At the end of the day today as it stands, we have data, right? I think what’s happened is we were trying to do some things to prevent a potential possibility because if you remember the original model which was out of John Hopkins hospital systems was showing that we were going to be 1 to 2 million deaths in the U.S by this point. That obviously has not happened. The model was wrong. So the model was totally broken. Models can be manipulated based on the numbers that you crunch into them. And so I would question the person who did the model and I would question the people who followed the model. And I would question the people who followed the model originally who are still trying to follow the model when the model has turned out to be wrong.

The models said that if we would shelter in place, we could flatten the curve and we could not overwhelm the hospitals and we could save lives. And if we did those things all would be well and we could get through this. But what’s actually ended up happening now is you’ve got money incentivization to hospitals. You’ve got the shelter in place that will never end. When is this going end? Because now what’s happened is in the name of saving lives, right? By flattening the curve, what have we actually done? I said this last week, that the suicide rate in Tennessee in one county was greater than the quantity of COVID-19 deaths. And, and so when does the shelter in place end and who are we really saving?

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