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Stressed Out? Try These Natural Remedies. In this video, I break down the chemistry of stress and what you can do to get through it.

I want to kind of get back to my roots talk a little bit about nutrition. Many of you are probably pretty stressed out about what’s going on right now. That chronic fear mode, chronic fight or flight as many of you are still in lockdown. When we get a stress response, a couple of different things that happen. Number one, we get cortisol elevation. So we get this increase in stress and cortisol causes loss of muscle over time.

And so what’s happening to many of you that are locked down as you’ve been overly stressed out higher cortisol levels. You’ve lost some of your muscle mass, which is reduced your metabolic rate. And when your metabolic rate is reduced, you actually gain weight, gain fat, specifically visceral fat fat around your heart, fat around your intestine. The type of fat that we know is associated with heart attacks and massive disease. And so this has been ongoing for a number of you including to a degree myself and that response has this kind of snowball or domino effect. Now you should also be aware that too much excessive cortisol over time, depletes things like vitamin D and magnesium and calcium. We also have another side effect of increased cortisol, which is an elevation in blood sugar.

And I’ve seen this in a lot of my clients as they’re coming through the doors the past month or so, we’re seeing a lot of people with elevations in their blood sugar, as a result of that increased stress loads of that blood sugar, heightens it increases blood viscosity, which puts more pressure on your heart and puts more pressure on your peripheral vascular tree. It makes it harder for blood and oxygen to get into those tissues.
There are a lot of elements off of the central theme of increased stress that you want to be watching out for right now. One of my favorite methods to get through stress is via nutrient support.

00:00 Stress response – what happens
01:20 Vitamins that stress depletes
04:00 Chronic stress and adrenaline
06:30 Prayer, meditation, deep breathing, family time
08:57 Importance of exercise
11:15 Sugar cravings
13:17 Vitamin C
14:48 Vitamin B5
16:00 Adrenalglandular supplement
16:47 Increased stress = increased nutrient excretion

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