Oxalates and Gluten Sensitivity

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Oxalates…Sometimes the reason why a Gluten Free Diet Fails.
Many people go gluten free, but fail to see a benefit. One of the reasons why can be dietary oxalates.
oxalates can cause many of the same symptoms linked to gluten sensitivity. These include:

Joint pain
Abdominal discomfort
Diarrhea or constipation
Brain fog
Mood changes
Muscle weakness
Poor sleep
Skin rashes and lesions
High oxalates are also linked to interstitial cystitis.

Some of the most effective ways to counter oxalates in the diet are the use of probiotics, and supplemental calcium.

00:00 – Intro and overview
01:22 – What are oxalates?
06:37 – gluten sensitivity and oxalate toxicity
10:45 – Antibiotics and oxalate toxicity
13:33 – Oxalates and disease
14:47 – Symptoms of oxalate toxicity
20:00 – What contributes to oxalate toxicity?
22:39 – High oxalate foods
31:28 – Low oxalate foods
35:25 – Other good choices low in oxalates
36:52 – Your gut is a quarantine zone!
40:32 – Oxalate metabolism
43:00 – Nutritional strategies
47:49 – Q&A

For a complete list of research articles, infographics, and more from this video, you can click here.

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