable and my body told me “YES”

  4. Beverky Ann Stevens says:

    Have lupus, NAFLD, sjogren, CKD, allergic to sulfa, genetically toxic to statins, Opioids+. Sampled chewable Biotin-my body said”YES”

  5. dragica says:

    You are reaching far indeed. All the way to the Balkans. Your ‘lessons’ are very clear and easy to understand. Thank you.
    I’ve had the hair problem for a few years now, but everything is fine.

  6. Linda says:

    Tried biotin 5000 mcg and experienced weird mental thoughts similar to depression. I have Sjogrens syndrome and have peripheral neuropathy. Taking B12 and B6 helps somewhat. But I am beginning to have break through tingling as the disease progresses. I am gluten free, non GMO, organic, free range and pasture fed animals. Maybe my dosage was too high?

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